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Chapter 30 - The son is strong

Thinking about this, Ji Xiao Han became angry, it was definitely that woman who stole his child's secret when he wasn't thinking.

Now that he had such a cute little princess, he suddenly found all the men in the world to be unpleasing to the eye. He kept having the feeling that all of them looked like villains.

With a little lover, even his thoughts had changed a lot. Ji Xiao Han's gaze also became gentle as much as possible.

"Xiao Nai, Daddy said before that love is two people's business, not Daddy's love …"

"Then Daddy loves Mummy, right?"

Ji Xiao Han was defeated instantly by the little fellow's cuteness.

Alright, he knew that when faced with those innocent and pure eyes, he really couldn't say anything to strike a blow at her.

"I have seen your Mummy. She looks pretty good, but as for whether she's kind or not …"

"Mummy is not kind, do you not love him? But she's our Mummy. Daddy was going to love Mummy, wasn't she? " Tang Xiao Nai said as usual. After she finished speaking, she even lightly b.u.mped into her brother who did not say a word. "Big Brother, speak, am I right?"

At home, Tang Xiao Rui always liked to bully this little sister. But at this moment, he immediately showed the bearing of a brother and a gentleman, "Un, whatever little sister says is true."

Ji Xiao Han had a feeling that he was about to be driven insane.

Who could tell him why this little fellow didn't even care about the least bit of logic?

"Xiao Nai, don't talk so much with him. After all, he doesn't love Mummy and he despises him for being unworthy …" Tang Xiao Rui had seen everything, and naturally understood the expression of Ji Xiao Han, who was about to go crazy, thus, he purposely added fuel to the fire by the side.

"Ah …" Forget it then, it's enough as long as we love the Mummy. " Tang Xiao Nai immediately lowered her head, looking like she wanted to give up.

Ji Xiao Han realized that he couldn't stand the light in his daughter's eyes. d.a.m.n it, how did he become like this?

"Xiao Nai, you must believe Daddy. Daddy will definitely love your Mummy. Really …" In order to coax his daughter, Ji Xiao Han had given up even the least bit of her male pride. He had even said the words that went against her heart the most to love that d.a.m.nable woman.

"Really? Would Daddy love the Mummy like he loved Xiao Nai and her brother? " Tang Xiao Nai immediately opened her eyes wide, and smiled.

Ji Xiao Han nodded, "Of course, I promise you that I will definitely love your Mummy."

Tang Xiao Nai immediately broke into a smile and turned to look at her brother. She said happily: "Big brother, you finally sold off your Mummy."

Tang Xiao Rui had an unsatisfied expression: "That's not necessarily true, if he bullies Mummy day and night, then Mummy would really be in big trouble."

Ji Xiao Han suddenly understood one thing. His daughter was the little lover of his past life, and his son was the little sc.u.mbag of his past life.

It was true!

It wasn't easy for him to coax his daughter, and with a few words from his son, he instantly returned to before liberation.

That was how the little overlord was born.

Upon hearing that his father would bully Mummy, Tang Xiao Nai's small face immediately turned gloomy, and her big black eyes started to tear up.

Ji Xiao Han suddenly felt helpless. He was finished, the little guy was going to cry from anger.

"Xiao Nai, father swears that she won't bully your Mummy." Ji Xiao Han felt that she had shamed his daughter in order to coax her.

Tang Xiao Rui faintly said from the side: "Who doesn't know when you're just talking. Unless you write down a doc.u.ment, we will believe that you really won't bully our Mummy."

Ji Xiao Han felt a tremble. d.a.m.n it, how could his son understand everything at such a young age?

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