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Chapter 71: Capturing Li Xiu

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Yes, it was Qinglong Mountains! Li Xiu chose the same hideout as Xu Lan. However, Xu Lan had Bai Wu with him and Li Xiu did not. Since Li Xiu could not fly over the cliff, there was no way that he could have escaped Bai Wu’s radar.

Finally, Li Xiu collapsed after being shot by a tranquilizer gun. He was no longer well-behaved. The moment he saw Xu Lan, he started cursing furiously and spat in Xu Lan’s face.

“Xu Lan, did you think that by capturing me, you would be able to send Bai Wu back? You’re wrong! So what if you captured me? Someone will be coming for me!” Even though he was restrained, Li Xiu was still trying to charge at Xu Lan.

Bai Wu gave Li Xiu a hard kick and the latter collapsed immediately. He hugged his knees moaned in pain.

“Hmph! To think that you’re wasting your time on me! Did you think that Xu Lan could leave with you? Stop being unrealistic!” Li Xiu glared at Bai Wu as he spoke.

Bai Wu was ready to give Li Xiu another kick, but Xu Lan held him back.

“Let’s go, let’s go! Let’s head back!” he said to everyone.

Bai Wu remained unhappy throughout the journey. He mumbled about how they should not have searched for Li Xiu. It took Xu Lan awhile to coax him into a good mood again.

Xu Lan did not expect to find Morse code here. He only came to realize that after reading the text message from Wu Wendi. It made sense if Li Xiu was the one who taught it.

Even though Lao Liu did not come clean in the end, Li Xiu confessed to the crime. He was arrogant, as though suggesting that no one could do anything to him even after he confessed.

Li Xiu smiled as he explained why he taught them the code. He said, “If she’s intelligent, we should give her a chance to survive. Moreover, there’s no way that I would get caught with this plan of mine, not even if I wrote my name down and exposed myself.”

Xu Lan’s unexpected appearance that night was his downfall which left behind a ticking time bomb.

“No, even if that night didn’t happen, there’s no way that you would escape from legal sanctions,” Xu Lan said with certainty.

“Haha! Your words might be true ten years ago, but not anymore! Don’t worry, I’ll be coming for you if you’re still around when I get out. Haha…”

Li Xiu laughed. This unrepressed behavior of his was his true self. He no longer had to keep up his cultured and gentlemanly facade.

Lao Liu who was watching the surveillance footage started tearing up. He confessed to being an accomplice and explained that Li Xiu suffered from serious mental illness. Lao Liu also pleaded for Li Xiu to be treated with leniency.

He said, “Li Xiu used to have a happy family. He lost a bet to his cla.s.smate and had to trek the mountain behind his school. He ended up being kidnapped by a stinky middle-aged woman. The woman lost her mind ever since her husband cheated on her. During the day, she would hug Li Xiu and beg for his forgiveness. At night, she indulged excessively in alcohol and cigarettes. She would abuse Li Xiu physically and even did obscene things to him.”

This happened for two years. He was rescued by Lao Liu who pa.s.sed by coincidentally and heard him crying.

Ever since then, Li Xiu would get terrified when night falls. He went to a lot of psychologists but none managed to cure him. One day, his first girlfriend came over to visit. He accidentally killed her and that was when he finally found solace.

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My Boyfriend Is A Dragon Chapter 71 - Capturing Li Xiu summary

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