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Lim Chuen's secretary suggested that he should meet other investors in order to garner that kind of money. If he were able to get that much money from even ten investors, it doesn't make a difference, he would be at least covered. However, if he didn't want that many people to get into it, his only chance was Xie Yuansheng. Lim Chuen was panicky. He knew that he had to meet him as soon as possible. So he asked his secretary to fix an appointment. However, he is unable to get an appointment for a week because of Xie Yuansheng's busy schedule. 

In the meantime he met with a number of businessmen to invest in his project but all of them declined saying that they would never make the mistake of investing in a land that was so dead. Lim Chuen was on the verge of getting insane. 

Out of desperation, he once again went to the office of Feng Conglomerate where he met Cai Xin. He had sat down in the office lobby that day for nearly an hour, but Xie Yuansheng hadn't come. He became anxious and so he decided to go to his office floor. When he reached there, once again Cai Xin stopped him from going to Xie Yuansheng's office. He lashed at her. "You insolent woman, do you even realize that I have come here to talk about billions in investment and yet you small headed person, you are only stopping me from meeting Xie Yuansheng. How dare you?" 

Cai Xin crossed her arms across her chest. She narrowed her eyes and said, "The CEO has gone overseas." 

Lim Chuen's blood drained out of his face. "When will he return?"

"A week later," she informed. 

"Well we had to talk about the project of the towns.h.i.+p. What about that?" probed Lim Chuen.

"What project are you talking about Mr. Lim Chuen?" asked Cai Xin looking perplexed. 

Lim Chuen told all the details and thought that how stupid this secretary was that she didn't even know anything about the huge towns.h.i.+p that Xie Yuansheng had planned about. 

"Oh that towns.h.i.+p!" exclaimed Cai Xin.

Lim Chuen suddenly felt relieved that she remembered. "Yes, yes that one."

"But that is already underway…" she replied innocently. "Don't you know? After all you are also investing in it, you just said that." 

"Wh- what do you mean that it is already underway? The land is lying useless," said Lim Chuen shocked. 

Cai Xin tilted her head back and said, "What are you saying Mr. Lim Chuen? That project is already underway, and the construction has started." 

"Wh- where has the construction started?" asked Lim Chuen now very suspicious of what she was saying. 

Cai Xin went to her desk and came back with a card. "Here, this is the place where the towns.h.i.+p is coming up. This is the address of the office there. You can go and see," she said with a smile and went back to the desk shaking her head. 

Lim Chuen looked at the address. Which place was that? He went out of the office building and drove to that place as fast as he could. When he reached there, his eyes popped out of their sockets. There were large cranes all over. A great amount of laborers were working everywhere. There were tons of iron bars being carried around. A mega construction was underway over there.

Lim Chuen balances himself on his car once again and before he knew, he had fallen right behind it unconscious. When he opened his eyes, he found himself in a room that looked like a part of the hospital. He turned his gaze around to see what was happening. Why was he not able to breathe properly? There was an oxygen tank attached to a tube that was running in his nose. His wife was sitting right next to him holding his hand. As soon as he opened his eyes, she asked excitedly, "Lim Chuen, how are you? Let me call the doctor." 

He held her hand back and asked, "What happened to me?"

"You were found unconscious in The Golden City by few laborers. They brought you to the hospital immediately and the doctors diagnosed you suffering from a heart attack," she replied. "I am so thankful to those laborers who brought you here. I have rewarded them heavily." 

So that was the name - The Golden City. Lim Chuen closed his eyes again. 

In reality, Feng Conglomerate had acquired a piece of land much better than what was being sold by the government almost four weeks before only. Xie Yuansheng had been pa.s.sing wrong information to Lim Chuen in order to encourage him to expend his energy into futile quests. Xie Yuansheng had successfully diverted attention of every employee towards that bidding while inside he had bought this area from a private land dealer. 

The buying was done in a very hushed manner. During the buying, Feng Xinying was already present there. She was the one who had researched in great details about that land and its amenities. It was a piece of gold and had tremendous potential. The seller was an old man who wanted to give up all his businesses and settle down to spend a nice retired life. 

That piece of land was located on a hillock. The towns.h.i.+p that was coming was one of the most beautiful in City Z. There were only bungalows there and no flats. The houses were being built in circular way all around it. Since it was on a hillock, there was plenty of greenery. The location had attracted many rich people of the society including film personalities. 

Xie Yuansheng had already divided the land pieces into plots for each house. The blueprints that were actually made for this towns.h.i.+p were different from what Lim Chuen had acquired. He had even got the government permissions. The plots were sold to the owners already, however, everything took place in a very low key manner. Within two weeks all the house plots were sold and Xie Yuansheng had large capital in reserves to invest into it.

Xie Yuansheng was never interested in the land, which Lim Chuen had bought. The entire set up was a façade to trap him. 

Xie Yuansheng was sitting with his managers in j.a.pan when he heard about Lim Chuen and smiled. The first step had been taken. 

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