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The Police Station Head was bamboozled. He looed at the number on his phone and was shocked. "Y- yes Sir!" he replied immediately. "I- I am sorry!" The phone almost dropped from his hand. 

"Do you have any evidence against Su Haobing that he was involved in the attempt of Xie Yuansheng?" asked the Police Chief. 

""Sir, we were tipped by someone that a man was hiding there with a sniper gun. It is being said that a sniper killed him and that is why we immediately went there to arrest him," replied the Police Chief. 

"I was looking at the records, you hadn't a.s.signed any patrolling car in that area. So how come those police personal went to arrest Su Haobing the moment the killing took place?" 

"N- no Sir, there was a car patrolling near that area and when someone complained about killing we went there immediately."

"Who complained about the killing? I want a report on that. Also, how far was your unit when the phone call came to you? Send me the logistics report because I am unable to understand the timing here," said the Police Chief. Sounding very serious now. 

The Police Station Head knew that however hard he tried, he won't be able to fabricate the fact that the police car was patrolling in the area because it was standing right over there and all the police cars were GPS positioned. It was easy to know their locations at all times and the data was recorded. "Y- Yes Sir…" he replied meekly. 

"The real sniper is being sent to you and all the data that proves that he was involved in the killing is also being sent. So keep the papers of Su Haobing in your hands ready and also get him out of jail. Also, I don't want this conversation to be leaked to anyone because we are still investigating it."

"Yes, Sir!"

"Do not share the evidence with anyone because the case will be formally launched by Miss Xinying tomorrow morning."

In the next half an hour the Station Police Head was running around his office to prepare all the doc.u.ments to release Su Haobing. It was after an hour the car came which carried a brutally injured sniper. The Station Head's eyes grew wide when he saw the condition of the sniper. There was a knife fixed in his flesh of the right arm and he was yelping in pain. The Station Head couldn't even ask as to who did that to him. The men who accompanied the sniper looked extremely dangerous. They handed the evidence. 

Su Haobing was taken out of jail and taken to a secret location. From there he was immediately sent to a place where no one could find him. 

Next day the Station Police Head was suspended for bribery charges. 

Next day Xie Yuansheng was s.h.i.+fted in the VIP room along with Feng Xinying. There was just one tube running out of his body that carried antibiotics. His physical health was doing very fine and the wound was healing well. However, he hadn't woken up. Feng Xinying was allowed to touch him and be with him but she knew that she couldn't stay in the same bed as his. 

That night when Feng Xinying was allowed to touch him, she took his hand and kept sitting for a long time. She kept talking to him and told him about all that had happened in his absence. She took his hand to her cheeks and rubbed it over there. She was very emotional when she took his hand to her tummy and made him feel it. "See Shengu, our baby. He misses his daddy's talk in the night." 

After talking with him for hours, she finally went off to sleep in her bed. She was satisfied that at least his wound was healing. 

Next day when the doctor came, she asked him again about his mental health. 

"Miss Xinying, I am sorry, but I have given up hope. He has slipped into a coma…" said the doctor. He had to break the news to her. 

Feng Xinying shouted, "Shut up! This is not true."

"Miss Xinying, please calm down."

"Calm down? You just said that my husband has slipped into coma and you ask me to calm down?" she felt like slapping the doctor. 

"Such kind of patients may come back to consciousness in some days or they may not. You just have to keep your hopes alive and you have to keep talking to him because he can listen," he said making her understand. 

Xie Shengjun arrived along with Keira at that time. When he heard that he was shattered. He couldn't imagine what impact it must be having on Feng Xinying. 

Feng Xinying caught hold of the bed and sat on it. A gloom crept in her body, the kind that creeps on a winter day as though the dampness has seeped in the bare timber. The gloom crept in her pores and traveled right to her heart, which started beating resentfully. Everyone's voices around her were coming from a deep well and not from the surroundings. Her shoulders drooped and from under the black eyelashes came a steady rain that was thick enough to soak the world around her. She could feel her heart ache so badly as if it was being stabbed by thousands of knives. The knives threatened to stab her completely and leave nothing inside. 

She looked at Xie Yuansheng and saw him lying still in that deep slumber that he was refusing to come out of. She refused to give up. She would fight off those knives and rebuild herself. She didn't know how. The doctor left them after explaining a little more about his condition. He said that they would discharge the patient after a few more days. However if the family wanted, the patient could stay there as long as they wanted. 

After the doctor left, Keira went to Feng Xinying and hugged her. Feng Xinying kept crying in her embrace until only dry sobs were left. None of the went out of the room. Keira stroked her hair and kept saying only one thing, "Be strong Xinying, you have to take care of your baby." 

The news about Xie Yuansheng's condition was sent to the company.

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