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Chapter 160: Bad Friends

Translator: Wuxia Dog Editor: Wuxia Dog

Early in the morning, Sunier woke up from a coma, only to see a familiar figure in front of her. The heart-wrenching scenes all came back to her at once–that bright and resolute smile and the obstinate back which was full of fighting spirit. Sunier suddenly realized that in the remaining time she had in her life, she might not be able to meet another man who could walk into the depths of her heart like that. She felt lucky to have met Han Jin and that was enough!

“How are you? Does it still hurt?” Han Jin suddenly turned around and asked. Though Sunier made no sound, he still felt it.

His words were slurred because his mouth was stuffed with food and his lips were dripping with oil. It looked funny but Sunier didn’t laugh. She had sensed the changes of his temperament through his calm but sharp eyes. It was not only the sharpness but also dignity which was combined with confidence, power and so on. These were things that Han Jin lacked in the past.

“No.” Sunier shook her head and tried to open her eyes wider. She looked at Han Jin. “Are you… okay?” she said in a tone filled with surprise.

“He’s a lucky guy. He won’t die that easily!” from outside the straw shed came Moxinke’s voice.

Before Sunier could say anything else, Moxinke’s head popped in. “He should really thank me for the dragon blood that I fed him. Otherwise, he would still be lying there unconscious.”

“Really?” asked Sunier skeptically.

“Why don’t you believe me?” Moxinke was vexed and squeezed into the straw shed. The small s.p.a.ce turned crowded immediately.

“If you do not believe me, ask Raphael!” Moxinke was displeased due to Sunier’s distrust about the fact that he had saved Han Jin, which he had been very proud of for the entire night.

“It’s true.” Han Jin nodded. “He did feed me a lot of dragon blood.”

Sunier’s expression turned much softer and she even smiled at Moxinke. Moxinke was shocked. Without the mask, which had been taken off by Han Jin yesterday when he brought Sunier into the shed, her beautiful smile was so charming and attractive that even Moxinke, a man with a strong immunity to women, was stupefied.

Sunier suddenly felt something strange. She touched her face and immediately turned pale. Her wound had been carefully bandaged and the soft armor on her body was a mess. It was obvious that the person who bandaged her wounds didn’t know how to dress a woman, or at least didn’t know how to put on this soft armor.

Han Jin dryly coughed. “Moxinke, don’t you think that it is too crowded in here?” he said after noticing Sunier’s face. He knew that it was time to give Sunier an explanation.

“It’s indeed crowded.” Moxinke looked up at the shed. “I should have made it larger yesterday.”

Han Jin helplessly put down the meat in his hand and pointed towards the door. No matter how much Han Jin admired Moxinke’s ability of jesting, he wanted this brazen-faced guy out.

“Cessacioun, Raphael wants you to come here!” Moxinke shouted in a loud voice.

Han Jin was totally speechless. He tried to keep his fury toned down and wanted to act like a civilized man but this seemed to be totally useless with Moxinke.

He stretched out his hand and grabbed Moxinke but this guy was prepared for this already. The moment Han Jin moved, Moxinke jumped out of the shed without any delay.

Han Jin shook his head. Moxinke was being childish as well as a fool.

“Who… bandaged me?” Sunier asked in a m.u.f.fled voice.

“Me,” Han Jin replied naturally.

“Who else?”

“Only me.” Han Jin flashed a smile. “There is something in this world I won’t share with anyone else.”

“You…” Sunier blushed. Han Jin was apparently flirting with her while using the word “share”.

Suddenly, the unpleasant shouting of Moxinke came from outside, “Sunier, you better teach him a lesson! This guy turned even more violent after drinking the dragon blood!”

“What the h.e.l.l are you doing?” Cessacioun asked. “Moxinke, did Raphael call me?”

“Yes, you’d better be quick,” answered Moxinke in a m.u.f.fled voice. His expression seemed simple and honest, the same as in the past each time he said something in a m.u.f.fled voice. Unfortunately, Cessacioun didn’t notice this.

The footsteps were getting closer. Obviously, Cessacioun was coming to the straw shed. Han Jin rubbed his forehead, a desire of giving Moxinke a good beating coming to his mind again. What could he do now? Get Cessacioun to leave? This would only make the situation more ambiguous…

Just as Cessacioun put his hand on the door, Reg’s voice came out of nowhere, “If I were you, I wouldn’t go in.”


“Because there are only the two of them in the shed. You know who they are. Do I need to remind you?”

Cessacioun paused for a moment. “You mean… you were eavesdropping the whole time?”

“Cessacioun!” Reg flew into a rage. “I reminded you this with kindness, how could you betray me?!”

“Haha… You deserved it!” Moxinke chuckled.

“Moxinke! You inhumane b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” Cessacioun felt embarra.s.sed. He didn’t mean to betray Reg. Now, he only wanted to vent on Moxinke. The next moment, a fluctuation of magic arose.

“You dare use magic against me?” Moxinke shouted enigmatically.

Han Jin and Sunier looked into each others’ eyes. These guys had destroyed both of their moods. Sunier paused and diverted the topic. “Is the dragon blood… useful to you?”

“Yes, very useful.” Han Jin suddenly sighed. “I wanted to keep some, but…”

“But, the magic in it was gone?”

“Yes.” Han Jin nodded.

“Makes sense.”

“I won’t make the same mistake again.”

“So… can you absorb the magic crystals…?”

“No.” Han Jin shook his head. “Dragon blood is something between magic crystals and food. If I absorbed that much energy from magic crystals, I would have been dead several times over.”

“Got it,” Sunier replied in disappointment, as she thought that Han Jin could absorb magic crystals of all grades. Soon, however, she cheered up again. “Dragon blood contains lots of energy, doesn’t it?”

“Of course it does; more than all that I have acc.u.mulated in the past,” Han Jin replied with a smile. “Sunier, you seem to be more eager than I am.”

Sunier felt both angry and embarra.s.sed. She was a straightforward person usually, but now, she seemed to be acting overcautious. She stared at Han Jin and uttered some irrelevant words after a moment, “Can you… hold and bring me to have a walk outside?”

Han Jin nodded without giving it much thought. Then, he released a charm on Sunier and bent down to hold her horizontally. Sunier was surprised. She wanted to push Han Jin away but her thin and white hands seemed fl.u.s.tered. Han Jin’s actions were appropriate. He held Sunier gently, helped her stand and looked at her, smiling.

Sunier didn’t dare to look at Han Jin directly. She pointed at the mask on the ground. Han Jin picked it up and pa.s.sed it to her. With the mask on, Sunier felt much calmer. She adjusted her breath and went out with Han Jin’s help.

Yalina had also woken up. Her students were surrounding her, asking about her condition.

Han Jin frowned and walked towards them. “Let her get more rest. Don’t make her talk too much.”

Upon seeing Han Jin, the young magicians all made way for him. Their hearts were full of sincere grat.i.tude. Han Jin had not only saved Yalina but also all of them. If any misfortune really befell Yalina, it would also be doomsday for the young magicians.

Yalina looked at Han Jin with a complicated expression. She was used to being looked up at by others and surrounded by halos. If her savior was someone extremely strong, she might feel better, but she was saved by a mercenary whom she had always looked down upon. At this point, she didn’t know what to say.

Han Jin bent down and checked her wound carefully. The skin and flesh around the wound showed traces of blood instead of ghastly pale skin. Then he reached out a hand to grab her wrist. However, Yalina immediately shrunk her hands and stared at Han Jin in astonishment.

“Headmaster, Lord Raphael needs to touch your wrist each time he releases magic for you!” Asa explained immediately.

Han Jin was speechless. Such an explanation was really… ambiguous.

“Oh?” Yalina was stunned but she soon reached out her hand to Han Jin. She was not a pretentious person and she was really interested in this different and strange magic after hearing so much about it from her students when she woke up.

Han Jin held Yalina’s wrist and took her pulse. A few minutes later, he released a charm. Golden dots of light appeared and fell on her body, sending a deep cool feeling rus.h.i.+ng through her body.

What magic is this? Yalina looked at Han Jin with her eyes wide open. She could feel her wounds getting better. In addition, her sense of weakness, which she was suffering from since she was hurt, was gone. Is all of this because of this strange magic? That’s amazing!

“Your wound is healing well. Do not move too much in these next few days. We won’t leave here until you get better,” Han Jin said to Yalina as he held Sunier again.

In the eyes of Yalina, Han Jin was the one who was being held by Sunier. She subconsciously thought that this young man must have spent lots of energy in saving her and could not even stand firmly.

“Thank you,” after a while, Yalina said in a hoa.r.s.e voice as if she had no strength. If the old guys in the Capital of Elements heard this, they would be shocked. Even the one who gave Yalina the magic wand never heard these two words from her mouth.

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