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After hanging up, Xiu Mei's eyes narrowed, she was well aware that a big headache was about to enter her house, her serene villa.....

She wanted to start working on the security of the villa due to time constraints but before that, her stomach rumbled.

To start such a big project she first needs some energy, thinking she went downstairs. While walking to the Kitchen she pa.s.sed by Butler Tom.

"Good Morning young miss," Butler Tom wished.

"Hm…" She hummed without looking back.

Bewilderment took over Butler Tom. 

"Good Morning little miss," Aunt Mary wished her happily, squeezing the fresh orange juice when she saw Xiu Mei entering the kitchen.

"Morning," Xiu Mei nodded and opened the refrigerator to see what vegetables are available.

Aunt Mary was confused and shared a glance with his husband who happens to enter just after Xiu Mei.

Butler Tom shrugged.

They were confused as this was the first time when the young miss of the house didn't wish with her usual suns.h.i.+ne smile. They were so used to it that it took them some time to come out of the shock.

"Did you saw it?" Aunt Mary asked butler in a whispering voice and Butler Tom complained, sulking, "At least she said morning to you… to me, it was just a small voice"

"Should we ask her?" Mary asked her husband.

"Maybe we are overreacting" Butler Tom pondered, " Might be her mood is not good today or she's stressed out. Let's give her some s.p.a.ce and not trouble her by asking unnecessary questions" He a.s.sured his wife and himself.

Xiu Mei wanted to eat a heavy breakfast as once she enters the lab she won't come out before completing the work.

"Miss do you need any help?" Aunt Mary asked her.

"No…mmm…. Yes….yes I need..... Prepare a full-fledged western breakfast for me, make sure it's rich in protein and healthy" Xiu Mei decided not to waste time in cooking, more like she can't cook properly, so it was better to let Mary do the task.

"Sure Miss!!! How about broccoli quiche, scrambled eggs and almond granola with fresh fruits?" Aunt Mary suggested.

"Good!" Xiu Mei nodded before heading towards the terrace.

Standing on the terrace, she scanned the premises to see what necessary changes should be made to increase the security of the villa and make it efficacious.

Her villa was built on the mountain, standing tall in an inconspicuous position. Surrounded by the dense forest from three sides, the only way to enter was by air or use the only driveway path built along the mountain.

If one tries to enter using the driveway path without her permission, either he will be crushed to death by huge rolling stones or might become a one-time meal of wild animals of the forest.

In short, the entire driveway path was constantly monitored, installed with dangerous traps that make it impossible to enter inconspicuously alive. Moreover, if someone tries to enter by air then most probably he will be burned to death by the high-frequency laser sensors installed around the boundary.

She tested the functioning of lasers by placing six drones in various directions outside the villa and then tried to enter them inside the territory.

When the drones tried to enter five of them got destroyed within a range of 400 meters but one managed to come in the close proximity and only got destroyed at a short distance of 150 meters.

Although it got destroyed, it was not completely safe so she decided to fix this loophole.

She checked the driveway path and surveillance system and noted down the necessary changes that have to be made.

An hour pa.s.sed by....

Xiu Mei went back inside when the breakfast was prepared. She settled down on the table and served herself.

"Uncle Tom clean the room beside my bedroom and change the bedsheets too," Xui Mei ordered but did not explain anything further and concentrated on her food.

After eating breakfast she got up to leave but halted in her steps and turned, "I won't be eating lunch and dinner, don't disturb me. If there is something important only then send me a message," Xiu Mei said and without waiting for reply she headed towards the lab.

"Yes, mi..." Before Butler Tom could say anything she was already gone.

They both shrugged at each other and started doing their day's task. It was nothing odd about her as she was like this only when it comes to working.

In order to finish the work, she neglects her health completely, call it her only bad habit.

As expected she worked continuously for 2 days and nights, taking barely a few minutes break whenever she feels thirsty or hungry.

Back to the present day:

Xiu Mei served the tea to everyone.

"So what brings you here, Mr. Feng? I think we already discussed everything on phone 3 days back," she came straight to the point.

Feng Junjie frowned and looked towards his dad.

'3 days back? What did they discuss?' 

But he didn't ask any question and was tried to understand the matter through their discussion.

"I just wanted to make sure that everything is fine by confirming it with my own eyes," holding the teacup in his hand he took a sip from it and pointed his chin at Feng Junjie.

"And my son Junjie will keep on coming to check on his brother, so, I want to introduce you both," Feng Dingxiong said.

"Does this mean you don't trust me?" Xiu Mei raised her one brow and questioned him.

"Trust? Someone close to my son harmed him and we still don't know the ident.i.ty of the attacker. He is still hiding from us, we need time to capture him..... It's not about trust but precautionary measures," Feng Dingxiong Stated.

Although Feng Dingxiong's real intention was something else, he managed to lie confidently, without a speck of doubt.

Xiu Mei nodded.

'Still hiding? Need time to capture him? Precautionary measures? WTF! Haven't we already killed the attackers? I'm sure even their bones are digested by sharks. Then why is dad twisting the facts?' Feng Junjie thought inwardly, feeling confused.

'Oh hold on! They are talking about the brother, I can't take things lightly when it comes to him. But why this villa and why she?' Feng Junjie narrowed his eyes and looked carefully at the pet.i.te girl.

Feeling a strong gaze, Xiu Mei lifted her head and met with Feng Junjie's judgemental eyes.

She perked her right eyebrow as if trying to question him for his gaze.


The moment she did that something clicked Feng Junjie's mind, his expression suddenly changed to that of shock, disbelief, incredulity....

'Ohhhhh…..MYYYYY…..G.o.d! She is the same girl I saw in that photograph,' He tried to control himself, averted his eyes from her face and gave a sharp look to his father.

It didn't take him another second to understand this was his father's set up.

'Great! If my dad is playing, then I should play along,' Feng Junjie thought mischievously.

'Dad you didn't inform me about your plan…. Now see how I will put you in a difficult situation,'

"Wait a minute! Are you talking about big brother? Are we going to bring him here?" Finally, Feng Junjie questioned his father.


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