While Others Cultivate, I Use My Unique RPG Leveling System To Cultivate Smut Romance With Their Girlfriends! 489 Lack Of Opposition

While Others Cultivate, I Use My Unique RPG Leveling System To Cultivate Smut Romance With Their Girlfriends! -

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As soon as my palm touched as much as the wild strand of hair that protruded from this disciple's head, his entire body suddenly sank downwards, crus.h.i.+ng against the rocks. Yet despite how I wanted him to simply break the rocks underneath him apart and fall in the barrier, this unstable-looking floor turned out to be far more resilient than how I expected it to be!


With the body of my first enemy turning into a condensed pancake, all the blood that his body was no longer capable of holding splattered all over the area, dirting the barrier that I hurriedly erected to stop myself from getting it all over myself when I realised what was happening.

And just like that, the first fight was over!

But there wasn't any cheer present to celebrate my victory. Rather than that, everyone just stood in their place, unable to believe what just happened. Not only did I manage to see through the famed hiding technique of the monkey sect that I was challenging, I didn't need anything more than just a simple swat of my head to kill the man on the spot!

"Who's next then?"

After waiting for a moment in hopes of seeing any form of reaction either from the crowd or the sect that just lost one of their disciples, I realised that unless I forced them to make a move, this situation would just last for way longer than it was necessary.

"I will go."

Finally, after quite a while of hesitating, another disciple, this time wearing a proper set of robes matching the tone of mine. As long as he would be allowed on the stage, defeating him would mean being able to force the entire second grade of the gorilla sect into following any law I could come up with!

"You may enter the stage then."

With the voice of ancestor from higher up in the mountain acknowledging the disciple, previously shut opening in the barrier moved aside again, allowing him to enter.

This time, my opponent didn't require any rope or ladder, but instead, he started moving as if he was climbing some kind of vine hanging out from the fighting disc, despite travelling straight up through nothing but thin air!

As soon as he reached the point where his head levelled up with the stone disc, he suddenly jumped upwards, finally moving on top of the arena. Yet after just a quick peeks at his body with my energy vision, I realised that fighting with him would be just as pointless as fighting with my previous opponent.

No matter what kind of technique he would use, his overall weakness already decided the outcome of the fight!

"Are you really going to send one disciple after another just for them to die? How about sending forward someone who could at least make me produce a single drop of sweat to kill?"

While destroying the life of the disciples of the sect that clearly wanted to get rid of me before the entire intersect challenges would start wasn't a problem for me, doing so over and over again with more and more youths compelled to defend their sect honour for no reason wasn't something I wanted to see or force.

As long as I could provoke any of the teachers to challenge me, sooner or later one of the elders would feel the urge to avenge all the dead members of his big family, giving me the chance to invite the leader of the sect before going on to challenge the ancestors!

"You might start the fight."

Figuring out what seemed like a basic plan, for the time being, I realised that saving my energy as much as I could only stall the entire situation and make me waste not only my time but also force my beloved eve to be bored while experiencing the entire situation herself!

That's why as soon as I heard the words of the ancestor, I jumped forward, almost instantly appearing in front of the youth. Before he could even attempt to use his hiding ability, I grabbed his head and using the rocks of the arena for support, I threw him at the barrier with more than enough force to kill him at the impact of the barrier would produce any form of resistance.

Thankfully, rather than stopping the fall of the cultivation and killing him on the spot, it only registered him as the losing… But there was nothing below it to cus.h.i.+on his fall, making him crash against the hard floor of the city.

"Like I said, are you going to force me to kill everyone in your sect or is any of your elders or teachers willing to take responsibility for your earlier provocations?"

Throwing the bait into the face of the gorilla sect elders, I could see how some of them allowed the blush of anger to appear on their faces. yet not even a single one dared to move forward.

"Ancestor, I want to take on his challenge!"

Out of nowhere, a man wearing the robes of a light blue disciple shouted out. Considering the way the supremacy challenge worked, unless I agreed to this term and this courageous disciple would receive the agreement of the ancestors, I would still have to defeat a dark blue robbed disciple of the sect before accepting his challenge!

"I do accept his wits! The faster I climb the ranks to reach for all of you, d.a.m.ned elders, the better of me!"

"Your proposal is accepted!"

With both of the requirements meet, this new guy could finally enter the stage, just like his junior did before. But rather than repeating this strange climbing that the previous member of his sect did, he simply gathered his strength in his knees and jumped up, almost instantly reaching the level of the fighting area!

To be honest, that alone was quite an impressing deed! If not for the fact that I didn't want to flaunt my strength to its extreme, I could easily do exactly the same, but that didn't change the fact that while minimal, it already proved something about this current enemy of mine strength.

It looked like I will at least be able to have some fun!

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While Others Cultivate, I Use My Unique RPG Leveling System To Cultivate Smut Romance With Their Girlfriends! 489 Lack Of Opposition summary

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