While Others Cultivate, I Use My Unique RPG Leveling System To Cultivate Smut Romance With Their Girlfriends! 77 Aproaching Berserk State!

While Others Cultivate, I Use My Unique RPG Leveling System To Cultivate Smut Romance With Their Girlfriends! -

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Only this word can describe the audience reaction to this so-called fight. I guess no one expected that it would conclude so fast, not to speak about me remaining the one standing!  Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

While announcing me as a core disciple could serve as a hint about my real strength, I guess those people simply too used to Baxhar standing at the very top of the inner sect. With his long occupation of soul hazard realm, he could boast to be at the very top of his cla.s.s. 

But that doesn't change anything. We had a duel and a bet. Since I emerged victorious in both of them, I can only turn my back to the lifeless Baxhar's body and look expectantly at Stella. As an absolutely highest ranked person in the entire arena, she has the duty to announce the outcome.

"Cultivator Bart has won the duel!"

Even if she expected this to happen, I guess the insane difference between our strength still surprised her. While she took a while to stand up and loudly announce it, I can't be bothered by the short wait. In the end, all that matters for now, is Eve and the token!

At this moment, a strange cheer resounds through the area. In the end, while it starts anxiously, like even those who started it aren't too sure if they are supposed to cheer, with time it turns to a normal one. I wonder if they really enjoyed my show of might or they are just too scared to insult me by keeping silent?

It's not like it matters. I won, I got the token, Baxhar face got slapped. This is all that I can care for now. 

"Stop it! He has to be cheating!"

At this moment, an unpleasant voice interrupts my earned cheers. I don't even need to turn back to know who has the guts to claim it!

"Not only you lost the duel that you forced me into, now you call me a cheater? You should hold your horses before you actually start annoying me!"

As I thought, Baxhar seems to regain his senses. As soon as he heard the cheers, even someone as dumb as him could understand that the duel has concluded.

"Stop it Baxhar! You lost. Do you intend to go back on your words now? While I can't applause you for wagering with the token that I gifted you, at least have some composture to stay true to your words right now!"

Oho? I thought that Stella didn't want me to claim this token in the end? I wonder if she changed her mind or just felt forced to go along with the outcome provided by me.

"I refuse to acknowledge my loss! When I met him just a day ago, he wasn't nearly as powerful! It has to be his weapon! Who gave it to him! Show up now so I can punish you for interfering!"

What? Now he claims that I achieved my victory with this punny sword? I gotta say, that claim managed to catch even me by surprise! Involuntarily, I raise my blade to my eyes in confusion, trying to find something that could prove his words true. No matter how much I look at it though, it still just a piece of enchanted metal riddled with flaws!

"So you believe that this sword is the reason for my victory? Even if that were to be the truth, what about it? I don't recall any rules prohibiting one from using his weapons though?"

While I could just drop this sword away and serve him another dose of beating, I don't really want to go along with his accusations. While it borders bullying if he wants to have his face smacked again, the flames on his anger needs to be fanned a bit more!

"Can't you hear him? He is almost admitting to it right now! I'm just an everyday cultivator relying on hard work to get where I am right now! If we allow for the quality of the weapon to decide the duels, what's the point of training hard? I seek Sect Master to redress my grievances!"

Ah, can't he stop it already? I gave him as much face to even take part in this farce, but he still won't admit that he just lost? I'm getting tired of it! Without even a shred of hesitation, I throw my Noob Smasher near his legs.

"Pick it up, you piece of s.h.i.+t."

Even at this point, my words are devoid of any anger. I'm just simply tired of this all. Even his confused stare he sends me when the blade sticks in the arena floor in front of him can't entertain me anymore.

"There is no need for that…"

Seeing that I can't hold his bullc.r.a.p, Stella tries to stop the escalation of the events. Thankfully, Baxhar managed to grab the handle of my blade before she managed to finish her sentence. Without a surprise, as soon as he touched the sword, he instantly jumped at me!

Without moving an inch, I simply drive my dual circulation to its maximum.

In an instant, the whole area tenses up, as if the time has frozen. 

As the insane amounts of energy start to violently rush through my paths, the worlds free energy is sucked into my flow! As soon as I decide to hold back any kind of restraints that I placed on myself, I recognise the familiar feeling from back in the Eve's mansion courtyard. This time, however, I can freely control the flow of energy!


As soon as my circulation reaches its maximal output, I can feel my aura surging towards the heavens! With the energy creating a sphere of influence over ten meters in diameter, Baxhar has nowhere to run!

With just a simple flick of my fingers, he is sent flying to the ground! 

If not for the barrier that protects him from harm, he would already be dead from the sheer force of this impact! As I watch his silly state, all the insults that he uttered towards me, all the ordeals that he put Eve through… They all appear right in front of my eyes!

With my composure cracking, overwhelming hate overloads my consciousness! With a satisfied glint in my eye, I increase the pressure on Baxhar, watching with content as his body starts to break!

At first, his arms and legs bone cracks and give up. At the same moment, I can see his lungs freeing all the air kept inside them! With his face paled down to a perfect whiteness, I can stop a sudden bout of joy from soothing my mind!


"Host is on the verge of entering the berserk state."

"Soul fragility increased!"

"Mind clearance advised!"

"Bart! Stop it right now!"

Who could've thought that it would be Eve the first to attempt stopping me?

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While Others Cultivate, I Use My Unique RPG Leveling System To Cultivate Smut Romance With Their Girlfriends! 77 Aproaching Berserk State! summary

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