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"U— Uncle Yu?" Yu Yanwan frowned as she stared at her father for confirmation. Why would Lily call him uncle? Instantly gooseb.u.mps skittered around her body as the realization hit her. Was it possible that Lily will inherit everything?

Slowly, her face lost its color. "Am I… missing something here?" she asked, her eyes fixed on her father.

"Oh…" Lily smiled knowingly. "I figured… I should start calling him uncle." She then gave the older woman a mocking gaze. "Maybe… I should start calling you elder sister as well?"

Yu Yanwan widened her eyes. "Miss Lily… must be joking. Why would you want to call me your sister? It's not like my father will adopt you… I…" Her mouth went agape. It was as if a bucket of water was poured inside her. She looked at her father as her heart drummed against her chest.

"What is going on, father?" She asked, anger laced her tone. "Are you planning to make her your heir?" Her face turned ugly. "You are not planning to tell us about this, right? If I didn't come when I heard that she was here… Then… were you — Are you planning to hide this from me too?"

Growing up, Yu Yanwan knew how unpredictable her father was. His decision seemed so random yet, he always seemed to know a lot. She swallowed her non-existent saliva. Does this mean that… 

"Oh! I am only kidding." Lily's fake laughter echoed inside the room. She used her hand to cover her mouth as she laughed. Yu Yanwan instantly frowned at Lily's randomness. She tried to wrap her brain around Lily's words. "Forgive my humor." Lily added, mockery apparent in her tone.

Confusion instantly laced her gaze as she stared at Lily's smiling face. She then remembered her outbursts and instantly stared at her father's face. Her eyes grew wide. Why would Lily make that kind of joke? It was as if… she was trying to see her reaction. 

Realization instantly hit her. She glared at Lily before s.h.i.+fting her gaze at her father. Like a child caught stealing, Yu Yanwan instantly bolted herself out of the room, knocking one of the gla.s.s display on her way out. Her face ugly as she dialed her second brother's number. He needed to know that Lily is here visiting their father!

"Now you see," amus.e.m.e.nt coated the old man's words as he looked at the broken gla.s.s on the floor. "This is the reason why I would rather have a stranger manage my company. One is too soft, one is too confused and thinks that he is the best, one is too ruthless and dumb and one… well… he never cared about anything else other than his vices. All are ambitious, but not one can give me results."

"Can you blame them?" she retorted. In response, the old man shrugged. Seeing this, Lily smiled. "Being ruthless is good. Your daughter is showing some serious guts."

"She is stupid and easily angered. A person like that won't last too long in the business industry. She always thinks that I will hand her everything that she needed and would often act sweet around me and her mother so we would give in to her wants. When she realized that she could not manipulate us, she poisoned her mother." The old man clenched his jaws. "Not that I am blaming her. I raised her that way."

Lily shook her head as her lips thinned. "I don't have proof yet. But… your daughter's actions are very suspicious. Rus.h.i.+ng in here once she heard that I am having a conversation with you… seemed suspicious to me." Why would Yu Yanwan come in here, interrupting her conversation with the old man?

She wanted to know why Lily was here. That is the simple answer. However, there is also the possibility that she is afraid that Lily already knew about what she did. Fear is a very mysterious emotion. It will make someone panic, therefore ruining their composure. And to Lily… people who are panicking are the ones that easily make mistakes.

"Do whatever you want."

Lily lifted an eyebrow at the old man's statement. "You don't care?"

"She poisoned her mother. If I can… I would have burned her using my own hands." If only killing someone's family is not a taboo in their brotherhood. He would have punished her daughter a long time ago. Of course, this nonchalance did not surprise Lily. This is not the first time that she encountered parents like this. 

She only nodded at the old man. The currents are still too chaotic. It will be difficult for her to prove that Yu Yanwan was indeed involved in the fire. But, her trap had been laid. All she needed now is to wait for the fish to try to s.n.a.t.c.h her bait.

"Your son asked us about your will." She continued.

"Hmmm." The old man nodded and chuckled. "They are more concern about a piece of paper than the health of their mother."

Lily pursed her lips.

"Those people are too busy looking at the trees that obscured the landscape. Their priorities are always wealth and money. Of course… I cannot blame them. They were raised in a very compet.i.tive environment." Raising them to compete was supposed to be a part of their training for the old man's seat. Only the strongest was supposed to fill in his vacant seat once he dies.

However, his method greatly backfired. Now… his seat will be vacant after his death. "Tell me… Lily…" he made a deliberate pause as he stared at Lily's eyes. "If you are in my shoes… what would you do?"

Lily lifted an eyebrow. "I have no idea." This was an honest answer. Lily found the old man's actions rather confusing. The old man seemed smart and in love with his wife. However… he seemed to be so distant with his children. These beg the question, why?

Why would he subject his children to an environment like that? It wasn't like he was preparing them to lead the world or something. Moreover, they don't own a conglomerate or a multinational company. Why raised them that way? Lily just does not see why he needed to be so ruthless to his children. And it is making her ask questions...


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