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Zhuo Jingren frowned. "Then tell her to talk to our lawyers." He said as he eyed the rain outside. "We need to go now. I don't want to be late."

"President, the woman asked if we could take her to the hospital. She suffered some trauma from the accident." Go Jichen answered on the other line.

"Go ahead and take her. I will leave with Lily." Zhou Jingren then ended the call and told the driver to leave Go Jichen and the car behind. After she heard the conversation, Lily eyed the car in front of them and looked at the woman standing in the rain. She watched as Go Jichen escorted the tall, blond woman inside his car to probably take her to the hospital.

Then Lily eyed the Lamborghini sports car that the woman was driving. Maybe it was because of the rain, but Lily could not see any damage to the car. Maybe there was a dent, but she was sure that there was no life-threatening damage from the accident.

Still, it could easily give someone trauma. She decided to stop thinking about it and leaned against Zhou Jingren's shoulder instead. The sound of the rain is making her sleepy again.

The drive from the mansion to Zhou Jingren's office took a little more time because of the rain and the little accident that they encountered. Nevertheless, Zhou Jingren still made it to his meeting with his recent clients.

As he was busy with his meetings, Lily spent her time reading books as she waited for Yang Mi and Qin Yuanfeng to arrive.

"You are so late." She complained when she saw Qin Yuanfeng enter Zhou Jingren's office with his laptop in hand. However, the latter did not answer her. Instead, he sat opposite to Lily, opened his laptop, and started typing furiously.

"What is wrong with him?" Lily asked Yang Mi, who followed behind Qin Yuanfeng. 

"He won't say anything." Yang Mi answered. "The rain is terrible. I hate it."

"Hm. You will love it soon." Lily grinned. "Do you have the thing that I asked?"

"Yes… Here." When it comes to business and a.s.signments, Yang Mi is very prompted and strict. She is also very dedicated and hardworking. Maybe this was one of the reasons why Lilian decided to make her Lily's secretary. "Mr. Qi and Mr. Zhou have been having meetings lately. Zhou Huifang is investing in Qi Xia's company so the meetings looked normal."

She handed Lily some images. "Yuanfeng got this from CCTV's around Beijing and Shanghai. They have been meeting a doctor and this lawyer." She pointed at another man. "Since they are of the same age, no one really found this meeting suspicious."

"So… this Zhou Huifang asked Zhuo Jingren's father to a.s.sign him in the province? One of their faraway branches?" Lily uttered as she looked at the current information about Zhou Huifang. "And this Qi Xia… I thought Bei Tian handled the situation with this man after that Christmas party at the orphanage?"

"Well… they didn't find him there and you — Um the accident with Jack Arison happened after the new year so… I don't think we had the time to deal with him. After a few weeks, President Zhou also dealt with Zhou Kang so everyone thought that it would be alright since we already cut off the head of the snake."

"That is true." Lily nodded at Yang Mi's words. "Then… this only meant that Qi Xia is doing this because he had his own reasons and not because he wanted to get close to Zhou Kang and the Zhou Family."

"And this Zhou Huifang…" Lily narrowed her eyes. "It seems that he is still dreaming. He needs a wake-up call." She uttered before turning towards her brother. "Yuanfeng… can you please make that program that detects mentions and faces? I want to know everything about this Zhou Huifang. He seemed so confident to talk to Chen s.h.i.+."

"Hmmm." Qin Yuanfeng nodded without looking at her.

"Also… " the smile on Lily's face turned mysterious. "Are you interested in making a software that could�� you know… something that could track our enemies? I know it is illegal to tap into private phone conversations or… security access to a certain household." Lily cleared her throat. "Of course… these are just examples. I'm sure you can't do anything illegal. I mean— "

"I can do that." Qin Yuanfeng turned towards Lily. "That's not too hard."

"Really?" her smile grew wider she then started talking about other things such as making robots and spying on the cameras of the other buildings. Anyone who was listening could easily say that Lily was talking nonsense. But this was all on the outside. If someone with decerning eyes would listen to the conversation, they would see that while Lily does not have the knowledge Qin Yuanfeng has, she handled the conversation very well.

She then emphasized the importance of Qin Yuanfeng's knowledge as she praised him. Then slowly, Lily talked about other silly stuff that would hook her brother more and more into the conversation.

Maybe this was Lily being manipulative. Or maybe this was her trying to make her twin brother feel that she values him.

"So an algorithm sounds real hard, huh." Lily smiled gently as Qin Yuanfeng started talking about programming and the difficulties that he faced.

Then the duo started talking about some of Lily's ideas that involved business and of course.... money.

The more Yang Mi listened to the twin's conversation, the more she realized that Lily and Qin Yuanfeng are not so different after all. While Lily's goal was profit, Qin Yuanfeng wanted to challenge himself and his skills. Two opposing goals. Two unique sets of skills. But, these two could easily make a deadly combination.

Yang Mi sighed. She knew that these two are only talking about this because President Zhou is not here. She was sure that Zhou Jingren would not allow his wife to look like a hooligan. Or maybe he will.

In the end, Yang Mi only shook her head. Lily's own charisma is already working on his brother. Sooner or later, she was sure that these two will wreak havoc in the business world once again. Wait… that was a wrong statement.

Eventually, Lily with the help of her husband and her brother, will soon wreak havoc in the business world again.

Not long after, their conversation was interrupted when Go Jichen walked inside. "Madam someone wants to see President Zhou. I know that President Zhou is still in a meeting so I am wondering if I will let her inside first."

"Are you talking about the woman from earlier?" Lily lifted an eyebrow.

"Yes, Madam. She insisted on coming here to thank President Zhou for allowing her to go to the hospital. She does not have a change of clothing so— "

"Wait…" Lily interrupted him. "First, she went out of her car even if its raining and asked you to take her to the hospital because the accident traumatized her? Then now she is here… wanting to thank my husband with her wet clothes on?"


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