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Ying had thought about just falling on a comfortable bed and sleeping tonight but when she came back after her whole day of following Xiu around, she couldn't help but curse her stupid team members. See? She knew those idiots had an agenda that's why all of them so readily agreed to help her in organizing everything.

She found a note at the kitchen isle with her credit card and on the note was written; "Team leader, we used your credit car well. Hehe... P.S. You can't go back on your words. That dinner is still on you."

Ying fished out her phone to call those idiots but none of them picked up. It was infuriating her. She picked up her blazer and opened the main door. She was gonna look for the people responsible for this mess!

"Oh, Ying Jie?!" Xiu's voice was quite loud and it almost startled Ying who was already lost in her own anger. "What are you doing here?" Xiu asked as she ran up to her. "Why are you coming out of this apartment?"

Ying took a deep breath saying, "I just moved in here."

"Here?" Ying nodded her head. "Really? Wow! Can I take a look?" Without even paying attention to what Ying had to say, Xiu had already invited herself inside. "Gorgeous!" Hearing Xiu's compliment, Ying also followed back inside and looked at Xiu's expressions. "Your place looks like it came out of an interior magazine."

Ying rubbed her forehead. It wasn't that she didn't believe Xiu's words. The problem was; she did believe her words. The reason why Ying chose this place was because of metal, concrete, and wood textures that were used to remodel this apartment. Not only that, but s.p.a.ce was also opened up and gla.s.s walls were installed, so as to perceive the apartment as one whole undivided living area where zones had no solid boundary.

She actually fell in love with the place at first sight.

Now, what was the real problem?

The problem was how her team used a yellow modern sofa boldly marking an area as the lounge. In fact, that 'yellow' color was her real issue! They used yellow, white and grey tones to make up the interior. She had no problem with white and grey but yellow? Yellow was her nightmare! Well, let's not forget the credit card report she just received from her bank as well. 

Xiu, not knowing Ying's inner turmoil, rushed up to the contemporary swing chair suspended like a birds' perch near the door of the balcony. She touched it with her hand and said, "Ying Jie, I didn't know you have so much knowledge about interior designing."

"I don't," answered Ying without getting impatient. She was in a bad mood but she wasn't gonna behave moodily with Xiu because of that. "If I had chosen this stuff. I'd never pick yellow."

"What's wrong with yellow? It's such a bright color. I think it goes well with your personality, cheery and vibrant."

"I'm a vibrant person and I love vibrant colors as well. But yellow is the only color I hate."

"Why?" asked Xiu in confusion.

"Every person has that one color they can't stand. Mine is yellow. I can't stand it." Ying finally shared her problem with Xiu.

"Vincent Van Gogh wrote; 'How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun.' How can anyone hate yellow? It brings a smile to my face. The only time I hate yellow is when the sunlight wakes me up."

Ying chuckled at Xiu's words as she replied, "Then have you heard; 'If you fall in a river there is a boat, if you fall in a well there is a rope but if you fall in love there is no hope.'" Xiu's expressions turned complicated she listened. "I know you have already heard about my obsession with a certain Xin brother." Xiu pursed her lips and nodded her head. "He always gave me yellow roses. All my life. He gave it so many times that I have come to despise yellow color."

Xiu finally understood why she was so against the yellow color. Yellow roses represented friends.h.i.+p and Ying had always been in that friend zone. How could she come to like anything that remotely reminded her of her status?

Xiu thought about it before saying, "But in my opinion, yellow is actually complimenting the white interior very well. For instance, that yellow dining bench is adding a very unique element to the white set. I love it." She took a pause before carefully adding, "Besides, I know you hate the color because you can't hate the person, it can work for now but for how long? How long can we fool ourselves?"

Ying's eyes wandered around the apartment once again. She found yellow at quite a lot of places but now that she noticed, everywhere the mellow yellow was used as if to complement the white texture. The way she perceived it was that since yellow found it's own distinct place in all the shades surrounding it, she should also learn to find her own distinct place in that friend zone she was running from.

"I guess I'll have to deal with it then."

"You don't have to if you don't want to. Don't pay attention to me. I say a lot of nonsense." Xiu hurriedly tried to cut herself off of this convincing game. Not like she was in any position to say anything to Ying.

Ying ruffled her hair saying, "Kid, it's not because of you. I don't really have the patience or time to go and change everything all over again. If I had, why would I let someone else decide the interior of my apartment?" Taking a pause to smile she added, "Besides, I really need to learn with somethings. If I'm not even able to stand the yellow color, how am I gonna stand my own feelings?"

Xiu thought about what she said and nodded in understanding before saying, "Do you know?" Ying raised her brow inquisitively. "It's weird whenever you call me kid."

"I won't say it if you don't like it."

Xiu shook her head as she went on, "No, that's not my point. What I mean is that, whenever you call me kid, I kinda feel like it's the right thing. You know like there is a strange feeling inside my heart that makes me feel close to you whenever you say it." Xiu got close to Ying asking, "Are you sure we have not met before?"

Ying looked at Xiu up and down before nodding, "Positive! I have met you for the first time at Dylan's house. Before that, I don't think we ever met." Xiu reluctantly just went along and believed her words. But she wasn't very convinced though. "You tell me, what's with that new hair color?"

Xiu touched her hair and smiled sheepishly, "This is practically-strawberry blonde. I kinda always wanted to try this shade but I always hesitated. This time though, I didn't let my fear stop me, and as you can see it came out great. Didn't it?" At first, she wasn't planning on getting her hair done but once inside the salon, she couldn't stop herself. 

"Hmm... It does look good on you," agreed Ying with a sincere smile. 

"Do you need help with that?" Xiu was pointing at the suitcases placed in the middle of the lounge which Ying hadn't unpacked yet since she was more eager to run from this place.

"No, thank you very much but I can manage."

"I don't mind though," began Xiu. "I have plenty of time on my hand after resigning. So, don't mind me. Just tell me anything you want me to do. After all, we are now neighbors."

"Why do you sound so excited saying that we are neighbors?" 

Xiu cleared her throat awkwardly as she replied, "I honestly don't know why I'm so excited."

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