ETERNAL LOVE : A LOVE STORY Chapter 170 - No Recollection Of You. [ Unedited]


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Zhao Ming sat still in his embrace. His head was in the nape of her neck and his both hands were tightly wrapped around her. 

Zhao Ming don't know where to place her hands and as her breathing became heavy, he could feel her breath on his neck. 

He tightly hugged and said with a heavy voice, " I am so glad that you're fine. If you hadn't woken up then I don't know what would have happen to me."

" I couldn't imagine my life without you." he said with a hoa.r.s.e voice. 

Zhao Ming can feel that he was sincere about what he said and was not faking it. 

' But if really valued Zhao Ming this much, then why did he behaved that way to her? Why didn't he protected her from the start?'

She felt uncomfortable hearing his sudden confession. Many questions raised in her heart. 

She don't know on whom to trust or whom to not. This place was really complicated and without Zhao Ming's memories, everything became so messed up. 

She was itching to counter question him. 

He frowned when she didn't said anything.

He continued as she didn't said anything, " Zhao Ming, do you hate me for not protecting you before? Do you not love me anymore?" he asked her with a heavy voice.

Though he was not prepared to hear her answer but some part of him wanted to know her feelings. 

Because the day she woke up, her behavior towards him took a 360 degree turn. Though he knew that she lost her most of her memories, but she had partial memory of her past. 

So does she forgot the love for him or she doesn't love him any more? He was confused because sometimes she takes initiative herself and the next moment she becomes angry because of it.

He wanted to know her true feelings for him. 

It's not that if she doesn't love him anymore, he would give up on her. 

If she doesn't love him anymore, then he will make her love him again. This time it will be him making his way to her. 

He waited for her answer. 

When Zhao Ming heard his words she was caught in a edgy situation. 

Because she was not Zhao Ming, she was Xie Ming who came from the another world.

She still don't know the reason, why she came into this world, in Zhao Ming's body?

How could she answer him that she loves him or not when she doesn't even know him properly?

If she said she doesn't love him, she don't know what will be the consequences of her straightforward answer.

And if she said that she loves him, then what if he becomes cozy with her and want to spend the night with her?

She was stuck in a sticky position. 

' This question is more difficult than  all the questions I have answered in my whole life while writing papers.'

She took a deep breath and finally said, " I don't know. I.. Don't have much memories to say that I love you or not. I really don't know anything. It's so confusing." she said honestly. 

" I don't know who to believe and or not. If I say that I love you, then it will be wrong. Because truthfully speaking, I don't have much recollection of you. I may have loved you in past, but now I don't remember anything. "

She decided to say everything truthfully. Though she omitted the part where she, came from the another world in the body of Zhao Ming. 

Ji Cheng was caught off guard with her straightforward answer. Though he had expected something like this, but she doesn't have any recollection of him, hurts him. 

' How could she forgot everything about me?'

But at least, it means he has still have some hope. 

She didn't rejected him completely, it just she doesn't remember anything. 

He can still pursue her and its like a new start for him.

He took a breath and said, " Oh." he smiled when he thought of a chance that he has. 

Zhao Ming was baffled with his one word reply, ' What did he mean by' OH'? '

I reckoned my whole brain to give him this long answer and he said only OH?

She was little frustrated by his answer. 

The feeling that she had a minute ago for him has totally disappeared. 

She frustratedly asked, " What do you mean by OH?"

He smiled at her angry tone. He raised her head and looked at her. 

She was looking cute with her angry face. He chuckled seeing her pouted lips in anger. 

The heaviness that he was feeling earlier, now dissipated with her answer. 

Her answer gave him hope more than pain. It's like a new start for him. 

He doesn't want to think about their hurtful past and wanted to start anew with her.

He stretched his hand and pinched her rosy soft cheeks. 

She looked at him with baffled expressions when she saw how relaxed he was looking. 

She said everything after the careful consideration. She doesn't want to directly hurt him or say anything that would worsen the situation. 

And moreover she don't know much about their relations.h.i.+p so she just can't carelessly make an a.s.sumption and create problems for herself.

Many people thinks that she was hasty and careless. But she always thinks before making any decision, it just sometimes her anger took over her sanity. 

Otherwise she is a very careful and sensible person. 

If she was not careful, then how could she spend her most of the years abroad without getting involved in any major scandal or illegal and immoral activities. 

It's very easy to get distracted when you're away from your family and your friends. 

But she kept her morals with her. Other than doing some parties, she never did anything wrong. 

Seeing Zhao Ming's confused expression, Ji Cheng snuggled into her neck and said, " Just forget about everything. You don't need to remember those painful memories, just remember that from now on, no one will be able to harm you."he said with the loving voice.

She looked at him and said," That depends on your performance. " she said nonchalantly. 

' How could she forget about the past? At least she should know what happened in the past? If not, isn't it unfair for Zhao Ming? She died while longing for him, and if she forgets then what would it mean?'

Though Zhao Ming  was living in her body in 21st century now but still, she dies while longing for him and that's the truth. 

This cannot be changed that he did manhandled her.

She wanted to say these things to him but she shut her mouth as it doesn't seem like a right time to talk about these things. 

She sighed and said, " will you leave me now? You only said that you will hug me for a moment but now eternity has pa.s.sed." she said in sarcasm.

She couldn't control her mouth and said these words in frustration. 

He looked at her in surprise when he heard her direct words. Though he didn't feel angry instead he found it amusing. 

He chuckled and parted with her. 

Zhao Ming jumped from his lap and stood on her feet and straightened her skirt.

She glared at him in annoyance. 

' Why the h.e.l.l I came in this weird place? Do I have to spent my whole life here? Really?' she could not help but wonder. 

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