ETERNAL LOVE : A LOVE STORY Chapter 186 - Can You Do Anything About It.


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Wu Yan was dumbstruck when the two guys who used to bully him ran away in fear. 

The two boys from whom he was scared ran away. Just like that? 

He looked at Xie Ming in amazement. He has never seen a girl this beautiful and this strong. 

Generally, in these kinds of situations, people chose to turn a blind eye and go their way but she decided to interfere in their affair. 

He was in awe when Xie Ming approached him and extended her hand towards him. 

He stared at her in a daze with his mouth open when her words brought him out of his stupor, " Do you want to spend your whole life on the floor? Aren't you getting up?" 

When he heard her words, he looked at her in bewilderment, " Eh?" 

She shook her head and held her hand tight and pulled him up.

In the process, she lost her balance as he was heavy and almost fell back but he held her by her waist before she could fell. 

Xie aiming blinks her eyes when her eyes met him while in his arms. 

The situation could be romantic but the situation they were in was not romantic at all. 

Two people behind them were still wailing in pain as if someone had died. 

But for Wu Yan, this situation was like a fairy tale. A fairy herself came to help him and now the fairy was in his arms. 

Many times he has seen in the movies that this was the right time to kiss but he can't bring up the courage to do that. 

Because Xie Ming is not a regular girl. If she was provoked than she can even slap him without any consideration. 

He resisted his urge to lean in and kiss those rosy plump lips who were inviting him. 

He pursed his lips as he stared at her. 

Xie Ming furrowed her eyes and said, " Will you leave me now? I am glad that you saved me but I have no interest to stay like this forever." she said mockingly as she gestured him to let her go.

He shaped his mouth as " OH" and helped her to stand on her feet. 

She looked at him and said, " Let's go. We should go before they get out of their senses." 

Wu Yan nodded and ran in the cla.s.s to get his bag. After that, he followed her to go downstairs. 

When Xie Ming pa.s.sed by the two people in the corridor who was wriggling on the floor in pain, she kicked one of the guys and said," What a coward. It's just a pepper spray and you're overreacting like someone has stabbed a pen in your eyes." she snorted before walking past them. 

Wu Yan who followed her also kicked the other guy but scaredly ran after her when the guy glared at him with his bloodshot red eyes. 

Xie Ming who was few steps away from him stopped in midway and turned just to witness this scene and chuckled. 

She has never seen a guy who was this soft at heart. 

She has seen many boys in her cla.s.s who are handsome and smart. They always try to get close to her but she always gives them a cold shoulder. 

It's not like she was not interested in dating or relations.h.i.+p, it's just that she felt that those boys are not her type. 

They pretend to be handsome and smart and always afraid to show their real side to the world. 

Not only that they always judge people in looks and their wealth. And she despises that kind of people the most. 

It was the first time she has seen a guy who was more like a girl to her. 

She can't help but feel an urge to protect him.

It gives her a sense of accomplishment.

 He will look good if he loses some weight. She couldn't understand why these people mock him by calling ugly. Those boys were itself a definition of ugly because they see everyone as ugly.

As she walked with him downstairs, she was walking by his side and sometimes glance at him. 

She has noticed that his facial features were very uncommon and well-shaped. If he just loses some weight he will look the most handsome guy. 

As they reached the last step of the stairs she immediately stopped and clutches her stomach tightly. 

She felt a pang of pain in her stomach as she realizes that she hasn't gone washroom by now. 

She was so scared when she saw those guys bullying him but now she can't hold it in. 

She caught the railing on the tightly and leaned on it. 

She wanted to go to the washroom because she was having a stomach ache. 

Today was the date when her menstruation cycle starts, so she was prepared as she kept a sanitary napkin in her bag. 

When she was watching the basketball match earlier with Qin Jia, she felt a slow pain in her inner thigh and lower abdomen which became unbearable by time. 

She knew that her period has come so she wanted to use the toilet to use the sanitary napkin but to her bad luck, she didn't find the toilet but a group of hooligans. 

She sighs at her screwed fate while leaning on the railing. 

Wu Yan who was walking suddenly stopped in his steps when he realized she was not by his side. 

He turned around and saw her holding the railing tightly and leaning on it with her pale face as sweat beads were forming on her forehead. 

He panicked seeing her state. 

This girl was behaving so confident just now but why does she become so weak all of a sudden. 

He quickly went to her and asked worriedly, "Hey. Are you okay? Are you hurt somewhere?" he asked her while he tightly held on her arm. 

He felt that her whole body went cold and her face was pale as she tightly clutched on her lower abdomen. 

Xie Ming blinked at Wu Yan and said harshly, " Oh stop shouting in my ears. Just tell me where is the washroom." she said in a low voice irritatingly. 

She was annoyed as her stomach ache was killing her and he was asking her if she is hurt. 

She wanted to shout at him, ' Yes. I am hurt. This injury will be with me for half of my life. Can you do anything about it?' 

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