ETERNAL LOVE : A LOVE STORY Chapter 271 - Second Male Lead?


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The driver placed the luggage in the luggage compartment on the back side of the bus while Xie Ming and Song Xiner boarded the bus with Xu Lan.

When Xie Ming boarded the bus, she was surprised to see the people inside sitting on the bus. 

There was Wu Sheng who was the male lead of the movie. She knows him as he has present at her interview. 

Beside him there was a man sitting beside him, probably his manager or something.

Shewalked to him and greeted him with a slight bow.

Wu Sheng was pleased with Xie Ming's polite gesture.

Hewaved his hand at her and said, " You don't need to be this polite. Just relax. This workshop is for us to have fun and also to make ourselves known with each other."

" And I have seen you in your interview. Although you're new but you're very talented. So you just need to focus on polis.h.i.+ng your skills and need to learn more."

Xie Ming listened to his words calmly and nodded at times.

After that Xie Ming turned her head and looked at the girl sitting opposite to his seat.

Oppositeto his seat, there was a pretty girl sitting who was wearing a crop top with a jacket and mini skirt.

Her hair were of mid length and was brown in colour.

Xie Ming squinted her eyes as she was surprised to see how the girl was dressed up.

They need to travel in a bus for around 3-4 hours and the girl was wearing a short skirt with long pencil heels.

Also, she was wearing loads of makeup, which was giving her mature and old look.

Xie Ming gave her a light smile and greeted her, " It's nice to meet you."

The girl squinted her eyes at her and ignored her greeting.

Xie Ming was speechless on her rude behavior.

Shewas just being polite because she was a newbie but this girl was behaving arrogantly.

Thegirl looked at Xie Ming and narrowed her eyes. Xie Ming was confused when she saw the displeased expression on the girl's face.

She doesn't even know her then why she was looking at her like this?

Xie Ming stood rooted at the place when Song Xiner who was behind her whispered in her ears.

" She is Yuan Lei, the female lead of the movie. She is an A grade actress but her character is a little off. You need to be careful around her."

Xie Ming turned to look at her in surprise and then nodded. Now she understood why she was being so sn.o.bbish.

Xie Ming pursed her lips and was contemplating to where to sit when Xu Lan's voice came from behind.

" Xie Ming, you sit on the seat in front of Wu Sheng. The seats has been arranged according to your characters and you have to sit with your partners. "

"So that you guys can form a bond with each other and can show the natural chemistry between each other."

Xu Lan has squeezed herself from behind and came beside Xie Ming.

" Xie Ming, you sit at the window seat. The second male lead will arrive in a while, till then you can relax. It was your first time meeting him, so don't be nervous. "

Xu Lan told her as she show her the seat. Xie Ming followed Xu Lan's lead and walked towards the seat and asked in surprise," Second male lead? Is there another male lead as well? "

She has no idea about the second male lead. She didn't read about that part. She hasn't got the whole script of the movie. It was just a part of the script.

She has no idea if there is any second male lead as well.

Xu Lan replied casually," Yes. He is your partner. You must have not read the whole script. Right?" she chuckled as she asked her.

Xie Ming nodded slightly. " It's nothing. Your partner is a famous actor in this field and it was the first time that he was performing as a second male lead. You should feel lucky that you will be the partner of such an amazing actor."

" Though he can be a little hard to handle but he is really good at his work. Moreover, he is very handsome. " she whispered in her ear.

" But who is he? I mean what is his name?"" You will know when he will come in a while. You just relax."Xie Ming smiled awkwardly.

She was feeling uncomfortable when she heard about the second male lead.

She sat on her seat and was waiting for Song Xiner to come beside her but Xu Lan stopped her in middle." Hey. Where are you going? You will sit with me and besides Xie Ming our second lead will sit."

Xu Lan said as she slightly pulled Song Xiner to her seat.

Song Xiner was surprised when Xu Lan suddenly pulled her. She helplessly looked at Xie Ming.

XieMing nodded at her to not worry about her.

Truthfully speaking, she was quite worried because she has no idea who this second male lead is?

She has to work with him and she doesn't know anything about him. She can just hope that he won't be arrogant and will easy to approach.

She took a deep breath and looked out of the window.

She was sitting alone while looking out of the window. But she could feel a pair of eyes glaring at her from behind.

Sheturned to look behind and saw Yuan Lei glaring at her fiercely.

YuanLei sneered when Xie Ming suddenly turned around and she s.h.i.+fted his gaze away.

XieMing: " -_- "

Xie Ming was speechless.

She has no idea what was this girl's problem.

Shenever met her before but this girl seems to be carrying a grudge from her.

Shesighed and was about to turn around when her eyes accidentally met with  Wu sheng's eyes.

She smiled at him lightly and nodded. He was surprised when their eyes locked.

He looked into Xie Ming's dark orbit eyes and felt enchanted by her natural beauty.He has never seen such a natural beauty like her.

He didn't say anything and just smiled at her

Afterthat Xie Ming also turned around and straighten her back. She s.h.i.+fted his gaze outside the window and was enjoying the weather.

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