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magic poisoning happens when too much foreign magic builds up inside a person. the healing potions may be beneficial to people but drinking them in large quant.i.ties over a short period of time results in the potion damaging the host body and in extreme cases killing them. the amount of potions a person can drink before they become poison varies greatly. a person with a strong body and High magic resistance can drink more conversion than a person with a weaker body and low magic resistance like Desmond.

to remove the effects of magic poisoning you must remove the toxins from your body. this can be done in many ways but Desmond doesn't know any of them. So Desmond's only option is to take the long way around the problem and endure through the pain.

leaking black blood through his orifices onto the floor Desmond was curled up in a ball finding it hard to breathe as he coughed up more black blood. holding his chest Desmond found the connection to his body weakening a bit his movement slowed down as his body became sluggish and screamed and in more pain. his painful shrieks were heard by only the rats that kept him company. some of his veins turn black and his skin seemed to become a shade paler.

while it does hurt this was the least amount of pain that Desmond had to suffer through. he found this little bit of pain laughable compared to what he already endured.

Desmond knew the effects of magic poisoning would last a while without the proper way to remove it. so he waited about 30 minutes to fully get use to the effects of magic poisoning before he started taking what you needed and heading home.

giving up was a bit challenging or him with the connection to his body weekend by the magic poisoning Desmond moved with the grace of a drunk man at a bar.

stumbling his way over to the chest Desmond started rummaging around for what he came for. The books on illusions, magic traps, intermediate rune set, and a few others. Desmond look through some of the books and realize a problem he didn't know the basics of creating a magic circle that was at the book store Hunter's Bizzare. realizing the problem Desmond took out 200 magic crystals from the stockpile he had in one of the chests and placed them in a sack that held some magic mushroom ingredients which he already throughout.

filled up on everything he could carry Desmond returned home. he didn't leave through the same way he came in case someone was there waiting for him. he left through a much further manhole cover. there were people walking around but not many Desmond waited there until the coast was clear when it was he quickly left the area and took a coach back home.

the ride home was quick on the way Desmond constantly coughed up more blood, but he was just happy nothing happened when he went to retrieve those books.

back home to his dimly lit room that had the windows, tables, and any other s.h.i.+ny surface completely covered with whatever he could find that's been lying around Desmond felt sad. looking at what his life has been reduced to anyone would feel the same. being forced to cower in fear of any reflective surface and the looming danger of a powerful Mage organization back to have committed worse atrocities than Hitler. while still being a probable suspect in the murder of Vincent and his crew.

"All I wanted to do is practice Magic how did things turn out like this" depressed by his situation Desmond shoved his sofa next to the door to make sure it was closed. then took a long needed nap he didn't even think about cleaning the blood stain bathroom because he was going to focus all his energy tomorrow's Adventure exploring the World of Magic.


6 months later

inside room 3-12 Desmond was sitting cross-legged in an upright manner focusing every bit of his attention on what he was doing. he had been in the same position for hours doing the same thing he had always been doing every single day for the past couple of months. he had released hundred of his threads into the air in all directions sifting through the wandering elemental particles in the air.

it took Desmond two weeks to rid himself of the effects of the magic poisoning. since then he has been diligently meditating allowing him to absorb the particles in the air. most of the magic particles in the air where the sale of blue, black, brown, and green this correspondent with the elements water, dark, Earth, and plants Magic.
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normally a person can not wildly absorb whatever kind of elemental particle they pleased. if they try to absorb something that didn't correspond with their Elemental affinity then they would suffer a backlash. since Desmond had no affinity you didn't have to care about that fact.

Desmond's threads whipped around wildly it wasn't using the same tactic many plants and creatures in the ocean used. by letting describes whip around wildly he is able to use that as a sieve to catch any of the elemental particles in the air.

this brought him great success every particle he struck was guided towards Desmond's body where he repeatedly filled up every cell full of energy until his body could hold no more. then use that energy that he had stored in every spell to carve out the beginner 3D mage runes. doing this what's harder than Desmond's first imagined besides having to overcome his poor artistic skills Desmond could never mess up. the margin of error allowed when carving runes on your core is small if he did make a mistake there was a big chance of him damaging his core and being stuck in the same spot forever.

the danger inconstant warnings that the Magi stipulated we're Justified. Desmond has been a soul puppeteering an old man's body for a while now this gave him a big advantage over normal Apprentice Mages yet, he found inscribing runes on a person's core difficult. since Desmond score is so small and that he has to inscribe 44 different runes on it in a complicated three dimensional pattern despite that should speak volumes about the difficulty of what he's doing.

time ticked by as Desmond finished the last rune he needed to carve into his core before he could start absorbing Magic to increase his magic Reserves. this is quite the sense of moment for Desmond you would have allowed no mistakes. he cut off all other senses focusing entirely on his core.

When the last part of the rune was connected Desmond felt a ripple in his body. The ripple spread outwards attracting all the elemental particles like a magnet to his core.

tears formed under Desmond's surprised face when he accomplished his goal "I did it I'm officially a beginner apprentice mage woo-hoo"

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