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Inside a large study hall, Raven could be found sitting in front of a long and wide table. There are several books on top of the table and two people sitting on the opposite sides of it. One middle aged man and one old man.

These people are Ian and Randy Gregory, the Headmaster and Vice Headmaster of the Heavenly Cloud Inst.i.tute. Father and brother to Paul.

It's been a month since Raven guided the Lights.h.i.+eld's to the Kind Ent. A few things happened at that point.

First and foremost, Raven just broke through. He's now on his 2nd Transformation, he had no doubts about facing a Veteran Realm Expert and win without breaking a sweat. This is due to his uncompromising att.i.tude to never stop training even with his busy schedule.

He also knows that his friends are doing their best to stand at the same area as him, which gratified him to no end. 

Next is about the changes in the Kingdom. 

If one stepped within the Outer Walls, they will see some hulking metal that's moving some heavy stuff using it's hands. Those are the first batches of the Worker Constructs who were sent to help out with the expansion. At first, many were terrified by the constructs, thinking that they were some new beasts that's here to attack the kingdom. But once they saw that it was being driven by a human, it became the talk of the streets. Many were even making some inquiries on where to sign up to pilot one. 

The Golden Crops Array have been showing it's effects as well. From reports, there are some sudden increase in crops of the best quality in the common market. What's more is that the prices of those goods are extremely cheap too. This news propagated and caused some tumultuous waves in the kingdom. Everyone was fighting over for the quality goods but what they didn't notice is that, no matter how rowdy they got, there is a constant supply for those goods. In fact, the prices of lesser quality goods were lowered as well, allowing the poor to afford them and feed themselves and their family.

As for the Skynet Array, it's also nearing completion. Making the markers needed some time to finish, so far there's only two out of twenty of the said markers, but since the kingdom is focused on it's production then it wouldn't take long now. Jackson and the Lair Hunters had been lurking on the Yellow Zone to search for the best location to place the markers so that when the markers are ready, they will just have to place them and be done with it.

That leaves Raven and his project. Which is the reason why he asked for a meeting with Ian.

"Who knew that we lost so much inheritance and history after the Dark Moon Era." Randy commented in a pa.s.sionate manner, unable to extricate himself from reading the Volumes of Spirit Ent.i.ties that Raven showed them.

"It's not that hard to imagine really." Ian added, "During the Dark Moon Era, the Kingdom was nearly destroyed. We lost many people and records back then. Thankfully, we managed to recover some of it. We all have you and the King to thank for that matter." Ian said while also glancing at some pages.

"A mere coincidence, nothing more." Raven replied humbly, "I received immense benefits from the Elder's inheritance, I ought it to him for giving back to our home."

"That being said, Brat." Ian raised his brow and called out. "You're aiming for a reform of some sorts, am I correct?"

Raven smiled and replied: "I can't really hide it from you huh, Uncle?" He chuckled, which caused the Old Man to grin. "Yes, but I'll keep the details to myself for now."

Ian shook his head and sighed. "Very well. I have trust in you judgement. It's you youngsters' era now, us old one's should welcome change. If you pull this off, the you will be the leader of the new generation. I'm hoping to see the Golden Age before I die, ya' hear?"

"I'll do my best, Uncle." Raven replied while smiling, "Also, I would like to ask for your permission for one more thing."

"What is it?"

"As Core Students of the Inst.i.tute. Please allow us to clear the Danger Zones of the Kingdom."

There was a sudden silence inside the room as made his declaration. Ian and Randy stared at him deeply, searching for any traces of fear or hesitation. In the end they couldn't find any. Ian could only sigh in defeat and say:

"If you could make their guardians agree with you then I'll agree as well. I need some letter along with their seal as a proof."

As soon as he said that, Raven took out five letters stamped with clan seals and handed it over to him, causing Ian's mouth to twitch and Randy to smile helplessly.

No words were needed to be said at this point, the two could obviously tell that he came prepared. Even the King's Royal Stamp could be seen in one of the letters. There's none for Paul just yet since Ian has yet to make one. 

"Go and be careful. You kids are the future of the Kingdom. Don't go losing your life in there." Ian sighed and waved his hand.

"Thank you, Uncle. I promise we'll be safe." Raven saluted in grat.i.tude. "I'll leave the Volumes to you. If you want to have other Instructors to read it, then don't hold back. Just keep it under the wraps for now."

After saying that, Raven saluted once more and stepped out of them room. The reason why he allowed Ian to read the Volumes is because he and the inst.i.tute will become a major part of the reform he's planning. In fact, they'll play a crucial role in it so he had to make some pre-emptive moves. 

Now all that's left is to clear the Danger Zones, and there's nothing standing between his way and the reform.


"Hey there, Beautiful." Raven greeted Luna as she arrived. The girl smiled and held his hand.

"Hey there, Handsome." She placed a kiss on his lips and asked: "Is it time?"

Raven nodded to her and clasped her hand tightly, in the end he really couldn't prevent her from partic.i.p.ating in this.

"Hold on, hold on, hold on!!" The two s.h.i.+vered a bit when they heard Ellen's voice behind them.

They turned around and looked at her. She in turn had her hands on her waist as she looked at them holding hands. 

"What's wrong?" Luna asked in a confused tone. 

"What do you mean 'What's wrong?', are you guys forgetting to tell us something?" Ellen raised her brows in annoyance.

"Oh! So that's what you mean." Raven chuckled as he realized why she was making a fuss. "I mean, it should be obvious by now, knowing that you guys saw us kiss and all…"

"But yeah, we're official." Raven said as he gently pulled the blus.h.i.+ng Luna closer to his body and kissed the top of her head. 


The girls squealed and hurriedly pulled Luna away from him. The boys then surround Raven and started punching his sides.

"Haha! Congrats, Dude!" Paul chided as he swung his arms around him and playfully punched his sides. "So, how far have you guys gotten?"

"Do you want to die?" 

"Haha. Nope! My bad." Paul sweated nervously as he felt Raven's deadly gaze. Mark's hand flew towards the back of his head.

"You idiot We're too young for that!" Mark reprimanded, he then looked at Raven and asked: "Is His Majesty aware of this."

Raven smiled and said: "Yeah. My parents knows about it as well."

"Nice." Mark said while raising a thumbs-up, "Treat her well, or else your head will be severed from your shoulders."

"You didn't have to go there but yeah, I certainly will. I waited too long for this." Raven smiled, earning a grin from the two. 

"How about you then?" Raven asked Mark, causing him to raise his brow in confusion. "Don't give me that look. When are you going to tell her what truly happened back then?"

Mark's mood instantly dampened when he said this. 

"And you?" Raven sighed and looked at Paul, "When are you going to tell her that it was you?"

Paul looked down, his usual att.i.tude was gone and there was a trace of helplessness in his face. 

Raven shook his head once again. He wanted to help them out for this situation as well but his efforts would be wasted if these guys don't want to help themselves.

It was clear that the history of these six people goes way back. The two are keeping something hidden, and if they don't want to face it, the Raven could only respect their decision.

"I'm not forcing you." Raven said, "But you lost them once. If you don't want that to happen again then consider doing something about it."

The two were silent on his words, they didn't know what to say and Raven didn't want to really force it. Besides, they have other important matters at hand.

"Alright. Let's talk business people." Raven clapped his hands and called out. "Who's ready to conquer the Danger Zones?"

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