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Chapter 1813: I Did It On Purpose I

“What do you mean by unintentionally disturbing them? You can shut up if you don’t know what to say. I did it on purpose!”

Although every time, Nan Xian would throw her out…

She had Xiao Qing backing her up, so he did not dare to beat her.

She was the only one who had this kind of treatment in General Manor.

Tang Yin was happy, but her smile suddenly disappeared when she looked at Nan Luo’s face.

“And Feng Ruqing did not scold you when you did this?” Nan Luo was a little curious.

It was rumored that Feng Ruqing from Feng Manor was quite possessive, and she did not allow her husband to have any concubines.

Of course, she was Tian Ya’s granddaughter, so no one dared to go against her!

However, she was such a possessive woman, and she actually allowed another woman to stay close to Nan Xian? And gave her permission to disturb him?

“What do you mean by that?” Tang Yin’s face was cold. “Are you cursing me?”

‘This b*tch, how dare she curses me!

‘If Xiao Qing allows Nan Xian to beat me, it means that Xiao Qing no longer likes me…’

“That’s not what I meant…” A cold light flashed in Nan Luo’s eyes as she walked toward Tang Yin. “I just think that you deserve to be with your lover.”

Nan Luo did not trust Tang Yin even though this girl also showed her hostility toward Feng Ruqing… She would never let anyone know about her plan…

Tang Yin raised her head proudly. “You think so?”

Perhaps it was Nan Luo’s words that made Tang Yin no longer cold to her… She even looked at Nan Luo smilingly.

However, she would never betray Xiao Qing just because of Nan Luo’s words.

Even if what Nan Fang had done had nothing to do with Nan Luo, she, as Nan Fang’s daughter, let Suyi suffer so much and almost harmed Xiao Qing…

It was impossible to forgive!

Unless Nan Luo was willing to be the same as Tang Yin was back then, completely abandoning her family for Feng Ruqing…


If Xiao Qing had not been wary of Nan Luo, she would not have sent someone to secretly watch her, let alone let her go live in such a remote room.

These treatments were not the same as the ones she had back then…

Nan Luo smiled faintly, “But there is something I have to ask. Does Feng Ruqing know that you love Nan Xian?”

‘Love Nan Xian?



Tang Yin’s smile froze as she looked at Nan Luo blankly. “Did you just say… I love Nan Xian?”

Nan Luo lowered her eyes and smiled faintly. “Don’t worry. I will not tell her, so…”

Tang Yin raised her hand and slapped Nan Luo’s face.

Nan Luo’s face turned red and swollen; tears appeared in the corner of her eyes.

She covered her face with her hand and looked at Tang Yin, shocked. “You…”

“Who told you I like that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, Nan Xian? He is a vixen who seduced my Xiao Qing. I hate him…”

Tang Yin clenched her fists tightly and gritted her teeth.

Nan Luo froze. She was embarra.s.sed and could not wait to hide in a hole.

She tried to force a smile, but… failed.

“No, I was just joking with you…”

Tang Yin sneered. “Do you think I’m stupid? I know… You have a crush on Xiao Qing, and you want to set me up with Nan Xian so that Xiao Qing will misunderstand us, and you can have her for yourself!”

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