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Chapter 1814: I Did It On Purpose II

Nan Luo was speechless.

‘A crush on Feng Ruqing?

‘What a joke!’

“Nonsense! I’m not a pervert. Why would I have a crush on her?”

Tang Yin’s face changed dramatically.

‘This b*tch dares to call me a pervert!’

She raised her hand and slapped Nan Luo’s head, pressing her entire body into the ground, leaving only half of her body outside…

Tang Yin smiled proudly. She raised her eyes and saw a man in white robes stepping out from the courtyard.

Her face stiffened, and after a moment’s hesitation, she pointed to Nan Luo, who was pressed into the ground by her.

“Just now, she said that all those who like Xiao Qing are perverts.”

Nan Luo was stunned.

Without giving her a chance to explain, the man was already glaring at her coldly, causing her to s.h.i.+ver coldly.

“Pervert?” Nan Xian asked calmly.

“I…” Nan Luo’s face turned pale, and she looked at the man who had stopped in front of her in panic.

Nan Xin glanced at Nan Luo coldly and turned to Tang Yin, frowning. “Tang…”

“My name is Tang Yin.” Tang Yin’s face darkened.

Nan Xian did not respect her at all and could not even remember her name!

“Well, let her stay inside for a few weeks. Don’t give her any food. Just fed her with spirit herbs to let her stay alive. Then, ask Xia Xia to eat near her.”

Tang Yin was speechless.

Looking at Nan Xian’s serious face, she subconsciously took a few steps back.

This was the first time she had met such a terrible person.

Nan Xian was only gentle to Xiao Qing, but not to others…

“One more thing…”

Nan Xian was expressionless. “There is a foul ditch outside Wu Shang City. If she’s thirsty, let her drink that water.”

Tang Yin suddenly felt that the slaps she gave Nan Luo were nothing compared to Nan Xian’s torture…

Nan Luo’s face was pale. She looked at Nan Xian in horror, and her gaze was filled with deep despair.

‘How could a man be so cruel to such an extent… He is not a human at all!’

However, he was still her first love…

Nan Xian did not look at Nan Luo again, pa.s.sed by her side, and left the courtyard.


This half month time, Nan Luo could no longer approach Nan Xian.

She was so hungry and got really thin.

Xia Xia would appear every day during mealtime, sat in front of her, and ate with great pleasure.

If it was in the past, it was a pleasure to look at this little girl eating delicious food, and it would make people could not help but feel hungry.

However, now… The person who was facing Xia Xia was Nan Luo…

To her, it was torture and disaster.

Xia Xia gnawed on a chicken leg in her hand, looking at Nan Luo, who was half-buried in the ground smilingly.

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