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Chapter 2082: The Past Life 7

The Ninth Emperor was stunned. She turned around blankly.

That person was the beautiful young man in white robes with long silver hair and a silver vertical line between the eyebrows. He was as beautiful as a stunning painting, and even the Ninth Emperor, who was used to seeing beauty, could not help but feel amazed at his beauty.

This young man was too handsome, and he was the most beautiful-looking man she had ever seen. However, he was cold and expressionless.

“It’s Nan Changfeng of the Nan family.”

The crowd looked surprised. They knew that Nan Changfeng was good-looking, but they did not expect this man to be this beautiful.

They had long heard that there were countless beauties in the Ninth Emperor’s manor, but the way she looked at Nan Changfeng proved that the beauties in her manor were not as stunning as this Nan family’s young master.

Nan Changfeng perhaps sensed her looking at him, so he looked up and met the Ninth Emperor’s gaze in the air.

However, he quickly withdrew his gaze, shyly.

Shen Qingluan was also a bit stunned when she saw Nan Changfeng, but her expression changed as she looked at the Ninth Emperor next to her.

Nan Changfeng was indeed a handsome young man, but it still could not compare to the Ninth Emperor’s beauty; it was really hard for anyone to resist such a look.

After Shen Qingluan saw that the Ninth Emperor was staring at Nan Changfeng, she could not help but pout, touching her face.

‘Perhaps, I’m not beautiful enough, and the Ninth Emperor doesn’t want to look at me anymore?

‘This Nan Changfeng… Other than the looks, I really don’t understand how he can attract the Ninth Emperor.’

Fortunately, the Ninth Emperor did not look too long. She then turned around and smiled faintly.

She had liked beautiful people since childhood. Because of that, the girls in Cloud Mountain were all as beautiful as G.o.ddesses. However, her Feng Mountain had never accepted any men. Only Nan Changfeng… He was so beautiful that she almost could not look away.

“Let’s go,” she said with a smile and shrugged.

Everyone else came back to their senses and walked to the front.

The most important thing today was to find the strange object.

Today’s desert, for some reason, was so quiet. The quietness through the eerie aura made people shudder.


The Ninth Emperor also did not know how long she must walk. She still did not find any strange object. Now, she even began to doubt whether this was a conspiracy against her.

However, a few moments later, the whole desert suddenly shook.

A fierce storm came. Sand and dust filled the sky, and some people with low strength directly disappeared into thin air in the storm, leaving no trace behind.

“You lied to me?”

The Ninth Emperor’s voice was so cold that it could make people tremble.

With these words, she made the present people panic. Zhang Tianwen’s voice was filled with anxiety.

“Why would we lie to you? We wouldn’t have come along if we wanted to deceive you. We really heard that there are strange objects hidden here. Who knew that such things would happen?”

His voice was tinged with tears and endless grievances.

The Ninth Emperor turned and saw a huge python coming.

This python was golden yellow, huge. It could swallow a dozen people in one bite. It was so big, and all the people were scared of it.

Everyone was panicked. They just came to find a treasure, but who knew that they would encounter this kind of thing.

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