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Chapter 1329 - It Was Time

Paula's blood turned cold.

Was he threatening her with the life of her granddaughter?

She knew the guard before her. He was one of Alexander's most trusted aides. And throughout her time in the palace, he had been making small advances at her. There was no doubt that after Alexander was done, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d might arrange for a little fun with her too.

The eyes of this 45-year-old man were too lecherous. And it was shocking to say that he, as a man with many t.i.tles and 11 wives, was still so lecherous.

Paula looked at Kilmonga squarely: "Sir... I understand your concerns... But I would like to return that same sentence to you since it's YOU who keeps delaying things."

Kilmonga squinted his eyes dangerously: "As expected, his majesty was right. You are a smart-mouthed woman who doesn't know her place, talking in the presence of real men. Since you're so much in a hurry to see his majesty, then I won't bother talking to an active bee who is deeply rooted in plucking her honey! Men, pull her up! We must not keep his majesty waiting!"


Kilmonga gave no time to react, as before she knew it, the men had begun taking ma.s.sive steps forward, dragging her like a dishevelled dog, up the many flights of stairs and hallways on each floor.

The building was 6 storeys tall, with his majesty living on the very topmost one. However, because he didn't think her worthy enough to enter his sacred wing, he had chosen to do the deed in one of the guest bedrooms on the 3rd floor.

Alexander was the only one living in this building.

Everyone else had their courtyard in the haram sector. He was a true monarch, visiting them one by one. Throughout his reign, almost none of them had ever entered his private chambers... Not to talk of entering his wing.

It could be said that the only people who had visited his wing were the servants to clean up and some of his most trusted guards.

Alexander believed that his glory was too great for any woman to behold, talk less of his chambers.

Thus, whenever he had to 'invite' women into his building, many a time, he chose to have them in any of the guest bedrooms within either 2 the guest wings on the 3rd floor.

Make no mistake. These were the only guest wings in the entire building. After all, this building was made as a while military unit, having guards staying in here at all times to protect his majesty in case enemies tried to sneak in. Additionally, Alexander would get his researchers to do top-secret research and whatnot here. So he forbade anyone to step in without his permission or clearance.

This was how it had been in the days of his grandfather and even father. And as far back as history could tell, that's how it has always been with his ancestors.


Soon, Paula arrived at the door of the chamber.

"Get in!"

Paula into the ma.s.sive bedroom chambers.

And far on another end was Alexander, wearing a white Toga with his back against them.


Everyone got down on their knees: "We salute your majesty."

"Hmmm..." Alex said, turning around ever so slowly.

And the moment his eyes landed on Paula's body, he felt his little man below start to rise.

Maybe because of the love-hate relations.h.i.+p between the two, Alex was more attracted to this woman who was only 2 or 3 years older than himself.

Bear in mind that Paula's husband was well over a decade older than she was. After all, he too had numerous wives, all gotten at different time frames.

Alex couldn't lie. His entire body felt as though it had been electrocuted, and he desperately wanted to subdue this wild woman who, over the years, had been testing his bottom line time and time again.

"Chain her to the bed!"

"Yes, my lord!"

Brute! Brute!

Paula was inwardly screaming at the top of her lungs in horror. But still maintained a nonchalant expression, as though she didn't care.

And sure enough, Alex was annoyed by her expression.

'B**ch! I'd like to see just how tough you are after I'm done with you tonight!'

Alex couldn't describe his thoughts. No one... Not even his many wives, concubines and random s.e.x pleasers made him lose his sanity at every turn. What was it about this woman that made his anger easily flare-up?


"Tie her! Tie her up fast!"

With fast hands, Paula was thrown to the ma.s.sive bed and tired to the ped posts mercilessly.

Of course, Alex only wanted her hands tied, leaving her legs free for action.

It took all of Paula's willpower for her not to glance around maniacally.

At the same time, the guards brought in a table and placed it beside the bed. Paula peeked at the items on it and almost fainted from it all.

Whips, potions, and all sorts of crazy items lay on it.

"Get out!" Alexander bellowed.

And very quickly, the men exited the scene, leaving the 2 love birds to themselves.

Starting at her statistically, Alexander walked to her side, took a blade out and tore off her airy and see-through attire.


Alexander ran his hands across the many dried-up wounds on her body, feeling his tingling sensation grow even more.

Hot... Hot... He found her current body to be HOT.

And with his eyes deeply focused on her, he began to undress slowly.

His magnificent body could make many women blush with satisfaction. So seeing Paula still lying there like a log of wood, Alex was irked and insulted.


Alex squeezed her jaws cruelly: "Paula... Paula... Paula... Tonight, I'll give you both pleasure and despair. For all the years of disobedience you have shown, this is what you owe me!"

With that, Alex took the whip from the last, making Paula's heart skip a beat.


Alex had made his move.

But little did he know that in just a few more seconds, the heavens would finally decide to rain their wrath on his palace!

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