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Chapter 1342 - The Wrath Of The Heavens?

To the palace!

Castello vanished with several of his hidden guards.

Earlier tonight, he had sent 2 of his aides to sneak into the palace to find the secret doc.u.ment that Alexander stole from Morgany. This was one of his missions from the order.

He let them deal with this while he focused on finding THE ONE... The descendant of a brand high witch who had long pa.s.sed on hundreds and hundreds of years ago.

The order searched for this particular descendant for over 20 years now. And each year, they would get one step closer to their mark

Last year, they finally pinpointed a specific location with a high probability of her being there.

Who knew that his own Dafaren was where this descendant was hiding?

Though his mission had been authorized last year, it was only a couple of months ago that he received the notice. After all, what can one do? Decisions were carried out in Morgany before being dispatched to whichever location. So, of course, it would take this long and arrive around now.


Anyway, Castello had focused on this descendant, seeing the 9-star mark across the mission doc.u.ment.

To show importance, each mission or task would have stars stamped on them with ink and a wooden stamp.

The number of stars from 1~10 showed the order's ranking about how important this mission was to them. Likewise, his rewards were truly great once he got the job done.

Not only will he climb up the ranks, but in terms of opportunities and wealth, all this would increase substantially.

More of his men would be allowed to train in Morgany; he would also get 5 giant Morg s.h.i.+ps of the finned quality, a free 3-year pa.s.s across the waters, never having to pay a single dime to any of those pesky pirates.

Oh~ but that wasn't all.

He would get a grander slave supplying contract than he already had, hence expanding his business... Maybe far out of Veinitta.

He would also be graced by 4 of the most powerful painters, sculptors and poets, to create paintings, statues and hymns dedicated just to himself. Do you know the honor in that?

Finally, he would get a single one-handed pa.s.s to call upon the famous Morg healers, apothecaries or any inline with medicine to give his request.

Bear in mind that he had to choose one and only one person when giving his request.

So if he used this chance to call on a healer to treat some hidden ailment, he couldn't very well call on a poison master to create portions for him for free.

Sigh... Did he also mention that he would be getting 10 Kilmo Horses? They were a far higher breed than the Dafaren horses.


In this world, there were indeed various types of horses.

In Veinitta, they already had a mix of horses, some like the ordinary stallions with one head and 4 legs. These were primarily residents in Pyno and a few other continents.

They also had Tremp horses with lizard/dragon-like tails that were the real and true original horses of Veinitta. These had been here from the age of time.

Various continents also had their own particular horses resident to their region.

However, it was a well-known fact that the most common horses were the stallions, making up the majority of horses seen in this world.

Only Veinitta, Lampe and Zohl had different horses home to their continents since the beginning of time.

And of course, because these horses were all superior to ordinary ones, Morgany had long been taking and breeding them.

And in this world, the most powerful horses were those that came from Lampe, the location of their d.a.m.n enemy, Adonis.

The horses could run for extended periods without breaking down and be two times stronger than the measly stallions.

In many cases driving battle, the horses had kicked the enemies down, doing half the job of the knights.

Additionally, these horses had 1, 2 and even 3 heads at times.

They were just a league on their own... So who wouldn't want these bad boys?

With Lampe being the orders enemy, it was hard for anyone, talk less of him a Viett, getting his hands on a single horse.

But now, the order had promised him 10, all males... So how could he not be happy?


Having such a reward was already too good, although he knew that the order would send males.

It was to prevent breeding or getting pregnant.

It was too risky to send in female horses... Thus, they would send in males that have their little things tampered with after drinking the famous horse-infertility fluids.

These horses won't be able to breed and produce heirs, even if they were doing the dirty with a stallion.

Well, at least he was happy that he would get to ride on one of these babies in this life.

Thinking of all the rewards waiting for him, Castello and his hidden guards hastily got on their horses, charging for the palace at full speed.

It was just that the scene they witnessed was something too hard to describe.


Castello looked at the plummeted and bloodied grounds, feeling thoroughly chilled.

Many whirls of Smoke flew higher in the air at various points across the palace. And the constant cries of the injured still made many shudder.

This... This... How can this happen?



3:54 A.M.

The sky was dark and still. Yet just outside the palace, a crowd of over 5,000 were all gathered around. Guards, famous knights, and n.o.bles from all directions had left the comfort of their homes and gathered out here in horror.

Those who were there earlier began retelling the scene of what they saw.

"The wrath of the G.o.ds descended on the palace without warning."

"It was terrible! The grounds shook, and there were blinding lights that had completely turned off my senses! I couldn't see, hear or move properly."

"Horrible... The G.o.ds must be angry!"

Castello's pupils dilated the more he listened.

Blink. Blink.

The G.o.ds?

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