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Chapter 1344 - Dreaming Of Reality

Paula and Tilda raised their heads anxiously, wondering why they didn't see more horses to accommodate the many people here.


"Nana... What's going on? Do they intend for us to stay low here for a few more days before leaving?"

Paula nodded with uncertainty, feeling that this should be the most probable reason.

They had just fled the palace. And who knows if anyone might've discovered their actions and were now searching for them within the cities and on the roads?

Fleeing the palace can't wasn't as tasking as fleeing the entire city.

They had pretended to be guards, mining across the duty posts and walls of the city. They headed to the most isolated region before their rescuers magically placed many men on the walls to sleep.

And the next thing they knew, they were headed down the walls and fleeing the scene before their presence got discovered.

Thanks to the darkness and the lack of vibrant moonlight, once they got to the other side, they could quickly flee without fearing for incoming arrows from any who discovered them.

However, things had gone too smoothly, leaving Paula still very on edge.

Could it be that their rescuers had indeed chosen to stay on the low in case someone spotted them?


Forget it...

Looking at the many giant floating clouds before them... The ladies were quick to forget about their inward dilemmas.

Now, their gazes were only filled with wonder and curiosity, seeing the strange baskets hold the giant clouds above.

What was this thing?

Though they didn't know what it could do, they still felt a wave of awe while staring at the many hot balloons before them.

And while they were at it, Landon and the rest were doing their final checks before liftoff.

"Your majesty, Major General Josh, fail-safe gas tanks in position. All other checks are confirmed and ready to go."

"Good... Secure our guests... It's time to fly!"

In a flash, Paula and Tilda found themselves spun about, listening to the men while putting on something they strangely called a 'Parachute.'

Because the female intruders had aided them in wearing this strange contraption, Paula and Tilda didn't have much resistance, noticing how thoughtful their intruders were.

If it were another group, they wouldn't even care about their discomforts, sending their subordinates to rough handle and order them around.

They who had seen the bad side of humanity were quick to notice all these little details.

In the eyes of the world, they were indeed strange, neither acting proud, arrogant or overbearing.

And this alone made both Tilda and Paula a little more confused. What exactly did these people want for them?

If they were a.s.s-kissers or overly friendly, then Paula and Tilda would've been sure that these people had rescued them because they wanted something from them.

This was scary because once they gave whatever these people wanted, then wouldn't these people kill them in the end?

Again, these people weren't mistreating or overwhelmingly them. They treated them as though saving them was only for sport, not wanting anything from them.

Paula had to admit that they were the first bunch of people she couldn't see right through.

But why? Why would these people go out of their way to rescue them?

Paula squinted her eyes at them, wanting to understand their true purpose.

Sadly, no matter how she looked, they were just too unreadable.


Landon chuckled after the defensive Paula.

He stared at his watch and gave his command.

Boarding Time!

"Please, your highnesses, her on."

Get on?

Paula and Tilda got nervous, stepping into one of the 18-stall baskets.

Their hearts were beating out of their chests the minute they saw the inside of these baskets.

What heavenly weaving skills!

The intricate details and meticulous design made them feel the wealth of these intruders.

And once led to their stalls, they were even more blown away by the things inside.

What was this strange transparent thing there that had water in it? (plastic bottle)

What about the other strange rectangular things with the word Juice on them?

Apple? Orange? Could there be an entire apple inside the small box?

But that wasn't right. The moment they shook them, they could hear the swis.h.i.+ng of fluids inside.

So was it truly a full apple in there?

And what beautiful design the boxes were. How on earth did they do it? Could it be that they paid painters to paint on each package?

The more they looked at them, the more they felt that these boxes were like a work of art that should be placed on a pedestal in some grand palace.

Pringles, Doritos, energy bars, chocolate... What the h.e.l.l were all these things?

And why did their packaging look too beautiful?

Both ladies felt that each item must've cost a fortune!

With nervous hands, they quickly placed them back, focusing their attention on the warm blankets, gloves, socks, scarves and pillows in their stalls.

Warm... Warm! They had never seen any other clothing that was so meticulously done and warm.

Oh, but that wasn't all.

They also saw 1 or 2 books (magazines) in their stalls, showing some amazing scenes that made their eyes nearly pop out of their sockets!

Thanks to the flames keeping the balloons up, their eyes could see the nervous images shown to them.

Baymard? Where was that?


Tilda's eyes flashed the moment she saw the name. And very quickly, a hazy memory from her dreams became clear.

Last year, she dreamed of some mysterious and far away place that shouldn't make out. Everything was blurry. However, she knew that the place started with a letter B.

Now, she could identify the entire name.

Tilda's like quivered with all sorts of emotions once everything clicked.


Though most of her dreams were still hazy with uncertainty, her inst.i.tution was screaming at her, indicating that this was the place.

Tilda hugged the magazine with a deep smile on her face

Baymard.... What a beautiful name.

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