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Xiao Baoshan was big and tall and he had also gone to the battlefield, so he was beaming with energy. Ye Xiaoxian had been involved in restaurant industry for a long time. She had seen people of all shapes and looks. Her eyes were very sharp. Even though Xiao Baoshan wore clothes, she knew that this guy must have pecs and abs. Just look at his 190cm of height, inverted-triangle shape, and angular face. If you were to put him in the 21st century, who knows how many fans would be crazy about him. This time, she had stumbled upon a handsome man to be her husband.

Xiao Baoshen came to Li first and said, “Ma!”

His gaze fell on Ye Xiaoxian. He looked somewhat awkward because of what happened the previous night. On the contrary, Ye Xiaoxian curved her lips and looked at him frankly. Xiao Baoshen then felt tense.

Ye Xiaoxian was bought by his family after he went to war. He had been to the battlefield for eight years and after he came back, he went to the town to be a handyman. Xiao Baoshan never paid any special attention to Ye and the impression she gave him was a timid and shy girl and she hid away every time she saw him. This was pretty much the first time that she stared at him in this way.

Xiao Baoshan was a man who had many experiences so he wouldn’t be tense long, so he said first, “Sister-in…little Ye, come to the room with me. I have something to tell you.”

“Okay.” Ye Xiaoxian said plainly. She put down the basket and stood up.

Behind her and without even thinking, Li said loudly, “Baoshan, go easy on little Ye. She was too fragile to do that several times a day.”

Xiao Baoshan: “…”

Ye Xiaoxian: “…”

There were only three earth rooms allocated to Li Hongmei’s family. Li Hongmei, Baozhu and Ye Xiaoxian used to sleep in one room. Baoshan and Baofeng, the two sons shared one room and the last room served as a storage room. It couldn’t be helped since they valued men and discriminated against women in this era. So boys needed to have their own bedrooms or they couldn’t possibly get a wife.

Now that Ye Xiaoxian and Xiao Baoshan had spent a night together, naturally, Ye Xiaoxian must share a room with Xiao Baoshan. Li Hongmei cleaned out the stuff in the storage room and asked Mrs. Zhao next door to help build a new wooden bed for the couple, and so this was the room of Ye Xiaoxian and Xiao Baoshan.

When they entered the room, Ye Xiaoxian was about to close the door when Xiao Baoshan stopped her. “We’d better not close the door or others will talk nonsense again.”

Ye Xiaoxian then left it open and sat on the edge of the bed and raised her head to look at him.

Although Ye Xiaoxian was thin now, her oval face was very delicate. Especially when she raised up her chin slightly, with a light smile in her gaze, which looked very attractive.

Again Xiao Baoshan stiffened.

When he was in the military, his comrades-in-arms would talk about women in their free time. They said that a woman who had never experienced men was a raw fruit, not being very inviting, but once they had experienced men, they then became so ripe and juicy that men liked to bite into them.

Maybe Ye Xiaoxian was that kind of a woman?

“What are you trying to say to me?” said Ye Xiaoxian when she saw Baoshan just standing there.

This Xiao Baoshan was very muscular and firm but he was somewhat uneasy towards Ye Xiaoxian, which made him cute in contrast.

The next second, however, Xiao Baoshan suddenly became serious. He knelt down in front of Ye Xiaoxian and fished out a dagger. Ye Xiaoxian was startled! She had heard that in the feudal era, when women did something immoral they would be punished severely with things such as being thrown in a cage and sunk into a river or getting beaten to death by others. Could it be that this Xiao Baoshan was going to kill her?

“You…what are you going to do?” asked Ye Xiaoxian.

With stern countenance, Xiao Baoshan said, "Little Ye, what happened last night was because I failed to control myself and I did those brutal things. If you hate me, kill me!"

Hate? Ye Xiaoxian thought to herself that why should she hate him? He was such a looker and the pleasure was all hers. Alas, ancient men were so pedantic that it made her cringe.

Since he didn’t try to kill her, she was not that afraid of him. She then spoke plainly, “If I kill you, I’ll become a widow, won’t I? What’s the benefit for me?”

Xiao Baoshan stiffened for a while once again. He didn’t know much about benefit or anything. He only knew that he took another’s virginity so he should pay the price.

Ye Xiaoxian added, "I was raised by your family, and I am bound to marry into your family in the future, but I didn't spend a single night with your elder brother, nor did I have a wedding with him. Your brother has gone, and so isn’t it natural for me to marry you? Unless you despise me because I have no family and background. Is this the reason that you won't marry me?"

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