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Chapter 1314: It Was So Familiar to Her It Made Her Heart Pound

Lu Tao turned to his luggage.

Li Ming raised his brows and said, “You’re dressed so well. Is this all for Yan Su?”

Mo Liuxi turned and looked at him aloofly. “Don’t talk nonsense. I look okay in anything. It has nothing to do with Yan Su. She and I are through.”

“That’s good,” Li Ming nodded his head. “By the way, she’ll be at the hotel tonight. She’s currently attending an event in Xiamen.”

“Why are you telling me this? I’m not in the least bit interested in what she’s doing.” Mo Liuxi turned on his heel and huffed off. After a couple of steps, he looked back and reminded Li Ming, “Don’t tell me about Yan Su anymore.”

Li Ming just snickered. Sure thing.

Fine. No more updates. But he knew Mo Liuxi was still curious about her.

Nine o’clock at night, the plane landed at Marco Polo International Airport.

Yan Su left the airport in a shawl. Many staff members and fans had already gathered because of the International Film Festival, hoping to catch a glimpse of someone famous.

Yan Su was practically a n.o.body on the international stage, not a well-known singer. She was waiting for the car to arrive outside the airport.

Many batches of celebrities arrived before her. She had to wait half an hour before her ride showed up. When she climbed in the car, Jiaojiao remarked, “If we had flown over with the rest of the production crew, we wouldn’t have had to wait here. n.o.body knows; we might have even been ha.s.sled if we hadn’t followed the team.”

Yan Su smiled and looked at her. “We only waited for half an hour. Look, even the British star, Bezier, had to wait with us. She’s a lot more famous than I am. It’s also a good opportunity to see some superstars in real life. I think it’s worth it.”

“You’re the best at consoling yourself,” Jiaojiao giggled.

After they got out of the car, they had to take a thirty-minute ferry ride to get to the hotel, a very grand medieval building with a magnificent lobby, overhanging crystal chandeliers, and well-lit the corridors.

Yan Su’s room was on the second floor. When she opened the windows, she saw a courtyard that reminded her of a royal mansion.

This hotel is the most splendid place I’ve ever stayed in, she thought to herself, taking in the fresh air and exquisite beauty around her.

“Susu, Ah Yu said he wants to take some photos along the corridor and in the courtyard as publicity material,” Jiaojiao called out to her from behind. “Go put on that sponsored retro mini dress.”

Yan Su rubbed her forehead, “It’s so late. Can’t it wait until tomorrow?”

“Nope,” Jiaojiao rejected her proposal immediately. “These are Sister Xiang’s orders. Check the internet. A lot of celebrities who arrived today have already posted their photos. Some people are here for the red carpet and publicity, not the awards ceremony. By tomorrow, most of the fans will already be tired of looking at these photos. Besides, you have to pull your weight for the brand that sponsored your clothes.”

Yan Su was quiet. She quietly put on some makeup and changed into the dress.

It wasn’t easy getting through a photoshoot. Even though she was already demonstrably pretty, her photographer had higher standards.

Especially in the courtyard downstairs, she got some strange looks from pa.s.sers-by.

When she was finally done with the photos in the courtyard, she had to take some more shots in the corridors. She wanted the whole thing to be over with as quickly as possible.

“Susu, can you raise your chin a little bit and lean against the wall? Just a little bit, tousle your, yeah, like that. Just a bit,” Ah Yu was giving her directions, as always.

And Yan Su did as she was asked, as always.

At this moment, footsteps and the sound of conversation could be heard on the staircase.

The man’s voice was clear and slow. It sounded alluring and s.e.xy. It was so familiar to her; it made her heart pound.

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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian Chapter 1314 - It Was So Familiar to Her It Made Her Heart Pound summary

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