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Chapter 1714: There’s a Handsome Uncle Watching You from Behind

After watching for an hour, Nian Junting did not come back. She took out her phone to check the time and scrolled through her Wechat moments. Five minutes ago, CEO Nian posted: My baby wants to drink iced grapefruit. It’s Sunday from the east to the north of the city, the subway was so crowded that there was almost no s.p.a.ce to stand on. However, no matter how hard and tiring it was, I have to go. After all, my baby is the most precious treasure to me.

The photo below showed him standing in a long line as he entered the subway. At least ten people were standing in front of each line, and the entire subway station was crowded.

Mu Rongcheng commented first, “You deserve it”.

Nian Xi commented, “You deserve +1.”.

Xiao Si commented, “Luosang has always been understanding. Did you do something to p.i.s.s her off again?”.

Yan Su commented, “I suddenly feel like drinking too. I’ll ask my Liu Xi to buy it.”.

Mo Liuxi replied to Yan Su,”…”.

Luosang wanted to laugh. Sometimes, she hated him so much that her teeth were itching, but sometimes, she could notget angry because of him. Just like now. She was angry before, but when she saw him standing in such a long line, she felt sorry for him. She should not have asked him to buy drinks during the peak of the day off.

At the end of the movie, Luosang held Xiao Pingguo’s hand and walked out. Nian Junting appeared with his face covered in dust. He did not look too good. He was sweating profusely, and his shoes were full of shoe prints.

When he was in front of luosang, he handed the paper box to her and said, “Luo Luo, the subway is too crowded. The cake box is a little deformed.”

Luosang sighed in her heart. She took the cake and the iced grapefruit and said, “Alright, let’s go back.”

“Luo Luo, I’m so tired.” Nian Junting put his hands on her shoulders, bent down and said, “Do you want to kiss me?”

Luosang felt sorry for him at first, but seeing his dirty look, she stepped on the back of his shoes and said, “Have you forgotten how you offended me tonight?”

Nian Junting frowned in pain and did not say anything.

The three of them walked out of the cinema. Nian Junting went to get the car, while Luosang waited by the roadside with her son in her arms.

Xiao Pingguo wanted to eat the cake, so Luosang opened it and fed him two spoonfuls. Xiao Pingguo suddenly looked behind her and said, “Mom, there’s a handsome uncle behind you who’s watching you.”

Luosang turned around and saw a man in an ordinary s.h.i.+rt standing in front of the convenience store. The light from the top of his head fell on his short black hair, and his beautiful eyes looked a little dreamy and absent-minded.

The man was also staring at her. His eyes flashed with various emotions, including embarra.s.sment, urgency, joy, and sadness.

Luosang stared at him for a while, until the man walked to her hesitantly. He looked at her, then at the child beside her, and asked in an awkward tone, “Sangsang, is this your child? He’s so big now.”

“Yes, he’s going to primary school soon.” Luosang did not expect to meet Yi Jingxi again. She had not seen him since he went to prison. She used to hate him to the bone, but after he went to prison, she did not hate him anymore. Besides, she realized that if it were not for Yi Jingxi’s past, she would not be as happy as she was now. “You… got out of prison?”

“Yeah.” Yi Jingxi nodded. He said with mixed feelings, “I did well in prison, so I got out two years early. I’m sorry. You probably don’t want to see me either. I just went out to buy something…”

Nian Junting, who had just driven over, suddenly saw a tall young man chatting up his wife. His chest tightened. There were too many crazy bees and b.u.t.terflies nowadays. Even his wife and children had people chatting up them, he was too shameless.

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