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Chapter 1641: Exposed

Liu Ping sat up from the bed.

Was it her imagination? If not, why had she heard Yu’er calling her?

A white light flashed outside the window, followed by a loud bang. The entire villa seemed to be trembling.

Liu Ping heard some noise downstairs and turned on the lights in her room, only to find that there was a blackout.

She touched her phone and called her personal servant who was sleeping in the servant’s room downstairs.

The phone rang for a long time, but no one answered.

Liu Ping put on her coat, took her phone, and went out of the room.

When she was about to reach the stairs, another white light flashed outside and a figure suddenly appeared at the stairs.

That person had a pale face and was wearing the red cheongsam Yu’er had worn when she jumped off the cliff. Her hair was disheveled and she looked extremely scary.

Liu Ping’s pupils constricted slightly.

She closed her eyes and opened them again. When she looked at the stairs, the figure was gone.

“Who’s playing tricks there?”

After Liu Ping shouted, there was no reply.

Liu Ping turned on her phone’s flashlight and walked downstairs.

She did not see that pale red figure again.

It was pouring outside and the gla.s.s door that led to the back garden had opened at some point. The storm was blowing the white curtains around and together with the dark night sky, it made people’s hair stand on end.

Liu Ping walked to the gla.s.s door and was about to close it when another voice sounded in the quiet air. “Ah Ping, return me my life…”

That voice sounded like Yu’er’s.

Liu Ping swallowed and turned her head in panic.

In the darkness, that red figure slowly approached her.

Liu Ping was so frightened that her phone fell to the ground.

“Yu… Yu’er, why are you…”

The red figure stretched out its hands, wanting to strangle Liu Ping’s neck. Liu Ping screamed and ran toward the stairs.

Another red figure suddenly appeared on the second floor. Liu Ping lost her balance and fell down the stairs.

She was dizzy from the fall and she hugged her head, her body trembling nonstop.

“Yu’er, why are you looking for me? You jumped off the cliff yourself. What does it have to do with me?”

“Liu Ping, you killed me. You caused a misunderstanding between Tang Jing and me. There was nothing between Dai Lang and me. You were the one who instigated everything!”

“So what if I was the one making things difficult for you? Who asked you to take the position of Mrs Tang when you clearly didn’t like Tang Jing? I advised you so many times, but you didn’t listened to me. I could only think of a way to make Tang Jing misunderstand that you and Dai Lang were having an affair.”

“That’s right. When you hugged Dai Lang, I was the one who led Tang Jing over. However, I never thought that you would really fall for Tang Jing. Because you wanted to stay in the Tang family, I had no choice but to think of ways to destroy your relations.h.i.+p with Tang Jing.”

“Tang Jing and I were on a business trip and I called you in the middle of the night with his phone so that you could hear his intimate voice. He was entertaining his guests at night, so I deliberately left a red lipstick mark on his s.h.i.+rt when he was drunk so that you would misunderstand that he had another woman outside.”

“I know your personality too well. You’re considerate but cold and arrogant. You like to keep everything to yourself. You must have thought that Tang Jing’s heart changed after he saw you and Dai Lang hugging each other. That’s why you started to misunderstand and be disappointed in him. The conflict between the two of you grew deeper.”

“At that time, you didn’t suspect me at all. I used the excuse of making delicious food for you and drugged you to make you mentally ill. I sent a message to Dai Lang when you weren’t feeling well and told him about whatever you had told me, saying that you two were in love.”

“Dai Lang never replied, so I wasn’t afraid that he would call and ask you. I would send him messages every few days until one day, you saw that I had a wedding ring that looked exactly like yours.”

“You couldn’t stand this marriage. You thought that there was no point in living. Your husband liked your best friend and your son wasn’t close to you. You told me that you wanted to die.”

“You chose Mountain Cang yourself. I didn’t ask you to die. Why are you here to settle the score with me?”

Liu Ping slowly raised her head and hit her forehead against the wall. Her skin was broken and fresh blood flowed out, blurring her vision.

She raised her hand and wiped her eyes.

The lights in the villa suddenly turned on.

The red figure standing in front of her suddenly tugged at her face.

The red figure upstairs was not Yu’er, but Gu Meng in disguise.

The red figure downstairs was not Yu’er either, but Ling Hui.

At this moment, two slender figures walked out of the room downstairs.

One was Tang Xi, and the other was Father Tang, Tang Jing.

Liu Ping looked at the people in the villa and suddenly understood what had happened.

They had played tricks to scare her!

Unexpectedly, even after her true colors were exposed, Liu Ping did not panic at all.

She stood up shakily.

She looked at Tang Jing and Tang Xi, a complicated look in her eyes that no one could understand. “I didn’t kill Yu’er. She chose to jump off the cliff and commit suicide. I only used some tricks for my own happiness. Who asked you guys to be so gullible? Hahaha…”

Tang Jing clenched his fists and looked at Liu Ping in disbelief.

He had never seen her like this before.

All these years, although Tang Jing didn’t have any feelings for Liu Ping, he was still grateful and trusted her. She had given a lot to the Tang Corporation and the Tang family.

He had never thought that she would play the role of a scheming person between him and Yu’er in order to get to the top.

Tang Xi took out a ring and walked in front of Liu Ping. “Is this yours?”

Liu Ping stared at the ring for a few seconds. “It’s mine, but Yu’er decided to have a fierce fight with me before she died. She s.n.a.t.c.hed the ring away and threw it into the lake in the backyard of this villa.”

Tang Xi’s gaze was sharp. “Someone found this ring at the top of the cliff my mother jumped off.”

“Then I’m not sure. After your mother threw the ring into the lake, I didn’t care about it. Because I’d achieved my goal, and your mother was finally going to separate from your father.” Liu Ping laughed again, looking a little sick.

Tang Jing walked over and slapped Liu Ping’s face uncontrollably.

Blood dripped from the corner of Liu Ping’s mouth. Her body swayed unsteadily. “Brother Jing, Yu’er didn’t like you at all. She wanted to live with you only because Dai Lang fell in love with his wife. She couldn’t get her first love anymore. That’s why she chose you. You were just a spare tire in her heart. Why are you so angry?”

“You’re talking nonsense!” Ling Hui, who had not spoken, looked at Liu Ping coldly. “If Tang Xi’s mother really still loved my father, she would have made a request to my father when she donated her kidney to my mother. If she really treated Uncle Tang as a spare tire, why did you have to sow discord and make her think that Uncle Tang had another woman outside?”

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