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Chapter 1642: Meeting The Love Rival

Liu Ping glanced at Ling Hui with an unreadable smile on her lips. “So you’re Dai Lang’s daughter. You’re really pretty! You don’t lose to Yu’er in her youth.”

Ling Hui had gooseb.u.mps on her arms when she saw Liu Ping’s strange gaze.

She kept feeling that Liu Ping was weird, but she could not pinpoint what was weird.

Liu Ping looked at the few people in the villa. After her true colors had been exposed, she was calm and not nervous or afraid at all. “It seems like I can’t stay in this house anymore.”

Tang Xi grabbed Liu Ping’s wrist, his expression dark. “You killed my mother. Do you think you can leave so easily?”

Liu Ping looked at Tang Xi, her expression as gentle as ever, as if she was looking at her own child. “Ah Xi, I didn’t kill Yu’er. On the day she jumped off the cliff, your father and I were in the company. If you don’t believe me, you can ask your father!”

Tang Xi looked at Tang Jing.

Tang Jing nodded silently.

“You have an accomplice!” Tang Xi’s eyes were sharp.

Liu Ping looked like she had been wronged. “Ah Xi, Yu’er and I were best friends. I only wanted her to get a divorce. I didn’t want her life. Why would I go to Mountain Cang to kill her?”

Tang Xi looked at Tang Jing. “Dad, call the police to settle it!”

Liu Ping was very capable in her work and she had acc.u.mulated a lot of connections in the capital over the years.

Since she was taken away, she naturally had to inform her lawyer.

Although Liu Ping was frightened and the words she said had been recorded by Tang Xi, it did not prove that she was Yu’er’s murderer.

The suicide note had been appraised and written by Yu’er herself. There were no signs that it had been faked.

Although she had ruined Tang Jing and Yu’er’s marriage, it was only a matter of morality. She had not broken the law.

Liu Ping paid her bail and was released.

But a few days later, another piece of news came.

Liu Ping got into an accident and her car rushed off the highway and fell into the sea.

“Young Master, the car fell from such a high place and hasn’t been salvaged for 24 hours. She definitely won’t survive.”

Tang Xi nodded thoughtfully.

From the moment Liu Ping was exposed to the incident, everything had gone too smoothly. Tang Xi kept feeling that something was wrong.

Ling Hui finally managed to clear her father and Tang Xi’s mother’s name. The huge stone hanging over her heart relaxed a little.

She called her mother and told her everything.

When her mother found out that she had wronged her father, she felt extremely guilty. But now that her father ignored her mother, and her mother urged Ling Hui to go back and be the mediator between them.

After Ling Hui found out about Liu Ping’s accident, she booked a flight back to the country.

The night before she left, Cen Xi called and asked her to meet at the Qiao family’s house.

It was all thanks to Cen Xi that they had been able to find out about the feud between the parents so quickly.

Ling Hui prepared a set of jewelry and went to the Qiao family with Gu Meng.

Cen Xi was now the d.u.c.h.ess, the real mistress of the Qiao family. With Qiao Yanze’s love and protection, no one dared to be disrespectful to her.

She hung beautiful colored lights all over the back garden and set up a rectangular dining table with a checkered tablecloth. She personally cooked the fresh ingredients that were s.h.i.+pped back from abroad and set up a table.

Qiao Yanze had also invited his good friends over.

When Young Master Qin learned that Ling Hui would be coming, he came early in the morning.

Qiao Yanze looked at Young Master Qin looking at the door of the villa and could not help narrowing his eyes. “You don’t really have any feelings for Ling Hui, do you? She’s Tang Xi’s G.o.ddess. If you really have any thoughts, he might fight you to death.”

Young Master Qin smiled and shrugged. “To be honest, I quite admire Beauty Ling. If she wasn’t Tang Xi’s G.o.ddess, I would have s.n.a.t.c.hed her away. However, you don’t have to worry about me, but about Beauty Ling herself. I don’t think she has any plans to be with that brat for the time being.”

A smile appeared on Qiao Yanze’s thin lips. “That’s his own business. We can’t help him either.”

“That’s why I have to create a sense of danger for him before he manages to woo the beauty.”

The two of them were chatting when Tang Xi walked in.

Seeing Young Master Qin smiling devilishly, Tang Xi came over and kicked his leg. “Are you up to something again?”

Young Master Qin shrugged his shoulders. “Looking at you, you probably haven’t settled the beauty yet!”

“It’s none of your business.”

“Previously at the restaurant, Beauty Ling said that she’s still single and has nothing to do with you.” Young Master Qin smiled like he was asking for a beating. “It means that I still have a chance!”

Tang Xi picked up the ashtray on the coffee table and threw it at Young Master Qin.

Young Master Qin dodged quickly and the ashtray did not hit him.

Ling Hui and Gu Meng entered the villa and saw Tang Xi’s dark expression when the ashtray fell to the ground.

“Jealous love rivals meeting?” Gu Meng could not help saying.

Ling Hui looked at the two equally handsome and charming men by the sofa in the living room and a smile appeared on her cold and exquisite face. “I don’t want to think about relations.h.i.+ps now. I just want my parents to reconcile quickly and for our family to live happily together like before.”

Gu Meng held Ling Hui’s hand. “Definitely.”

Cen Xi came out of the kitchen and saw Ling Hui and Gu Meng coming over, and brought them to the beautifully decorated back garden.

“Xiao Xi, this is my gift to you. Thank you for last time.”

Cen Xi saw the exquisite and luxurious jewelry Ling Hui had given her and a smile appeared on her cold and charming face. “Sister Ling Hui, you’re too polite.”

“It’s good that you like it. Take it!”

Cen Xi nodded. “Take a seat first. I still have two dishes and we can start eating soon.”

It was Ling Hui’s first time coming to the Qiao family’s house. The back garden was very big and she walked around. Young Master Qin walked over with two of champagne in his hands. “I heard that you’re going back soon?”

Ling Hui took the champagne from Young Master Qin. “Yes, I’m done here. I have to go home to accompany my parents.”

“What a filial daughter.”

Ling Hui smiled and the two of them chatted for a while until Cen Xi came to call them for dinner.

Tang Xi walked out of the living room with a strange mixed-blood girl beside him. When she saw Young Master Qin, she flew toward him like a happy b.u.t.terfly.

“Brother Qin, I’ve been looking for you for a long time!”

When Young Master Qin saw the girl hugging him tightly, he glanced at Tang Xi with a dark expression and mouthed, “You brought her here?”

The girl was Young Master Qin’s ex-girlfriend from overseas. He thought that she would follow the rules and stop pestering him after they broke up. He did not expect her to rely on her family’s power to force him to reconcile with her. He had been avoiding her and it was rare for him to have peace and quiet recently. Who would have thought that Tang Xi, that brat, would actually bring her here?

Fine, Yanze was right about one thing. No matter who one offended, they couldn’t afford to offend Tang Xi!

Young Master Qin held his breath and pushed the girl away, sitting beside Ling Hui first.

Even if this brat played a trick on him, he would still make him angry!

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