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Chapter 1643: Something’s Happened!

Tang Xi sat opposite Ling Hui and Young Master Qin.

During the meal, Young Master Qin kept serving Ling Hui. He would either take food for her or pour wine for her. He even wore gloves to peel prawns for her.

Tang Xi did not eat anything the entire time and kept glancing at the two people opposite him from the corner of his eyes.

When Ling Hui was investigating his mother and her father with him, she had said a few words to him. However, she ignored him after finding out everything.

She ignored his calls and messages.

Tang Xi did not expect retribution to come so quickly.

When he found out about the feud between the previous generation from his father, he ignored her when she went to visit him every day while he had been hospitalized. He even joked with Princess Luo Di and the nurses.

She must have felt terrible then!

When Young Master Qin poured wine for Ling Hui again, Tang Xi could not take it anymore and kicked Young Master Qin under the table.

Young Master Qin saw Tang Xi’s action and hurriedly retracted his leg. Tang Xi accidentally kicked Ling Hui’s calf.

Ling Hui sucked in a sharp breath from the sudden kick and her expression changed. She looked up at Tang Xi and glared at him angrily.

Gu Meng saw that Ling Hui’s expression was strange and asked, “Sister Ling Hui, what’s wrong?”

Ling Hui shook her head, put down the wine gla.s.s in her hand and stood up from the chair. “I’m sorry, I’m going to the washroom.”

Ling Hui walked to the living room’s washroom and was about to close the door when a long hand reached over suddenly.

The door almost caught his hand.

Taking advantage of Ling Hui being in a daze, the man pushed the door open.

By the time Ling Hui reacted, the man had already entered the washroom.

The door was locked and Ling Hui’s body was pressed against the wall.

The man’s tall body blocked Ling Hui, his long and strong arms supporting him from her sides.

Ling Hui had been kicked by him and her calf was still in pain. She was even more furious. She put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him with all her strength.

But even after pus.h.i.+ng for a while, he was like a mountain, not moving at all.

A refres.h.i.+ng smell mixed with the faint smell of tobacco wafted to her nose, bewitching her.

Tang Xi’s handsome face approached her and the tip of his nose was about to touch hers. Ling Hui could see his slender and bright eyes the moment she looked up.

They stared at each other for a few seconds and she was furious. However, he suddenly smiled.

However, that smile was not as unruly as usual. Instead, it was more gentle and doting. “I was the one who kicked that brat Qin Zi. He has always liked to go against me since he was young. Now that his woman is here, he still dares to eye on my woman.”

Ling Hui’s eyebrows did not move and she continued to look into his eyes. She enunciated every word clearly. “Tang Xi, I remember telling you that I have nothing to do with you.”

Tang Xi raised his eyebrows and a devilish smile appeared on his lips. “We might have ended those days, but you’re single. I still have the right to pursue you, right?”

When Ling Hui heard Tang Xi’s words, she could not help but laugh. Her smile was bright and bright, like a blooming rose, so beautiful that it was eye-catching. Tang Xi’s gaze on her darkened. “Princess, give me another chance, hm?”

Ling Hui replied without thinking, “No.”

Tang Xi stared at her cold and beautiful face for a few seconds. “If you don’t agree, I’ll kiss you.”

“You dare to do that?”

The moment Ling Hui finished speaking, he leaned over and kissed her beautiful face.

His hands grabbed her slender shoulders tightly, making her unable to move.

But soon, his calf hurt.

She had kicked him.

Ling Hui raised her hand and wiped the breath he left on her face. She lifted her exquisite chin, looking cold and arrogant, making people hate and love her. “If I was so easy to woo, why did you have a crush on me for ten years?”

Ling Hui put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him a few steps away. “Next time, if you dare to take advantage of me without permission, I’ll slap you.”

With him here, she could not go to the washroom anymore.

Ling Hui walked toward the door, but her fingers had just touched the door handle when her wrist was grabbed by him.

He was like a agile and fierce cheetah, throwing her against the door.

Ling Hui raised her hand and waved it at his face. However, before she could touch him, her wrist was grabbed by him. He leaned against her ear and said slowly, “Princess, I plan to kiss you for five minutes. You said that you’ll slap me every time I kiss you, so these five minutes are also part of the kiss.”

Five minutes later.

Ling Hui’s mind was a little blank. Her wrist was held by him and she could not hit his face at all.

He smiled and let go of her hand. “Five minutes have pa.s.sed and the Princess didn’t take the chance to do anything. Our deal is over.”

He put one hand in his pocket and went out in a better mood.

Ling Hui only reacted when he disappeared.

d.a.m.n it, she had never seen such a shameless person!

What kind of logic was this?

Ling Hui walked to the sink and looked at the woman whose face was red in the mirror.

She still had too little experience in love. Every time he was domineering, she seemed to be no match for him!

After leaving the Qiao family’s house, Gu Meng and Ling Hui sat in the same car.

“Sister Ling Hui, Little Gugu’s school is holding a Parent-Child Sports Day tomorrow. I’ll get the driver to send you to the airport.”

Ling Hui smiled and shook her head. “It’s alright. I’ll take a taxi there myself tomorrow. Don’t send the driver over.”

“How can I do that?”

“It’s so convenient now. I can get a taxi once I leave the hotel. Don’t worry!”

Although Ling Hui did not want Gu Meng to send a chauffeur, Gu Meng still sent one the next day.

Ling Hui came out of the hotel and saw the chauffeur Gu Meng sent over. The chauffeur said apologetically, “Miss Ling, I’m really sorry. When I first arrived, I accidentally b.u.mped into another car and won’t be able fix the car in time.”

Ling Hui looked at the driver. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.”

“That’s good. Don’t worry, I won’t tell Mengmeng. Go repair the car!”

The plane was about to take off in another hour. Ling Hui pulled her luggage and walked to the entrance of the hotel. A taxi drove over. Seeing that it was a female driver, Ling Hui got in.

“To the airport.”

The car drove for a distance and Ling Hui saw that the female driver was looking at the GPS. She frowned. “You haven’t been driving for long, have you?”

The woman hummed.

Ling Hui said nothing more.

After a while, Ling Hui realized that the female driver had turned off the GPS and she looked outside.

It was not the way to the airport.

“This isn’t the way to the airport. Where are you taking me?”

The woman said nothing.

Ling Hui realized that something was wrong and frowned. “Stop the car, I’ll get off here!”

The woman remained silent.

When Ling Hui wanted to say something else, her mind was suddenly in a mess and her vision of the driver in front of her was getting blurry!

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