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Chapter 1940: Xia Tang and Huo Ze’S Finale (22)

Old Master Liu suddenly shouted, “Ah, a ghost!”

He rolled his eyes back and fainted. Fortunately, the butler Old Master Liu had brought caught him quickly and took him away hurriedly.

Old Master Huo held Huo Heng’s hand back, his old face convulsing excitedly.

Xia Cha got out of the car and walked over.

Seeing Old Master Huo’s red eyes and trembling body, she hurriedly said, “Grandpa, don’t be agitated. The doctor said that you can’t be too emotional. Huo Heng is really back. You didn’t lose him!”

Old Master Huo nodded vigorously. “Let’s talk in the house!”

Jian Yi was in the bedroom upstairs. After Huo Heng’s accident, she had become bedridden.

The doctor said that it was psychological.

Huo Yuan would accompany Jian Yi whenever he had time.

Suddenly, a sound came from downstairs, and a familiar voice trailed into her ears. Jian Yi sat up from the bed. “It’s Heng’er.”

Huo Yuan hadn’t slept at all last night. Jian Yi had been sitting by the window the entire night. He was afraid that she would jump down and had been guarding her.

At this moment, he was sleeping by the bed.

Hearing the voice of Jian Yi, he quickly looked up.

“It’s our Heng’er!”

Jian Yi staggered up from the bed.

Huo Yuan pulled Jian Yi back. “You’re hallucinating again.”

Seeing Jian Yi getting thinner and thinner every day, Huo Yuan was anxious and his heart ached.

“No, I really heard Heng’er’s voice. He’s downstairs.”

Seeing that Jian Yi was going downstairs forcefully, Huo Yuan had no choice but to help her down.

When she saw Huo Heng and Old Master Huo sitting in the living room, Jian Yi immediately became energetic and her dull eyes lit up.

“It’s Heng’er. Heng’er is really back!”

When Huo Heng saw the thin Jian Yi, he hurriedly stood up and walked toward her. “Mom!”

Jian Yi held Huo Heng’s arm hard and scanned him up and down. “It’s good that you’re back!”

Huo Yuan also walked up to Huo Heng and patted his shoulder. “Rascal, you really frightened us this time!”

Huo Heng was back!

This news excited everyone in the Huo family.

Old Master Huo informed them that the Huo family would have dinner together tonight.

It had been a long time since the Huo family had been so lively.

During the meal, Old Master Huo praised Xia Cha specially. “We all thought that Ah Heng wouldn’t come back. Only Xiaocha firmly believed that you would come back. Ah Heng, you have to treat Xiaocha well. This child deserves the best.”

“That’s right. If Cha Cha suffers in the future, Mom won’t let you off.”

Huo Heng looked at his family’s protection of Xia Cha and a smile appeared on his handsome face. “She’s my everything. How could I not treat her well? Don’t worry, I will take your love to heart.”

Xia Cha kicked Huo Heng under the table. Why did this fellow say such things?

Huo Heng drank some wine that night.

However, everyone was worried about his health and did not let him drink too much.

Huo Heng and Xia Cha did not stay at the old residence.

The two of them returned to the luxurious suite Huo Heng had bought that could overlook the night scenery of Harbor City.

Xia Cha helped Huo Heng to the master bedroom.

Before getting married, Xia Cha would sleep in the bedroom.

Huo Heng was a little tired. After Xia Cha helped him to the bed, he fell asleep.

Xia Cha sat by the bed and looked at him quietly for a while before leaving.

After taking a bath in the bathroom, Xia Cha lay on the bed. Looking at the moon outside the window, she seemed to be in a dream.

She smiled as she hugged her bolster.

Perhaps it was because she was too happy that she did not feel sleepy at all.

About an hour later, Xia Cha heard a loud bang at the door.

She glanced at the door with narrowed eyes.

Huo Heng had woken up. He pushed the door open and walked in.

Xia Cha hurriedly closed her eyes.

Huo Heng had taken a bath and was wearing a sleeping robe. His hair was wet with mist and there was a refres.h.i.+ng and pleasant smell in the air.

He stared at her for a long time before he leaned down and placed a light kiss on her forehead.

He got up, ready to leave when something grabbed his wrist.

A fair and soft hand grabbed his wrist.

Her palms felt hot.

His wrist was slightly cold.

Their eyes met under the pale moonlight.

“Pretending to be asleep?” His bright eyes stared at her.

Xia Cha’s face flushed red as she hummed softly. “I’m afraid of waking up after falling asleep to find out that this is just a dream.”

“Silly girl.” He pinched her cheek. “Sleep. It’s not a dream.”

“Stay here with me.”


Huo Heng held Xia Cha’s hand and lay beside her.

Xia Cha moved her body and leaned on Huo Heng’s shoulder.

“Little Camellia, don’t get too close to me.”

“Huo Heng, let’s go register our marriage tomorrow!”

Huo Heng didn’t hesitate at all. “Okay.”

Xia Cha hugged Huo Heng’s neck with both hands and gave him a peck at the corner of his lips.

“Little Camellia, go to sleep.”

She did not say anything and rubbed her face against his again.

“Little Camellia, you…”

“Huo Heng, we’re about to become husband and wife!”

Xia Cha had not had a good sleep in a long time.

With Huo Heng with her, she didn’t have that nightmare anymore.

He still remembered what she had told him last night. They were going to register their marriage today.

When Xia Cha woke up, Huo Heng was already up.

He had changed into a clean white s.h.i.+rt. His beard was shaved clean, his face thin but handsome.

He was standing by the window and looked at her when she woke up.

There was a smile on his lips and the gentle rays of the morning sun fell on him, the gentleness in his eyes seemed like he wanted to drown her in them.

“It’s still early. Sleep a little more.”

Xia Cha rubbed her eyes. “We still have to register our marriage.”

Xia Cha had also changed into a white s.h.i.+rt. They did not inform their family and drove to the Registry of Marriage.

Several couples were already queuing in front.

Seeing the beautiful Huo Heng and Xia Cha coming over, the couples in front of them all looked at them.

“Are you celebrities?” The girl standing in front of Xia Cha asked.

Xia Cha shook her head with a smile.

“I think you look really familiar. You and your boyfriend are the prettiest people I’ve ever seen!”

“Thank you.”

The girl wanted to take a photo with Xia Cha and Huo Heng. Xia Cha thought that Huo Heng would refuse, but he was in a good mood and agreed to the girl’s request.

After the girl got her marriage certificate, she could not wait to post on Weibo.

Little Sweetie [I’m so lucky today. Not only did I register my marriage with my beloved, but I even met a handsome and beautiful woman who went to register their marriage. They’re really super handsome and beautiful. I hope our love will be happy for a long time! XOXO]

Under the text were two photos.

One was the marriage certificate of the girl and her husband, and the other was a photo of the girl with Xia Cha and Huo Heng.

After the girl posted on Weibo, she went on her honeymoon with her boyfriend.

When she went abroad and logged into Weibo, she found that there was a continuous stream of news.

The post that they had posted after registering their marriage immediately had tens of thousands of comments.

“A-Ah! It’s Xia Cha!”

“Is the man the new President Huo of the Huo Corporation?”

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