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Chapter 443: Decided to Go Abroad

When Nan Zhi received Junyuan’s call, she was still sleeping with Xiaojie in her arms.

After winning the award, she had attended the celebration party. It was almost two in the morning before she finally went to bed.

She picked up the phone groggily and when she heard Junyuan said that Yanran was missing, the sleepiness left her and in an instant, she became wide awake.

Nan Zhi sat up from the bed and after hanging up, she hurriedly called Xia Yanran’s number.

But it was just as Junyuan had said, her phone was switched off.

Yanran had always lived a self-disciplined life and would not disappear without a reason.

Nan Zhi suddenly thought of Xiao Yi.

Could it be that Xiao Yi…

Nan Zhi lowered her eyes, got out of bed and went to the balcony.

Thinking of how Yanran had injured Xiao Yi’s forehead and caused him to have nine st.i.tches, Nan Zhi was worried that Xiao Yi would take revenge on Yanran.

Nan Zhi was anxious but she did not have the contact information of Xiao Yi.

Suddenly a person came to her mind.

Mu Sihan.

After all, that other time, he had brought her to Xiao Yi’s yacht, so he should have his contact information.

Nan Zhi did not care much and called Mu Sihan’s number.

The phone rang twice before it was answered. Nan Zhi asked urgenty, “Sorry to disturb you. I want to ask if you have Xiao Yi’s contact information?”

“Miss Nan? Sorry but Ah Han’s having a bath. If you have something urgent, I can help pa.s.s the message.”

When she heard Xue’er’s soft and gentle voice, the hand holding the phone tightened. How could she had forgotten, he and Xue’er were getting engaged. How could she call and ask him?

Perhaps seeing that she was silent, Xue’er sighed softly. “Miss Nan, I have a presumptuous request. Please don’t contact Ah Han anymore. I know he still has feelings for you, but if you always contact him like this, he may not be able to forget you. After all, he’s going to be my fiancé soon. I’m sure you can understand that I don’t want my fiancé to still have lingering feelings over another woman.”

Nan Zhi gripped the phone tightly and did not defend herself. Although she had called because she was just too worried about Yanran and could not find how to contact Xiao Yi, it only exposed the ties that still connected them together.

In the future, no matter what happened, she would not contact him again.

“Sorry.” Nan Zhi lowered her long eyelashes and hung up the phone.

Standing on the balcony, Nan Zhi looked at the city covered by a layer of mist and her heart felt extremely depressed.

Xue’er watched as the screen faded and pursed her lips tightly.

She did not want to say that to Nan Zhi, but she lacked confidence and security.

Although Ah Han had promised to be engaged with her, she could not feel any sweetness or happiness in the union she had yearned for for so long.

She knew that he was just fulfilling Grandma’s last words and did not really want to marry her.

Xue’er sniffed and suddenly found that something was wrong. She turned her head and looked at the door.

The man who had just finished his morning swim, stood at the door of the room.

Xue’er froze and accidentally dropped the phone she was holding onto the thick carpet.

Her body shrank back a little.

She did not dare to look at him and did not know if he had heard what she had said to Nan Zhi.

Mu Sihan, wearing a bathrobe came in and picked up the phone on the ground. He looked at Xue’er, who was pale with shock. “You know that I don’t like people touching my personal belongings.”

Xue’er’s eyelashes trembled and her face paled even more but she mustered up her courage to look into the man’s dark eyes. “Ah Han, I don’t think I did anything wrong. Don’t you know that it’ll hurt me if you continue to keep in touch with Miss Nan?”

Mu Sihan narrowed his deep dark eyes and looked directly at her. “Xue’er, do you really want to marry me? Even though I will never be able to give you love?”

Xue’er’s eyes turned red. “Feelings can be cultivated. Besides, Grandma wanted us to be together. I don’t want Grandma to die with regrets.”

Mu Sihan picked up the phone and went into the changing room without saying anything.

When he came out after changing his clothes, Xue’er was still standing at the same spot, her beautiful face full of tears.

When Mu Sihan came to her, his jaw was clenched tight and his eyes looked even more deep. “Don’t worry, the engagement will go on as planned. I hope you won’t regret your decision today on that day!”

Nan Zhi was thinking if she should go to Xiao Yi’s company when Junyuan called. He said that Xia Yanran had returned home and was fine and asked Nan Zhi not to worry.

It was only after hearing that Yanran was all right that Nan Zhi’s heart finally calmed down again.

After was.h.i.+ng up and calling Xiaojie, they had breakfast and Nan Zhi took Xiaojie to the hospital.

Since she had drank at the celebration party last night, she and Xiaojie had taken Gu Sheng’s car back.

Nan Zhi’s car was still at the broadcasting station so they could only take a taxi to the hospital.

As soon as she had left the district, a taxi came.

Nan Zhi and Xiaojie sat at the back. “Please take us to Renxin Hospital.”

After getting into the taxi, both mother and son started to chat.

Nan Zhi said, “Uncle Junyuan will be going abroad for an academic exchange at the end of the month. He said that he’ll be bringing you too.”

Xiaojie snuggled into Nan Zhi’s arms. “Will Pretty Zhizhi be going too? I can’t be separated from Pretty Zhizhi. One day apart seems like three years.”

Nan Zhi laughed at Xiaojie, who at such a young age already know how to hit on girls. She pinched his nose, smiling charmingly. “Of course I’m going. Your Grandma already called a few days ago and said that she missed us. And the broadcasting station will also be recording a program abroad. Maybe when you’re going to have your surgery, it will be done abroad!”

“Does that mean we’ll be leaving Ning City forever?”

Nan Zhi’s long eyelashes fluttered slightly. “It doesn’t really count as leaving. But we might not be back for about half a year!”

She had just finished speaking when the taxi suddenly stopped.

Nan Zhi held Xiaojie tightly to prevent him from b.u.mping into the seat in front.

After they had sat down properly, Nan Zhi looked at the driver in front, frowning. She wanted to say something when she found that something was not right.

This road was not going to Renxin Hospital at all…

The taxi started moving again.

Nan Zhi’s heart tightened and a bad feeling gushed out of her body.

Nan Zhi looked at the driver through the rearview mirror.

He was wearing a hat and a face mask, showing only a pair of deep, dark eyes.

Nan Zhi then realized that he was tall and was similar to Mu Sihan…

Could it be that he was disguised as a taxi driver again?

When Nan Zhi looked towards the driver, he looked at her also.

Their eyes met in the rearview mirror.

The eyes of the driver was like a black hole wanting to suck her soul in.

Nan Zhi’s breathing tightened.

“Sir, we have something to attend to here, please pull over.”

The taxi driver seemed like he had not her. Instead of stopping, he accelerated.

Xiaojie also realized that something was wrong and his big black eyes looked at the driver in front and then looked at Nan Zhi, who was holding him in her arms and asked softly, “Pretty Zhizhi, is he a bad man? But how can a bad man drive a taxi?”

Nan Zhi absorbed what Xiaojie had said for a few seconds before realizing which bad man Xiaojie was referring to was.

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