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The hole in the chest was wide and b.l.o.o.d.y making one having to hold the breath with the overpowering smell of the blood where the body had started its process to decompose. Looking away from the body, Damien turned to face the sea, "Falcon was one of the decent butlers who could actually listen to the orders given unlike the other butlers who didn't last for more than three weeks," he hummed, the wind moving his inky black hair back.

"Three weeks?" 

"I killed them after their incompetency to work right. There's no use of people who come to work with the thought that they can freeload while doing nothing. Falcon was brought the mansion after he missed his execution in the court of the council. He was charged for murder before that," Penny frowned hearing it, "He killed his uncle in order to protect his sister," hearing this, Penny then asked,

"Won't you let his sister have him buried quietly? She deserves to see her brother before you..." she trailed looking at him. Damien didn't answer quickly, with the wind whistling and the waves whispering at the, he finally spoke,

"There are times when you cannot follow everything you are supposed to do which is good," she gave him a questionable look, "As much as family ties come in the picture it might look unfair, but I cannot let her see the body. There are two things that could happen-one, that someone might catch wind and one of the people in the mansion will be framed. To clear it the truth will have to be told which is something that cannot be let out in the open. The second being, people have different notions of us. Even if it is half-blooded vampires or the regular ones, no one will entirely believe what happened."

"I am sure she can keep quiet on it. If I had someone I cared for, a sibling or a family member...I would like to know, Master Damien that be kept in the dark to find out with another twisted information," Penny understood what Damien was trying to tell her. There was a possibility that Falcon's sister would think that Damien had killed him without reason as not everyone took the death of a dear one well, "You saved her brother from dying. Why would you kill him now?" 

"Who knows? I might have done it for pure amus.e.m.e.nt," Damien exhaled the air out that let a foggy air through his lips.

Penny frowned, her eyebrows drawn together after listening to what he had to say. It made her question if there was something weighing on his mind. 

"Master Damien, are you so heartless that you would rob a sister from seeing her brother's face one last time just because you think she will accuse you of k-"

"I killed him with my own hands," Damien interrupted her, his voice colder than the night that they were in. She knew that already, "Some deaths are easy to see and take. As easy as snapping a twig where you just do it but then there are some that will make you pause," Penny could tell that Damien hadn't been looking forward to killing Falcon even though he told he killed the previous butlers, "When you kill a corrupted vampire, there are some cases where the person before death comes back to his senses. To his original form. To normal state to realize his fleeting moments before pa.s.sing away. Falcon had that," hearing this Penny's heart broke.

Damien continued to speak, "It doesn't often happen and even if it does, it doesn't matter to us councilmen. After all, the corrupted hearts are people you don't know. It is a job to us, to terminate the corruption from spreading to put it to an end. The look in his eyes, the disbelief of knowing he was dying. The question in his eyes as he didn't know what was going on. As much as I enjoy the blood on my hands, killing and tearing people...this wasn't fun to watch," Penny continued to look at him before s.h.i.+fting her eyes back to the butler who was on the cold hard ground.

She wondered if Falcon's expression would haunt him in the years and time that was to come. To carry it, it would be a burden. 

Despite the pain that she felt on her back, Penny bent down. Her jaws tightening to hold in the pain that burst through from her back. Lifting her hand, she ran it over Falcon's eyes which were open to close them forever with his body that had turned cold, "I am sure if he had some more time, he would thank you for letting him live longer than what was meant to be," her words were soft on his and her own ears, "There are some who are grateful to what you have done." 

With her body that had crouched, she bit back the pain before standing up straight, "You're going to hurt yourself more doing that. I can already smell the blood," Damien looked at her with a displeased look. 

When the coachmen came back again, bringing the other two bodies of the maids. Damien ordered his men, "Throw the girls in there," he said looking at them. Penny saw the coachmen's holding the girl's legs and hands, swaying them back and forth before letting go of the person and following the same with the next. 

As the body flew down, the speed moving fast there was a slight splash like sound to confirm it wasn't just fog but that there was water in the lake of bones. The coachmen ready to throw the butler went to stand next to the last dead body and leaned forward to bring to the edge of the cliff when Damien said,

"You can leave him on the ground," both the coachmen's looked at their master before nodding their head, "I need some time with my dead butler," they got back to position to only disperse from there when Damien waved his hand. 

A small smile came to form on Penny's lips, hearing Damien say, "Let's give him a grave. I feel I might be haunted if I threw him in the lot here."

"What about the officials?" she asked slightly worried. 

"Screw them."

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