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Chapter 1423: valley of memories

This time all cultivators cultivating Dual Cultivation would definitely come, they would definitely aim for the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower.

"I will definitely get it, that way I can reach the level of the ancestors" Mistress will definitely get the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower, for that she doesn't mind if she really has to exert all the strength she has.

"I can't wait to get that thing." Mistress couldn't wait to get the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower, she couldn't wait to get the power she wanted.

This woman was quite ambitious, she wanted to get a Yin & Yang Awakening Flower for herself.



Ye Chen was currently living a normal life, himself spending his time at the fairy gate and inside his room.

When morning came, Ye Chen saw a bird outside his room.

"A letter" Ye Chen saw that there was a letter on the legbird's, seeing this Ye Chen immediately went and looked at the bird.

Ye Chen took the letter that was on the bird's leg, he took the letter and started reading it.

The contents of the letter "master, I have investigated what you asked for, I found that what you are looking for is indeed in that place, the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower is indeed in the deep part of the memory vault, I am sending this letter because I can't go there. your place, your place is very difficult to enter" from Hu Yinan

When Ye Chen read the letter, Ye Chen found that it was sent by Hu Yinan, Hu Yinan sent a letter containing information of what Ye Chen wanted.

"good job" Ye Chen was very satisfied with the work done by Hu Yinan, the work done by Hu Yinan was very good.

"Now that I know that the information from Jingyi is true, I should start planning to go to that place." Since this information was confirmed, Ye Chen had to immediately go to the memory valley, he should be able to get the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower.

"Master, you should be able to bring back the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower, it is something precious to you and the others, plus Ning'er's special method, then it can be multiplied" Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

Chu Yuechan informed that Chu Ning'er had a method that could increase the number of Yin & Yang Awakening Followers.

"Okay, I understand, I will definitely get it" Ye Chen will definitely get the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower, he will try to get the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower.

"Before leaving, I must say goodbye to Xueying, otherwise she will definitely look for me" Ye Chen had to say goodbye to Mu Xueying, if Ye Chen left without saying goodbye to Mu Xueying, surely Mu Xueying and Ning Xia would look for Ye Chen.

Ye Chen went to Mu Xueying's room, he was going to visit Mu Xueying, it just so happened that Mu Xueying's room was next to Ye Chen's, so it wasn't difficult to meet Mu Xueying.

"click." Ye Chen didn't knock on Mu Xueying's door, he went straight into Mu Xueying's room.

Mu Xueying's room was not locked, so Ye Chen was free to go in and out of Mu Xueying's room.

When Ye Chen entered Mu Xueying's room, Ye Chen found that Mu Xueying was cultivating.

"Husband, what do you need?" Mu Xueying could tell that the person who had entered was Ye Chen, the only person who dared to go in and out like this was Ye Chen.

"Wife, I want to go somewhere for a few days" Ye Chen immediately announced his arrival here, Ye Chen said that he wanted to go somewhere for a few days.

"Who are you going with?" Mu Xueying asked who Ye Chen was going with.

"That, I will go together with Jingyi" Ye Chen said to Mu Xueying.

"you can go, be careful on the way" When she heard Ye Chen wanted to go with Li Jingyi, Mu Xueying immediately let Ye Chen go.

Mu Xueying knew that Ye Chen would be fine, so now Mu Xueying didn't need to protect Ye Chen so much.

"Okay" Ye Chen thanked, he was grateful that Mu Xueying allowed it.

After Ye Chen got Mu Xueying's permission, Ye Chen immediately left, he immediately went down the Jade Lotus Peak to go see Li Jingyi.

Just as Ye Chen was about to descend, Ye Chen was stopped by several women from Jade Lotus Peak.

"Junior Ye Chen, where are you going?" these women asked where Ye Chen had gone.

They all looked very concerned about Ye Chen, they were all extremely concerned about Ye Chen.

"I want to go to the city" Ye Chen said that he wanted to go to the city.

"Do you want company?" one of the women offered to accompany Ye Chen.

"Hehehe, that's not necessary, thanks to Senior Sister's concern, I can do it myself." Ye Chen refused these women's offers, he had an appointment with Li Jingyi.

"What a shame" all the women looked disappointed when they listened to Ye Chen's answer.

"Maybe we'll talk about this another time." Ye Chen said to talk about this another time, maybe next time Ye Chen could go with them.

"I hope you don't lie to us" said one of the women to Ye Chen.

"See you then, we won't bother you" After Ye Chen comforted them, all the women left, they went upstairs.

Ye Chen continued his journey, he immediately went to Li Jingyi's place, when Ye Chen arrived at his house, Ye Chen found Li Jingyi's whereabouts in the courtyard.

Ye Chen went downstairs and met Li Jingyi who was downstairs, Li Jingyi immediately found the arrival of Ye Chen.

"husband" Li Jingyi immediately greeted Ye Chen's arrival.

"Wife, let's go to the valley of memories to find Yin & Yang Awakening Flower" Ye Chen invited Li Jingyi to leave right now.

"Come on" Li Jingyi was ready at any moment, she had already prepared herself to go together with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen and Li Jingyi flew away from White Cloud City, both of them headed towards the valley of memories.

The Valley of Memories was quite far away, Ye Chen and Li Jingyi needed a few hours to get there, Ye Chen and Li Jingyi used their top speed, this was done to shorten the time.

After flying for some time, Ye Chen and Li Jingyi finally arrived at the Valley of Memories.

When Ye Chen and Li Jingyi arrived, they saw that there were already countless cultivators already at the entrance of the valley of memories, some people had even started to enter the valley of memories.

Seeing this crowd, Li Jingyi immediately made a water mask to hide her appearance, Li Jingyi's beautiful appearance was very conspicuous, this could invite danger to Li Jingyi.

Most of the people in this place were cultivators who were on the Dual Cultivation path, so most of them came together with their Dao companions.

"Are we going straight in or looking for information first?" Li Jingyi asked Ye Chen, she wanted Ye Chen's opinion.

"We should go around this place, I don't really know what the terrain in the valley of memories is like" Ye Chen didn't want to be careless, he wanted to know what the valley of memories was like.

Ye Chen had seen the valley of memories using G.o.d Eyes, it was a very complicated place, plus there was a very dense fog that enveloped the valley of memories, even G.o.d Eyes had a hard time breaking through this dense fog.

That's why Ye Chen didn't want to be careless and enter into the valley of memories.

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