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Chapter 1424: Chi Shui

Ye Chen and Li Jingyi went around, both trying to find information about the Valley of Memories.

It was quite difficult to find the information that Ye Chen wanted, many people refused to give information to Ye Chen, mostly men took their partners away from Ye Chen.

"Looks like it's going to be a bit difficult to find information." Ye Chen felt that it would be very difficult to find information.

"Husband, it seems they are afraid of you" Li Jingyi told Ye Chen that people were afraid of him.

"Why are they afraid of me, I didn't do anything bad to them" Ye Chen started to ask why these people were afraid of him.

"They're probably afraid of you stealing their partner" Li Jingyi said that it's very likely that these people were afraid that Ye Chen would steal their partner.

"Why do they think like that?" Ye Chen started to wonder why people thought that way.

"Husband, you are now too handsome, look at the gazes of the women around this place, they seem to want to eat you" Li Jingyi said while giggling.

Li Jingyi was very attentive around this place, she could tell that countless women were looking at Ye Chen with gazes filled with pa.s.sion, they all seemed to be in love with Ye Chen.

"Do I need to disguise myself?" Ye Chen might have to disguise himself, otherwise Ye Chen would have a lot of trouble finding information.

"Looks like it's too late to do that" Li Jingyi said that what Ye Chen did was too late, everyone had seen the handsome Ye Chen, so they couldn't possibly forget Ye Chen.

"This is a little troublesome." Ye Chen didn't expect the situation to turn out like this.

"Hey handsome do you have a problem" a woman approached Ye Chen, she asked about Ye Chen's problem.

"h.e.l.lo beautiful sister, I do have a problem." Ye Chen said to the woman in front of him.

Ye Chen used his own way to deal with this woman, he would try to get information from this woman.

Ye Chen knew that this woman was a Dual Cultivation cultivator, so this woman must be very brave with Ye Chen.

"fufufu, handsome man, thank you for the compliment" this woman was easily flattered by Ye Chen's compliment, she was very happy with Ye Chen's compliment.

This woman was happy when she received Ye Chen's compliment, she was very happy with Ye Chen's compliment saying she was beautiful.

"So what problem do you have?" this woman asked about the problem that Ye Chen had.

"I want to know a little about the valley of memories, I still don't know much about the valley of memories" Ye Chen told the problem he was facing.

"So you want to know about the valley of memories? Okay, I'll tell you about the valley of memories." This woman was willing to tell Ye Chen about the valley of memories.

"The weak memory is a place shrouded by a thick and dense fog, this valley is quite strange, it can confuse the mind of someone who goes inside, many people do not return after entering the valley of memories, they seem to be lost in this valley of memories" woman this told Ye Chen about the valley of memories.

The Valley of Memories is quite a dangerous place, not many people can get out after entering the place, so many people are hesitant to go in there.

Life was more important than anything, so it wasn't strange that they had a doubt about entering the valley of memories.

"Has nothing come out yet?" Ye Chen asked the woman in front of him.

"No one comes out, people who came in from the beginning still can't get out" this woman said that no one had come out of the valley of memories yet.

Hearing this, Ye Chen started to think, he started to think about what might happen if he and Li Jingyi entered.

"Yuechan, what do you think?" Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan, he wanted to know Chu Yuechan's opinion.

"What that woman said seems to be the truth, the mist contains something that can confuse the mind, if you go inside, it is certain that you will hallucinate." Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that the information just now was the truth.

"So the fog is not ordinary." Ye Chen saw the fog that enveloped the valley of memories, it seemed that it was not an easy mist to overcome.

"Master, as long as you have strong mind power, I don't think you need to be afraid to face the fog." Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen not to be afraid of the fog.

"Okay I understand" Ye Chen understood, he understood what Chu Yuechan said.

"Look who's coming" suddenly there was a commotion, the people looked very noisy.

" what is it?" Li Jingyi started to wonder what had happened, why this place had become so lively.

Ye Chen also asked the same thing, he wanted to know what happened, why is everyone being so noisy.

Ye Chen looked at the direction where these people were screaming, when Ye Chen looked towards the horizon, Ye Chen saw that there were eight figures flying at an incredibly fast speed, they were all heading towards this place.

"Who is it, their aura is very strong." Ye Chen could feel a very strong power, it was emitted by the eight people who were coming to this place.

These eight people approached, they descended right in front of the entrance of the valley of memories.

These eight people are beautiful women with s.e.xy and hot appearances, they have a very seductive and charming beauty.

Every man would definitely be blown away when they saw these eight beauties, they were simply too seductive.

" Who are they?" Ye Chen started to wonder who the eight beauties were that had just arrived at this place.

"Those are Succubus Mistress and Seven Fairy Succubus, they are from Heaven Dream Sect." The woman beside Ye Chen told the eight women who had just arrived.

"they look strong" Ye Chen said to the woman beside him.

"Of course, they are from high ranking stars, they are one of the powerful Sects in the G.o.d Realm, their names are quite famous in the G.o.d Realm." Ye Chen got an explanation from the woman beside him.

"So they are from high ranking stars, not strange." Ye Chen could understand why they had such great strength, it seemed that they came from a strong place.

"handsome, you better be careful, a handsome man like you is their favorite" said the woman on the side with a teasing tone.

"Hahaha, thank you very much for the warning, but please explain who that woman is." Ye Chen was grateful for the warning given by the woman beside him.

"First is Succubus mistress Chi Shui, she is the leader of Heaven Dream Sect"

"Meanwhile each Fairy Succubus has a level and rank, first is Chi Yung, second is Chi Nan, third is Chi Bai, fourth is Chi Wue, fifth is Chi Maiya, sixth is Chi Rong, seventh is Chi Rou"

This was a brief explanation of the eight beauties who had just arrived, the woman on the side had explained everything to Ye Chen.

"Thank you for the explanation" Ye Chen was grateful for the explanation given by the woman in front of him.

"Jingyi, let's go" Ye Chen invited Li Jingyi to enter, the information just now was enough for Ye Chen, now Ye Chen has understood the situation ahead.

"handsome are you going?, why don't you just stay here, that place is very dangerous" said the woman to Ye Chen.

"Beautiful sister, I have already decided, so I have to go." Ye Chen had already made up his mind, he was about to enter the valley of memories.

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