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Chapter 1978 Gu Wungsa tried to cheat

" I have to do something, if it's like this, then I can lose " Gu Wungsa had to do something, if it continued like this, he could lose at the hands of Ye Chen.

" I have to tackle him here " Gu Wungsa intended to tackle Ye Chen, that way he could win against Ye Chen.

Gu Wungsa started picking up a powder, he started throwing the powder towards Ye Chen.

The powder thrown by Gu Wungsa was a useful powder to make people become weak and sleepy, it was a powerful weapon to mess with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen saw clearly what Gu Wungsa was trying to do, this man was trying to do something bad to him.

" You want to cheat, Okay I'll play along " seeing that Gu Wungsa was going to cheat the match, Ye Chen decided to join the battle.

He used his wind power to reverse the powder used by Gu Wungsa.

" no way " Gu Wungsa didn't expect that the powder he threw would be returned by Ye Chen, to be honest this would be quite a troublesome thing.

"Hehehe, taste that" Ye Chen said to Gu Wungsa.

Gu Wungsa tried to hold his breath, as long as he didn't inhale the powder, then it would be fine.

Gu Wungsa held his breath well, himself holding his breath for a long time.

" how long can you hold your breath, breathing is a pleasant thing " Ye Chen said to Gu Wungsa, himself breathing in quite a deep breath and showing it off to Gu Wungsa.

" Mmmmm " Gu Wungsa seemed to have difficulty in enduring Ye Chen's ridicule.

To be honest, this was a rather difficult thing for Gu Wungsa to do.

"Focus . ." Gu Wungsa is trying to focus, he is trying to focus on pill making.

" Not bad either " Ye Chen had to admit the tenacity that Gu Wungsa possessed, Gu Wungsa had the tenacity to survive the poison that he was using.

Tens of minutes had pa.s.sed, it was noticeable that Gu Wungsa already seemed to be struggling to hold his breath and not speak.

Gu Wungsa had to stay focused, if he were to fail at the refining process, then he would lose to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen had already finished refining, he was already at the stage to fuse all the ingredients into a pill.

" looks like I need to slow down a bit " Ye Chen felt that he had to slow down a bit, he couldn't go too fast because Gu Wungsa hadn't finished yet.

Ye Chen had a surprise for Gu Wungsa, Ye Chen's surprise would definitely make Gu Wungsa helpless.

Ye Chen couldn't wait to see Gu Wungsa's reaction, it would definitely be a very funny thing indeed.

"cough . . ." Gu Wungsa is at his limit, it seems that he is no longer able to defend.

"s.h.i.+t . . ." Gu Wungsa cursed, he is really in a bad situation.

Gu Wungsa sucked his powder, this made him feel weak and sleepy.

Gu Wungsa was trying to hold on, he was trying to hold on to the last drop of blood.

Ye Chen was still very relaxed at all, it seemed that Ye Chen was very relaxed at all in facing Gu Wungsa.

Gu Wungsa reached the breaking point, the time to unite all the ingredients into a pill.

This process is quite important, if he fails then he will completely lose.

Ye Chen knew what Gu Wungsa was thinking, Gu Wungsa was in an important condition, he would definitely be very focused once on what he had.

"Boom . ." as this process, lightning started to strike, it seems that Gu Wungsa was trying to make a high-tier pill.

Under normal conditions, Gu Wungsa would probably be confident, but now he lacks confidence, his own consciousness is not good, plus he is very weak.

"Boom . . ." an explosion occurred, this explosion knocked Gu Wungsa out and made him bounce.

" he failed, too bad " Ye Chen was disappointed, it seemed like Gu Wungsa couldn't finish making his pill.

"d.a.m.n it . ." Gu Wungsa is very upset, he is quite upset with what happened.

"looks like you've already lost" Ye Chen said to Gu Wungsa.

Gu Wungsa had harvested what he had sown, he was now defeated and would not be able to put up a fight.

" Useless " Yu Ting was annoyed again, again his person failed against Ye Chen.

Gu Wungsa looked towards Yu Ting, it seemed that Yu Ting was angry towards her.

Gu Wungsa didn't accept this, he didn't accept what happened.

" d.a.m.n " Gu Wungsa cursed Ye Chen, he cursed Ye Chen who had made him lose face in front of the woman he liked.

Gu Wungsa was so stupid, he was such a stupid person, he blamed Ye Chen for his own mistakes.

" it seems like this is my victory " Ye Chen said to Gu Wungsa, saying that this was his victory.

"no, who said I lost, I may have failed in making pills because of your mistake, but I still have pills that I made myself, look at this" Gu Wungsa took out a pill, he showed Ye Chen that he had managed to make a top-cla.s.s pill.

" that, Great Earth Marrow Pill " everyone knew what Gu Wungsa raised, they all naturally knew that it was an Great Earth Marrow Pill that was Tier 9.

" you won't win " Gu Wungsa said to Ye Chen.

Gu Wungsa managed to reverse the situation, he managed to reverse the situation of his previously defeated.

" you are shameless, how can you do such a thing " Chang Er said to Gu Wungsa, Gu Wungsa was completely shameless and changed the match as he pleased.

"you have a problem, this is my handmade pill, so it still counts as mine" Gu Wungsa said to Chang Er.

" you are a cunning and shameless person " Chang Er again said to Gu Wungsa, this person was very cunning and shameless.

Gu Wungsa should have lost the match, but he arbitrarily changed the match and took his collection, this is very unfair.

" thank you very much " Ye Chen thanked Gu Wungsa.

"what are you saying?" Gu Wungsa doesn't understand what Ye Chen said, he doesn't understand what Ye Chen said.

" thank you so much for taking out such a delicious meal, it seems that my homemade pills like the food you are taking out " Ye Chen said to Gu Wungsa.

Everyone was curious as to what Ye Chen had said, they were all curious as to what Ye Chen had said.

Suddenly the pill in Gu Wungsa's hand began to lose its aura, it began to dim and began to turn black.

" what happened " Gu Wungsa didn't know what had happened, the pill in his hand had suddenly turned black and looked like a pill that had no efficacy.

Gu Wungsa looked towards Ye Chen, he saw Ye Chen who was doing the final process in making pills.

" thank you very much for the help, if you don't take out the pill, maybe I should take out more resources " Ye Chen thanked Gu Wungsa, thanks to Gu Wungsa he no longer needed to take out resources.

"you . . ., don't say that it's an Eater Cycle pill" Gu Wungsa finally found out what Ye Chen made, it turned out that Ye Chen made an Eater Cycle pill.

Eater Cycle pill is a special pill that is quite rare and quite difficult to make, this pill can absorb other pills to enhance the effect of these pills.

" he absorbed my pill " Gu Wungsa was very upset, all this time he had been completely toyed with by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen had already finished in making the pill, a pill with an extremely fragrant aura and aroma appeared in Ye Chen's hand.

"do you still dare to fight?" asked Ye Chen to Gu Wungsa.

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