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Chapter 1979 Compare painting skills

Gu Wungsa clasped his own hands, this was entirely his defeat.

Gu Wungsa completely lost face, he completely lost face in front of Yu Ting.

" Useless " Yu Ting said to Gu Wungsa, Gu Wungsa was useless like the others.

Gu Wungsa's heart broke as he listened to what Yu Ting said.

He felt sad when he heard this, Gu Wungsa looked towards Ye Chen, this was All Ye Chen's fault, Ye Chen was the one who had made himself lose face in front of Yu Ting

" b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I will kill you " Gu Wungsa was angry at Ye Chen, he intended to kill Ye Chen and take revenge for what happened.

"you've already lost, and you intend to be violent, shameless" Ye Chen said.

" shut up, I'll kill you " Gu Wungsa roared, he charged at Ye Chen using full speed.

" out of the way " Ye Chen used his fist, Gu Wungsa was easily blown away by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen's Fist was quite strong, this made Gu Wungsa fly quite far.

" everything is finished, now there is only one person left " Ye Chen had defeated Long Caolin, Hou Tangmeng and Gu Wungsa.

Now that only Peng Cong was left, Ye Chen looked towards Peng Cong, it seemed like this was going to be a very easy battle.

"now it's just you, are you ready to lose?" Ye Chen said to Peng Cong.

"no way, I won't lose " Peng Cong told Ye Chen that he was not going to lose, he intended to fight Ye Chen.

"that's a very good answer indeed, I can't wait to see what abilities you have " Ye Chen wanted to know what abilities Peng Cong possessed.

"you won't be able to win, I'm very smart, so your chances of winning are very small " Peng Cong was quite confident, he was quite confident in his abilities.

As a person with above-average intelligence, Peng Cong could definitely defeat Ye Chen.

"what do you want to compete against? " Ye Chen asked, he wanted to know what kind of match Peng Cong wanted.

"Hehehehe, that's so easy, how about comparing the notes in painting writing, whether you have that ability or not " Peng Cong asked Ye Chen.

Peng Cong invited Ye Chen to compare notes, he wanted to compare notes with Ye Chen.

Peng Cong was very confident, he was quite confident in fighting Ye Chen.

In the academy no one can beat himself in terms of writing, another disciple will not be able to beat himself in terms of writing writing.

"oh . ., maybe I'm not that good" Ye Chen might not be very good at painting lettering.

" so you don't dare, it's a pity " Peng Cong said as he underestimated Ye Chen.

"who said that I didn't dare, this is a pretty good opportunity to try out the ability" Ye Chen said to Peng Cong.

Ye Chen did not reject the challenge from Peng Cong, this was the most exciting challenge that made Ye Chen feel excited.

"very good " Peng Cong was delighted when he heard this, he went straight away and picked up a table that would be used as a pedestal.

"I'll start first " Peng Cong said To Ye Chen, Peng Cong would show his abilities first.

"go ahead " Ye Chen said, he wanted to see how Peng Cong's hand painting skills were.

"master, are you alright? " Chu Yuechan asked Ye Chen, the match this time Chu Yuechan doubted Ye Chen could win easily.

"it seems that my skills are quite poor, I need a little help " Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan, Ye Chen told Chu Yuechan that he needed help.

" I had expected " Chu Yuechan had expected this, Ye Chen would definitely ask her for help.

Chu Yuechan had already expected this, Ye Chen would definitely ask her for help.

" don't you want to help me?" ask Ye Chen to Chu Yuechan.

" of course I will help you " Chu Yuechan would of course help Ye Chen, she would give a help to Ye Chen.

" wait here, I'll take something " Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen to wait for a while.

" Okay, I understand " Ye Chen understood, himself would be waiting for Chu Yuechan.

After all Peng Cong wasn't going to finish quickly, so Ye Chen still had quite a lot of time.

Everyone was looking towards Peng Cong, at this time All eyes were looking towards him, they all wanted to see Peng Cong's skills.

It was said that Peng Cong's painting skills were very great, so everyone was curious about his skills.

They all wanted to see how strong Peng Cong's skills were.

Peng Cong painted a writing, he did it slowly and surely, his skill could be said to be very deep.

" that's great, I can see that the writing is very deep " everyone can see that Peng Cong painted very deeply, they can all feel it when they see Peng Cong's writing.

Ye Chen saw what Peng Cong was doing, he could see that Peng Cong was using his power into his painting, this would amaze others.

"Hero " Peng Cong wrote hero writing, people who see Peng Cong painting can see how it feels Peng Cong painting.

"that's great" everyone praised Peng Cong's painting, they all praised Peng Cong's painting which is very beautiful.

"thank you very much" Peng Cong was delighted when they saw what Peng Cong had painted, they all gave quite a standing ovation.

"I'm done, now it's your turn" Peng Cong said To Ye Chen, now it was time for Ye Chen to show his painting skills.

"Okay . ."Ye Chen nodded, he began to prepare a brush and canvas for painting.

"what should I do?" Chu Yuechan was quite a long time, this made Ye Chen a little confused as to what he should paint.

" why are you just silent, do you have no ability? " Peng Cong began to mock Ye Chen, he mocked Ye Chen who didn't do something.

" Calm down, I'm looking for inspiration " Ye Chen told Peng Cong to him, Ye Chen was trying to find an inspiration.

"Hurry up, I want to settle this matter" Peng Cong said to Ye Chen.

Peng Cong kept urging Ye Chen, he wouldn't let Ye Chen win.

"come quickly, don't just stand still " several people continued to urge Ye Chen, these people were urging Ye Chen to fight Peng Cong.

The audience was indeed always ruining the atmosphere, they made Ye Chen sick.

"master, I've returned, I seem to have found something good" Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

Chu Yuechan found something good, she brought a thick book in which there was a very beautiful way of painting.

" well done " Ye Chen was pleased to hear this, he had waited long enough for this matter.

Ye Chen directly studied the book that Chu Yuechan brought with him, Ye Chen was able to study the book very easily.

"Come on . . , Come on . . ." the pressure is getting bigger, everyone is supporting Peng Cong.

Ye Chen ignored everyone, he focused on learning all the G.o.d-level painting techniques.

"okay . ." after a while when Ye Chen opened his own eyes, he had already gained all the knowledge of painting to the highest level.

"Okay this time . . ."Ye Chen began to relax his body, he began to paint words like Peng Cong did.

After a long time, Ye Chen finally started as well, everyone looked closely at the way Ye Chen painted.

When compared to Peng Cong, Ye Chen was probably less good, the way Ye Chen painted was not as amazing as Peng Cong.

" I think this is his biggest weakness " Yu Ting looked at Ye Chen, she could tell that this time Ye Chen might lose.

Ye Chen might be strong, but he wasn't as steeped in knowledge and literature as Peng Cong.

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