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Chapter 2366 Mo Clan Move

"I finally finished getting rid of that person" Ye Chen finally finished getting rid of Cao Cao.

So there was only one person left, Xu Leiya, the most troublesome woman among all the people in this place.

Xu Leiya had a strong charm, so she was the most difficult opponent to fight and would be the one who could control the flow of the battle.

"So you're done fighting" Xu Leiya said to Ye Chen.

"Whose fault is it, isn't it all because of you" Ye Chen said to Xu Leiya.

Xu Leiya put on an innocent face, as if she had nothing to do with everything that had happened.

"Fufufufu" Xu Leiya giggled, she really enjoyed teasing Ye Chen, this was the most fun Xu Leiya had ever had.

"Alright, it's time to beat you" Ye Chen said that it was time to beat Xu Leiya.

"No, are you going to do bad things with me, you are quite brave" Xu Leiya said to Ye Chen.

"Of course, I will, who told you to find trouble with me" Ye Chen said to Xu Leiya.

Ye Chen would do it, he would do it and make Xu Leiya get a decent lesson.

Ye Chen took a step towards Xu Leiya, when he was a few meters away from Xu Leiya, a golden light appeared from above then enveloped Ye Chen and Xu Leiya.

"What is this?" Ye Chen wanted to know, he wanted to know what had just happened.

This light spread and enveloped this entire place, when it happened everyone felt a strong pressure that pressed on their bodies and made them lose their footing.

"What's going on in this place?" Ning Yi herself also slightly lost the strength to stand up, her strength was being suppressed by something strong.

Xu Leiya was still able to stand up and maintain her position, though this was a little difficult to do.

Ye Chen was not affected, the strong pressure did not affect Ye Chen.

"What are you doing" Ye Chen asked Xu Leiya, what was Xu Leiya doing.

"It's not me" Xu Leiya told him that it wasn't her.

"If not you then who" Ye Chen thought that this was done by Xu Leiya.

"I don't know, but they definitely used a formation to weaken all of us" Xu Leiya told Ye Chen.

It was clear that this was a formation and could make them weak, even someone like Xu Leiya became weaker because of this.

"Who did this?" Ye Chen looked around, he was looking for information that could be used.

When Ye Chen searched around, he found the group that was currently standing valiantly, they seemed unaffected by this attack and could stand and exude a domineering aura.

"Mo Clan, is this their doing?" muttered in a low tone.

Ye Chen already felt that there was something strange with Mo Clan, from the beginning they were already strange because they didn't do anything and just kept quiet.

It was like they were having a good time and trying to weaken everyone in this place.

Xu Leiya also seemed to see this, she could see that this must be the work of the Mo Clan.

"What are you doing, this must be your doing, this is the formation of the 12 pillars of divine punishment" Xu Leiya said to Mo Clan.

Mo Yoxa only smiled when he heard this, it was like he was laughing at Xu Leiya.

"Stupid woman, you'd better shut up" Mo Yoxa said to Xu Leiya.

"Quickly explain to me" Xu Leiya said to Mo Yoxa, she wanted an explanation from Mo Yoxa.

"So this is your doing, d.a.m.n it" everyone cursed Mo Clan, they said some words that were not worth saying.

"Quickly let us go" Cao Cao on the other hand was not good, she was stuck on the floor and couldn't get up, the battle with Ye Chen made his body a little hard and she became unable to move to fight back.

"Shut up all you trash" Mo Yoxa said to everyone.

Mo Yoxa considered everyone on the spot to be trash and wasn't worth talking to them.

"What are you saying, how dare you say that?" Everyone here was angry, their anger was coated by Mo Yoxa's words.

"I'm just saying the truth of my words, so you'd better all disappear from this world, we will eliminate you all from this world" Mo Yoxa said in a quite firm tone.

"What is the meaning of the words you just said, do you intend to fight and wage war with all the ancient Clans present?" Xu Leiya said to Mo Yoxa.

Xu Leiya seemed to understand the meaning of Mo Yoxa's words, she understood very well the meaning of the words that Mo Yoxa had just said.

"That's right, our purpose here today is to destroy you all, this is an order from the highest person" Mo Yoxa said to everyone in this place.

Mo Yoxa's words were like a bolt of lightning to everyone in this place, they couldn't believe what they had just heard from Mo Yoxa.

"So it's like that, so the goal from the beginning was to lure and destroy everything in this place" Xu Leiya said to Mo Yoxa.

"Of course, you are all bullies that must be eliminated for the future glory of G.o.d Realm" Mo Yoxa said to Xu Leiya.

"d.a.m.n" there are so many people who don't accept the reality.


"Accept the reality and you will end up here soon" Mo Yoxa said to everyone in this place.

"We can fight you" they refused to lose without putting up a fight, they would fight and survive, their instincts told them to survive.

"Slash" an axe flashed and directly hit the body of the person who tried to fight back, he was instantly thrown and a large wound opened up on the chest.

With a wound like that, anyone would surely die instantly, no matter how strong they were, it would definitely kill them easily.

"Sc.u.m, you're all noisy" one of the Mo Clan members started killing, a strong Clan chief was killed with ease.

"Fight us, don't joke, you won't stand a chance against us, you're all no match for us, even if you all join hands to fight us.

"The 12 pillars of divine punishment formation is very powerful, those inside will lose quite a lot of power.

That's a loss, it's definitely not a good thing for those in this place.

"Miss" Xu Clan member said to Xu Leiya, they didn't have the strength to fight back, even their charms that they were proud of couldn't be used.

Xu Leiya bit her lip, she knew that they had been pushed into a bad situation.

Even if they used everyone in this place to unite, no one would be able to defeat the main force of the Mo Clan.

"Son of a b.i.t.c.h. . ." Cao Cao stood up, he tried to fight back, he was not someone who would just stand by and wait for death.

"Master, don't do that, you will die if you fight them" Cao Clan members could only stand at a distance, they couldn't come to help, Mo Clan was holding them back.

One member of Mo Clan could easily hold them back, it was a thing that Cao Clan who was one of the top cla.s.s Clans in this place could imagine.

Mo Yoxa took to the arena to fight Xu Leiya and Cao Cao, he raised his sword and prepared to end them quickly.

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