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Chapter 1062: Green Lotus True Body

Su Zimo put away his storage bag and turned to leave.

Su Zimo did not know if the red-headed ghost truly did not have the capability or if he was pretending to be dumb, but he no longer wanted to waste time with the latter.

“Hey, lad, don’t go!”

The red-headed ghost shouted from behind.

Su Zimo turned a deaf ear and hurried back to the main hall, deep in thought.

He had no chance of getting help,

Unless he went to Hundred Refinement Sect and sought the help of Master Extreme Fire.

However, the North Region was too far away from the Middle Continent and he was only left with a single Essence Spirit. It was truly extremely dangerous for him to cross a major region to reach Hundred Refinement Sect.

“Earth Core Fire, Earth Core Fire…”

Su Zimo murmured softly and a thought flashed through his mind.

The underground volcano beneath the Great Qian Ruins!

Back when he arrived at the Great Qian Ruins, he accidentally discovered a spirit pool in an underground palace.

There was a secret pa.s.sage beside the spirit pool that led deep underground!

His encounter with the Little Fox was deep underground as well.

Su Zimo remembered that beneath the spirit pool was a world of lava where connate spirit fires that were treated as treasures could be seen everywhere!

He had once seen a volcano spewing golden lava upstream!

The temperature of that volcano was extremely high.

Back in the battle for the Vermilion Fruit in the Great Qian Ruins, he had relied on the golden lava to kill many Nascent Souls!

Those Nascent Souls that came into contact with the golden lava were burned to ashes without exception!

At that thought, Su Zimo left the ancient temple and leaped up, activating the Mingw.a.n.g Prayer Beads to form a barrier of light that pa.s.sed through the thick fog and arrived above the Dragon Burial Valley.

Right now, his body was casually created using Dharmic powers.

Although he could move freely, it would disperse after a few blows if he were to fight someone.

Su Zimo sped in the direction of the Great Qian Ruins.

Before long, he set foot on this land once more.

Countless otherworldly soldiers were still lingering in the ruins. When they sensed Su Zimo’s aura, they surged over crazily.

However, they stopped in their tracks the moment they approached.

Although the otherworldly soldiers did not have any intelligence, they could sense the aura of the Mingw.a.n.g Prayer Beads and did not dare to advance, retreating gradually.

He saved a lot of trouble with a treasure like the Mingw.a.n.g Prayer Beads.

Revisiting this old place, Su Zimo advanced and found the location of the underground palace based on his memories.

In the battle for the birth of the Vermilion Fruit back then, paragons of the North Region gathered and countless were buried here.

Even after more than a hundred years, this place was still stained with blood – it was clear how tragic the battle was back then!

The surroundings were silent, desolate and terrifying.

Ever since that battle back then, very few cultivators had set foot in this place.

The underground palace had long collapsed and was reduced to ruins. Standing on the ruins, it was difficult for Su Zimo to find the hidden path that was buried deeply.

He frowned slightly and searched the ruins repeatedly.

All of a sudden!

He heard the sound of flowing water in an inaudible manner.

Su Zimo was invigorated and walked towards the sound. Before long, he found the source of the sound of flowing water.

He released his spirit consciousness slowly and delved deeper into the ruins.

Soon, Su Zimo’s eyes lit up.

Beneath the ruins, he discovered the spirit pool he had seen previously!

Even though more than a hundred years had pa.s.sed and it was buried by the ruins, the spirit pool had yet to dry up with spring water rich in spirit qi flowing outwards!

Delighted, Su Zimo followed the spirit pool and found the secret pa.s.sage from before.

He pondered for a moment and did not move the ruins above the spirit pool openly.

Instead, he dispersed his Dharmic powers body. The black-haired Essence Spirit transformed into a stream of light and created a tunnel as thick as a wrist in the ruins before entering the ground.

Although the underground palace had collapsed back then, it did not bury the spirit pool. Instead, there was a s.p.a.ce left.

Su Zimo found the secret pa.s.sage and leaped down without hesitation.

Before long, he arrived deep underground.

Reconstructing his Dharmic powers body, Su Zimo walked forward. Not long after, his eyes lit up and his vision turned scarlet.

Waves of heat surged over!

When Su Zimo first arrived at this place, he was still at the Golden Core realm and could not even withstand the temperature outside – he even had to use protection talismans.

But now, he had already entered the Void Reversion realm.

Although he had lost his physical body, the Dharmic powers body that he had casually conjured could withstand the heat of the lava!

Meandering along the stone wall, Su Zimo turned a corner and saw a relatively larger piece of land in the lava ocean.

Back then, Little Fox’s mother’s corpse was there.

Later on, he heard from Little Fox that before she left, she pushed her mother’s corpse into the lava so that it would be buried here.

Su Zimo continued forward.

The underground cave meandered upwards along the lava and the temperature rose continuously!

Gradually, Su Zimo noticed a faint golden color floating on the surface of the lava not far away!

He was almost there!

After a few more turns, Su Zimo stopped in his tracks.

Before him was a ma.s.sive volcano!

Golden lava surged at the mouth of the volcano, creating waves that gave off a shuddering aura and a scorching heat!

Su Zimo frowned slightly and stopped in his tracks.


Even though the temperature of the golden lava was high, it was extremely easy for him to avoid taking damage from it given his current cultivation realm.

However, for some reason, he felt his heart skip a beat as he stood before the volcano!

Su Zimo rose slowly and arrived near the mouth of the volcano. He looked down at the surging lava with a bright gaze.

He stared for a long time but could not find anything.

However, that sense of trepidation gradually disappeared as well and Su Zimo decided to temper his bones and body here.

Opening his storage bag, Su Zimo looked at the many top-grade spirit materials inside and paused in his actions. He sighed internally, lost in his thoughts.

Even if he managed to refine his body with the best spirit materials, his body would definitely not be able to compare to the physical body that cultivated the Mystic Cla.s.sic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, drank dragon blood and possessed the divine phoenix bone.

The combat strength of his true body of the Dragon race would not decrease.

However, on this side, his combat strength would be greatly reduced even after his body’s reconstruction!

Even his Destiny Dharmic Weapon, the Creation Green Lotus, was shattered!

Su Zimo sighed again as he looked at the green lotus stems and shattered lotus leaves in his storage bag.


A sliver of light shone in Su Zimo’s eyes.

A bold and crazy thought flashed through his mind!

Initially, he wanted to use the many spirit materials given to him by Master Extreme Fire to temper his body.

However, even the best spirit materials could not compare to the Creation Green Lotus!

Even the shattered stems and leaves were a hundred times stronger than top-grade spirit materials!

Su Zimo’s gaze turned fervent as he took out the many connate Dharmic weapons that he s.n.a.t.c.hed from the hands of Di Yin and the other t.i.tular disciples!

The stem would become the bones and the leaves would become the skin!

If he added these connate Dharmic weapons as well, once his physical body was reconstructed, its toughness would be comparable to connate Dao Lord Dharmic weapons!

Green Lotus True Body!

If the Green Lotus True Body was completed, his combat strength would not decrease at all!

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