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Chapter 2246 - 2246 Thunder Palm

2246 Thunder Palm

“If Su Zimo was in his peak condition and had yet to use his trump cards, he would naturally be able to neutralize the 12 Heavenly Thunders. But now…”

“Supreme divine powers are probably the only way to defend against the combined might of those 12 Heavenly Thunders.”

“Why hasn’t Su Zimo attacked yet? Is he prepared to give up and admit defeat?”

A commotion broke out in the crowd.


The 12 Heavenly Thunders blanketed the skies and rumbled over. Su Zimo stood motionlessly on the green stone. Against the terrifying and vast attack, his figure looked a little frail and could be devoured at any moment!

On the other side, Prince Yun Lei’s face was pale and his gaze was dim. He only heaved a sigh of relief when he noticed that Su Zimo seemed to have given up on resisting.

The release of the 12 Heavenly Thunders at the same time consumed too much of the power of his Essence Spirit and his Essence Spirit was almost on the brink of collapse.

However, Yun Lei felt uneasy when he looked at Su Zimo’s face.

That face was way too calm.

There was no panic or fear in the face of such an attack, only calmness.

Furthermore, Su Zimo’s eyes shone with a glint of antic.i.p.ation and eagerness!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The 12 Heavenly Thunders descended and struck Su Zimo!

Su Zimo did not dodge or avoid. With a bright gaze, he channeled the Bones Strengthening section of the Void Thunder Manual with all his might and channeled electricity into his body, using the 12 Heavenly Thunders to refine his bones!

That action was way too crazy.

For others, it was unimaginable.

However, Su Zimo was confident.

He possessed the Grade 10 Green Lotus True Body and his physique was unparalleled. His lifeforce was exuberant and he believed that even the 12 Heavenly Thunders could not destroy his lifeforce!

He was confident in the Void Thunder Manual as well.

He believed that the Dharmic formulation created by the Thunder Emperor was enough to subdue the 12 Heavenly Thunders for his own use!

n.o.body could imagine that Su Zimo would make use of his opponent’s thunderous killing methods to temper his body and Bones Strengthening in the Earth Ranking battle!

Heavy rain, hail, fiendcelestials, malevolent ghosts, flying sand…

All sorts of completely different powers struck the Green Lotus True Body continuously. However, when they surged into his body, they were refined and subdued by the Void Thunder Manual, turning into runes that stimulated his bones continuously.

The power of thunder on the bones of the Green Lotus True Body intensified and shone with resplendent electric arcs.

His marrow flowed and even let out rumbling thunder!

Thunder Bones Strengthening and Marrow Cleansing.

Against the destructive 12 Heavenly Thunders, Su Zimo’s lifeforce did not weaken. Instead, it intensified!

A series of exclamations sounded from the crowd.

Disbelief filled the faces of many cultivators.

Thunder represented killing and the destruction of everything. However, it also contained life.

The sound of spring thunder revived everything.

The 12 Heavenly Thunders were like the first sound of thunder of spring and triggered the lifeforce in the Green Lotus True Body completely!

In the Nine Heavens, Su Zimo was severely injured after defending against a supreme divine power of Immortal Tai Hua.

Although the Green Lotus True Body was healing continuously, it had not recovered completely.

Now, with the help of the 12 Heavenly Thunders, Su Zimo was bathed in lightning. His bones buzzed and trembled, his marrow flowed and his blood qi surged—his physical injuries had already healed!

“Thank you, Fellow Daoist,”

Through the rumbling thunder, Su Zimo’s voice sounded slowly into Prince Yun Lei’s ears.

At the same time, on the green stone battlefield, Su Zimo’s hands changed and he conjured a Dharmic seal in the sea of lightning left behind by the 12 Heavenly Thunders.


Su Zimo raised his hand and a gigantic palm slapped down towards Prince Yun Lei.

In the blink of an eye, the endless power of thunder in the world gathered on the gigantic palm!

The aura of that palm turned increasingly terrifying and was surrounded by endless lightning. It was like a gigantic hand that had descended from the heavens to kill all living beings and could suppress and destroy everything!

Thunder Palm!

It was a powerful secret skill of the Void Thunder Manual.

Back in Absolute Thunder City, the Thunder Emperor, Feng Cantian, had just escaped with his severely injured body. The moment he released that secret skill, he killed two Perfected Immortal experts on the spot!

After Prince Yun Lei released the 12 Heavenly Thunders, his Essence Spirit was extremely weak.

He could not defend against the incoming palm strike at all.

Yun Lei withdrew a few Dharmic treasures from his storage bag hurriedly and tore apart more than ten Protection Talismans.

The moment he did that, the Thunder Palm descended!

An unimaginable power struck him and Prince Yun Lei heard cracking sounds.

More than ten Protection Talismans were like paper against the impact of the Thunder Palm.


Even with Dharmic treasures in front of him and above his head, Prince Yun Lei’s body shuddered. Unable to control his body, he fell from the green stone battlefield and landed heavily on the ground.

His mind was in chaos and he fainted on the spot.

A Heaven Immortal of the Zi Xuan Immortal Kingdom hurriedly took action and brought Prince Yun Lei back to the spectator area. He was only relieved when he saw that the latter’s lifeforce was not severed.

Everyone looked at Su Zimo with wary gazes.

As expected of someone who received a personal challenge from Prince Yun Ting. In the same cultivation realm, only Prince Yun Ting could fight against such a monster incarnate!

In the fourth round, Su Zimo won and his ranking on the Earth Ranking rose to sixth!

Su Zimo heaved a sigh of relief and leaped down from the green stone battlefield, returning to Heaven and Earth Academy to recuperate his Essence Spirit.

Although his body had already recovered to its peak, the power of his Essence Spirit had not recovered much.

Under the nourishment of the Creation Lotus Platform, the Green Lotus Essence Spirit only recovered around 30%.

Feng Yin felt a sense of relief after watching the battle.

“To think that Su Zimo would have such a powerful trump card.”

“Thankfully, Prince Yun Lei made a move and forced out his trump card first. Otherwise, it would have taken me a lot of effort to neutralize such methods.”

Feng Yin was expressionless as he contemplated the situation in his mind.

With that, his chances of winning were much higher.

Although Su Zimo’s physical injuries had already recovered, his Essence Spirit had expended a lot of energy. This was a huge weakness and could be considered fatal in a fight of this level.

Feng Yin’s expression was calm and he was increasingly confident.

In the other battlefields, Liu Ping defeated Prince Yun Tao of the Zi Xuan Immortal Kingdom and was temporarily ranked fifth on the Earth Ranking.

Before long, Princess Scarlet Rainbow defeated her opponent as well and was still ranked third on the Earth Ranking!

After the fourth round, three of the top six of the Earth Ranking were from Heaven and Earth Academy!

Many cultivators shook their heads gently and lamented when they saw that.

In the Nine Heavens, when they saw Immortal Tai Hua, Tie Han and the others attack and seal Princess Scarlet Rainbow and the other Heaven and Earth Academy disciples, everyone thought that Heaven and Earth Academy was finished.

To think that a shocking battle would change the situation of the Earth Ranking completely!

Heaven and Earth Academy shone brightly while the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom and Flying Immortal Sect were removed from the Earth Ranking completely!

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