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Chapter 1012 Something Is Wrong With Him

(Lian Li POV)

I knew it… Master has been acting weird for a while now.

At first I truly believed that Master was only acting in front of those pieces of trash but now… Now I suspect that stalker b.i.t.c.h was involved in this somehow.

But hearing that Master preferred me over whoever he found in that other timeline… It made me squirm in embarra.s.sment.

I really just want to leap into Master's arms and kiss Him right now!

Oh… Looks like I'm already doing it without even realising it.

Ehehehe… Master's lips feels so warm~ Kiss~ Kiss~

Master wasn't resisting either, so I went ahead to push my tongue into His mouth, enjoying His taste while me hands reached down and--

"Ok, that's enough, Lian Li… Now is not the time for that."

I pouted at Kiyomi who pulled both Manami and I away from Master. I was just getting to the good part!

The white fox youkai ignored my pouts and went back to address Master, "As you were saying, Master… You went back in time?"

"Hmm? Yeah. No big deal, not even the first time this happened. As I had mentioned, an Origin Usurper came along and blew me back to the past to try and absorb me so that he could become the new Origin or something."

"What did Aniue do to him?" Tsuki asked, a dark aura encasing her fists.

"Oh, I just erased him and took back the fragments of course, wasn't even that hard of a fight to be honest. I'm more surprised that he managed to gather that many fragments to begin with."

Lilith looked rather concerned, "Daddy… Did you… Feel any different after absorbing the fragments?"

Master tilted His head at her, "Different? Hmm… Not really? Oh, wait… I guess I feel more whole if that makes sense?"

"I see… Umm… I think the little dragon would like to bathe with Daddy, she's been clamouring about it ever since you left… Maybe Daddy should go take one with her?"

"Oh? Did Cai Hong miss me that much?"

Cai Hong seemed to be a little confused by Lilith's words but quickly turned back to give Master a bright smile, "Cai Hong missed papa! Cai Hong want bathy time!!"

"Aww you cute little thing~ Alright, I'll take her to go for a bath. You girls can go unpack and anyone who wishes to can join us."

Master then picked her up in His arms and left the courtyard, going straight for the baths. Following behind Master was obviously the stalker who didn't even spare any of us a single glance the entire time.

Hmm? Why do I feel like she just appeared out of thin air? Odd…

Putting that aside… All of us turned to look at Lilith questioningly and she motioned us to follow her.

She brought us to the pavilion and sighed heavily, "I think a few of you already realised this but Mother hasn't given up on returning Daddy back to his past self yet…"

That much was obvious considering the b.i.t.c.h herself so proudly claims so, much to our annoyance.

It is really unfortunate that we can't just simply get rid of her either, otherwise she would be chopped up and buried long ago.

Eris frowned at her, "Are ya' sayin' that little b.i.t.c.h is doing sumthin' to Master?"

The demon girl shook her head, "She's not influencing Daddy. Not directly at least. But Mother is the kind of being who would do things and make it seem like it's your idea all along. Even now, I'm not entirely sure if she had also planned for me to gather all of you and tell you all this."

Brendan frowned, "Can she do that?"

"Mother is literally only second in power to Daddy after all, there is very little that she is unable to do."

Manami's tails twitched visibly, "Ara? Do you mean to say that she's currently manipulating Master?"

Lilith pursed her lips, "I cannot be too sure but there's a high chance that she is. She might have even planned everything that has happened so far, even the 'defeat' from back then."

Elaria clenched her fists in front of her, "Shouldn't we tell Onii-sama in that case? She can't do anything to us, can she?"

"That's one of the problems… I do not know what would happen if we do. For all we know, it might set off another chain of events that would make things worse or it might not… Also, all of this might just be me being paranoid…"

All of us looked at each other with uncertainty.

I decided to try and see things from another perspective, "What would happen… If Master were to revert back to His original self?"

Lilith groaned, "Do you know who Daddy loved back then? Everyone. Like everyone in equal amounts. Do you know what that means?"

"That means he loves no one…" Brendan muttered.

"That's right… Daddy wouldn't even think about sleeping with any of us anymore. There's no way we can accept that, right?!"

"Uwaaa! That means Master wouldn't tie me up, spank me, dominate me, whip me, g.a.n.g.b.a.n.g me, humiliate me or even punish me anymore! That's definitely unacceptable!!" Diao Chan screamed.

Aside from her hobbies, we do agree with Diao chan that having Master love us as much as he would a random pebble by the side of the road was completely unacceptable.

If that stalker b.i.t.c.h wishes to be sidelined then she can just go get sidelined somewhere else! We want our lovey dovey love life with Master!

We didn't conquer this entire continent, eliminate all resistances to Master's Divinity and also ensure all pieces of trash are properly punished just for Master to forget about us!

If we have to find a way to tie that stalker b.i.t.c.h up and put her through our reeducation chambers then so be it!!

Kiyomi brought our attention back by clearing her throat, "Putting that aside… I think we should address the most immediate problem, do we tell Master about this or not?"

Unexpectedly, Brendan was the one who spoke up, "I don't think that's the main problem but I can probably suggest a solution to this… We should beat her at her own game."

I turned to him, "What do you mean?"

Brendan lifted a finger, "Master is her blind spot right? No matter what she plans, she cannot influence Master directly… Then all we have to do is to influence Master in our own way, right? We just need to keep accompanying Master and make sure He never goes back to His old self by constantly reminding Master about His love for us."

All of us stared at him.

"Brendan… You're a genius!" Diao Chan patted him on the head. "I'm in favour of it!! Which means… I'm going to join Master in the bath and have Him clean me with his hot, manly rod!"

Without even waiting for anyone else, our Witch had already sprinted out of the Courtyard.

All of us watched her sprint out with our mouths agape.

d.a.m.nit!! Like h.e.l.l I'm letting her get a head start on me!! I'm going in too!! Wait for me, Master!!

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