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Chapter 1135 New World New City


You know… Looking at the small Qilin that Diao Chan unintentionally created… I wonder if any of my disciples had also accidentally created beings like this without knowing about it?

I know I removed the possibility of them being pregnant since they don't wish for that yet and they're only doing it for s.e.xual pleasure, but creating things like this Qilin was something I did not try to prevent since I did not know it was even possible.

Oh well, I'll deal with it when the time comes. But for now, let's just look for the closest place of civilization.

We were once again riding on Diao Chan's Qilin while it literally trotted in the sky after the adult Qilin left us to return to wherever it came from.

I was worried about this Qilin struggling to carry all three of us and wanted to fly on my own but the Qilin literally bit on my sleeve and refused to let go until I got on its back.

It even looked at me with big pleading eyes too, so I had to get on.

While we were still flying through the air, I turned to look at Akari who was busy cuddling the side of my face.

"We'll probably be here for a while. Do you need to tell anyone about it?"

"Ehehehe~ I already told sister about it. And she tried to act like it wasn't a big deal but I know she's jealous I get to be with Master~"

Well good to know, I'd hate it if it became a missing person's incident because we forgot to tell anyone again. I even remembered to tell Sophia as well about our little excursion and she did not even question me when I told her we were sent to another World like such a thing was normal with me.

"Papa, 'bwig' city!" Cai Hong squealed while pointing towards the distance.

I squinted my eyes and sure enough, a large walled city appeared on the horizon. Although it was walled, the buildings have already spilled out beyond said walls as though to show the wall was already useless.

Our Qilin turned towards the city unbidden, as though already knowing our desire to go there.

We landed just outside the wall, getting the attention of everyone around.

I was expecting there to be guards at the gates but surprisingly, there were none. There wasn't even a gate to begin with to stop anyone from going in or out, it's pretty much just a giant hole in the wall.

"No security at all?" I wondered aloud.

"Ufufu~ Perhaps there's no need for it when people are able to fly over the walls whenever they please?" Iris suggested, looking up at the mult.i.tudes of people that were flying in the air.

I guess it would certainly be difficult to regulate that… a.s.suming they are even being regulated in the first place.

Without a set destination in mind, we simply let the Qilin stroll into the city with us still on its back.

The people around us started to whisper.

"Which family does he belong to?"

"I don't know… But to tame a Qilin of all things?"

"Is that a nine tailed fox on his shoulder too?"

"Those girls have really beautiful hair… They must be from one of the Divine families."

"What are they doing in a city like ours?"

"Must be here to see the governor or something…"

"Don't you know? There's another Divine Family here as well."

"Ah… Must be because of that thing huh…"

"Shhh… They'll hear you."

You can already learn a lot just from the peanut gallery huh.

Seems like even here there's a hierarchy of different families despite being a completely different world.

How interesting.

Well, that guy that got hit by Akari was calling himself a Divine as well, so I guess he belongs to one of those families.

Our first day here and we're already involved with the important people, aren't we lucky?

'Was that sarcasm, Master?'

Oh it definitely was, good work spotting that.

Iris gave me an especially proud smile before going back to nuzzling my neck, heedless of the stares from the people around us.

I let the Qilin guide us through the city streets while everyone we pa.s.sed stared and whispered about us.

Right then, Cai Hong looked up at me with her big, sparkly eyes, "Papa… Cai Hong hungry…"

As though the Qilin had already predicted this, it stopped right outside what appears to be a restaurant.

It even turned back to huff proudly at me, so I gave it a pat on the head.

I tried to dismount from the Qilin's back but it gave another huff before walking directly towards the entrance that was more than big enough to fit all of us, like this place usually received guests riding on Qilins through the door.

A waiter immediately rushed towards us and got on his knees to prostrate himself on the ground, "Welcome Divine Young Master. I must deeply apologise as we have not prepared for you to grace us with your presence. All our private rooms are occupied right now but if you could wait for just a moment…"

Oh wow, is this the kind of treatment those people from the so called Divine families expect from everyone? So this was why that idiot was so upset since I was talking normally with him.

Still, what made him think I was a commoner while these people think I was some important guy? Is it just because of the Qilin we're riding on?

I guess normal people don't ride Qilins around here.

I waved my hand casually, "It's fine. We don't need a private room. Just get us a table here would be enough."

Cai Hong is hungry, there's no way I'm going to wait.

There were sounds of surprised gasps from all around us but when I turned to look, everyone kept their heads down and tried to make themselves appear as insignificant as possible.

The waiter quickly recovered, "Certainly Divine Young Master! Please follow me!"

He got up from the ground but remained bent at the waist to keep his head low, showing us to a table furthest away from everyone.

The Qilin finally let us dismount from it and we took our seats at the table with Cai Hong seated on my lap.

We ordered some simple dishes and the waiter even took our orders while bent at the waist.

I can already imagine what a pain these people from the Divine families can be. I guess when the adult Qilin told me that everyone was suffering, it meant that even the humans in the lower hierarchy were suffering too, so it's not like all the humans here are the oppressors.

Or was it just because the Divine Families were higher up the food chain? Guess I'll need to check on that more.

Just as our food had arrived and we were about to dig in, there was a commotion coming from the stairs and a large group of people floated their way down. Like they were literally using their powers to levitate instead of just walking like normal people.

All of them were visibly enraged and I could see the air around them crackling from their combined anger.

And to prove that the Universe was truly messing with me, the idiot that was smacked by Akari was there too.

He stopped in his tracks the moment he saw me.

"It's him!! That's him, father!! The piece of mortal trash that dared to hit me!!"

d.a.m.n it…

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