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Chapter 1136 Gou Divine Family


"It's him!! That's him, father!! The piece of mortal trash that dared to hit me!!" The idiot screeched while pointing a finger at me.

The older looking man in front of him turned to look at me with furrowed brows.

He took a moment to look me up and down, then at the Qilin laying at my feet and Akari on my shoulders before finally at Iris and Cai Hong.

He tried to hide it, but I could clearly see the spark of desire in his eyes.

Yeah, I don't even need omniscience to figure out what he wanted.

He walked straight up to me while maintaining his stern face before stopping barely a step away.

"So you're the one who hit my son?"

Akari spoke up for me, "Actually, I was the one who hit that little piece of trash for being a p.r.i.c.k. Also, he attacked us first."

Cai Hong waved her hands excitedly, "Trashy tras.h.!.+"

Mmm… I'll allow that one since sounds cute.

The man switched his gaze to Akari, "What's this then? Are you some kind of tamer? I don't believe I've met you before and I know all the prominent people within the Divine Families. Which Family are you from?"

I chuckled, "Oh, I'm from the Lin family."

"The Lin Family?"

I nodded, not even caring if there really was a Lin family within the Divine families here or not.

And it turns out there wasn't since he bursted out into laughter.

"Ahahaha! So you're just a n.o.body?! You're not even someone from the Ascension Families below us?! Or perhaps this fair lady here is actually your Mistress?"

Iris smiled at him, "Oh, I am merely my Master's disciple and lover."

The man turned back to me, "So you're really a n.o.body? And yet you have a tamed Qilin and a nine tailed fox accompanying you? Do you just have incredible luck?"

I shrugged, "I wouldn't say that actually. Since it led me to meet with your incompetent son."

The idiot pushed his way towards me indignantly, "You mortal tras.h.!.+ Why are we wasting time with him, father?! He shouldn't even exist for the transgressions he has done!"

By now, most of the people inside the store have already quietly left, even the waiters and who I presume to be the store owner had also made their way outside, leaving only us inside the building.

The man waved his hand at the idiot, "Calm yourself my son, that att.i.tude is unbecoming of someone from the Gou Family."

Clearly this old guy was just being cautious of me. I'm still not fully aware of the power dynamics of this World yet but the fact that I have Akari and the Qilin must mean something here.

Also, I noticed that this group of people are still floating slightly above the ground, like the idea of standing is foreign or unacceptable to them. Don't tell me it's the idea that they are too good to touch the ground or something? Is everyone from the Divine families like that?

The man nodded towards me, "Tell me, mortal. Just how exactly did you come to possess these two creatures that no one in this World is even able to tame yet? Not even the ill.u.s.trious Shou family who are the best tamers have managed to domesticate one."

"Honestly? These two just appeared before me and then chose to follow me. I didn't even do anything."

Akari nodded her head proudly while the Qilin moved to lay a part of its head on my other shoulder to nuzzle me.

Hey, I didn't lie, both of them really did just show up out of the blue and followed me without me doing much.

Ok, I did break Akari and the other monsters out from that orb but I wasn't exactly doing it for them.

He narrowed his eyes at me, "Hmm… I see. You've managed to claim the domain from the G.o.d of Luck, haven't you? Or perhaps the G.o.d of Beasts?"

Huh? Claim domains? What the h.e.l.l is this guy talking about?

I raised a hand, "I must apologise actually. I'm not from around here and I'm just pa.s.sing through this place so I don't really know what the norms of your place is like."

He frowned, "Were you living under a rock before this?"

"Not exactly, I was actually living on top of a mountain to be honest."

"So you are an actual n.o.body with no connections?"

"In this World, yes."

? "Hmm… I see. That means no one will miss you when you disappear too."

He waved his hand at one of the men behind him before floating away with his back turned to me.

The man he waved to levitated forward quite comically while cracking his knuckles, making his intention for me clear as day.

I gave him my most fakest smile, "h.e.l.lo. What do you want?"

"I need you to disappear from my sight," He growled.

"Oh that's easy. If you can't see me, then I would have effectively disappeared from your sight right?"

"What are you… Eh? I… Why is everything black?"

"Hmm? That's because you lost your sense of sight just a second ago," I informed him like it was the most normal thing in the world.

"My eyes!! My eyes!! Why can't I see?!! What have you done to me?!!"fr?e?ℯ???ν??.?om

"Oh wow, calm down dude, you're acting ridiculous like some rabid dog. Maybe you should go outside?"

I waved my hand at him and the man was sent flying out of the restaurant to crash into the street outside, his body embedded halfway into the ground with his b.u.t.t raised in the air comically.

Everything went silent for a few moments, except for Cai Hong happily nibbling on the rice crackers I had ordered for her, the loli dragon not paying attention to what was going on beside her.

It took those idiots a few more seconds to realise what happened and someone levitated forward while drawing his sword, "You mother--"

"Language," I warned, making a zipping motion with my hand and erasing his mouth from existence.

He quickly realised his mouth was gone and started panicking like the first guy, so I sent him flying out the restaurant as well.

Instead of being shocked like I thought, the man turned back around and glared at me in the eye, "So I see… There's still a few of you G.o.ds around huh? This is perfect, let's see you survive this hunt you piece of--"

I waved at him and the father guy was also sent cras.h.i.+ng outside.

Sigh… Can't they see Cai Hong is here? If they're so great, why can't they control the words they use?



All of them screamed and flew out of the place.

Truly barbaric, these people. We're just having a nice meal here, you know? Why do they have to disturb us?

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