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We walked through the branches for a long time toward the inner forest. There were a variety of, trees, and vegetables growing in the wild. To be precise, there were ingredients but I couldn't pick anything up. I was looking around curiously when Kim Sujeong pointed to something. "Look at that."


...What was it? I looked closer at where she was pointing and saw something similar to a small cave. We heard footsteps from the cave and quickly hid behind a tree. After a while, two figures emerged from there.

"Kuhehe, fry and kill the humans!"

"I will boil them. Kihehe."

Two goblins had emerged from the cave. They looked around before disappearing into the opposite forest.

I opened my mouth as I watched them disappear. "There is a suspicious smell over there."

"It is awful."

If my guess was correct, there must be a secret pa.s.sage. The goblin village was so far in the distance that it was unrealistic for so many to pour out at once. The only possibility was a secret pa.s.sage.

"Will you go in?"

I was troubled by her words that seemed to see into my inner heart. I had no idea what it was like in there. Perhaps it would be dangerous. Fortunately, I was told by my grandchildren that players below level 40 would only lose experience and resurrect if they died, although it was still dangerous. Moreover, I wasn't alone...

"Just beat them all up. Don't worry too deeply."

...Was I worrying too deeply?

She smiled gently and shook her head like she knew me better than I did. Thus, we carefully approached the cave. Fortunately, there were no guards patrolling the perimeter. Once I arrived at the entrance, I looked around carefully and entered the cave.

[You have entered the 'Secret Cave Toward the Goblin Village'.]

I had found it. We entered the pitch-black cave. Bats flew through the darkness as we reached the interior of the dark underground cave.

"This is an underground cave."

"I think the secret pa.s.sage must be the tunnel."

Her words reminded me of a few old memories. It was a trauma so I shook my head and looked around for something that would light up the darkness. However, I couldn't see anything around me. Should I go back and bring something to light up the place...?

Then I sensed someone walking. Based on the quick pace, it felt like somebody noticed we had entered. We hurriedly hid behind some rocks.


My heart sank as the footsteps got closer and their ident.i.ty was revealed.

"Kirik. What did I hear just now? Did I hear it wrong?"

The owner of the footsteps was a goblin. The goblin who appeared to be a guard here was holding a torch in his hand. I quickly signaled for Sujeong to be quiet and approached carefully. I took out a dagger and held it to his neck while blocking his mouth with my opposite hand.

"Kiik, oof! Oof!"


The goblin quickly understood like it was smart and quietly subsided. My mouth curved and I continued, "If you want to live then be quiet when I remove my hand."

I saw him nodding in fear and felt like I didn't need to say anything more. I slowly released his mouth.

"Kik, who are you..."

He was much more intelligent than the goblins outside. Human, kill. He said words other than these.

[Lv.7 [Mutated] Stinky Goblin Guard]

He was seven years old and didn't even know Hangul properly. By the way, he was a mutation. A stinky one...? At this moment, I could almost see smoke rising from his body. It didn't take long for my nose to sting. Kuek, this guy. Didn't he smell really bad? I subconsciously held my nose with one hand.

I thought it would be better to ask him quickly. "You. Do you know this place like the back of your hand?"

"Kiik. What is back of your hand? It sounds mouthwatering."

This jerk...

I became even angrier at the nonsense because my nose was sensitive. The goblin groaned with pain at being hit but he didn't scream. He was patient and squeezed his lips together, as if he would die if he screamed. I saw his appearance and had to grin at the sight. "It is better for you to answer honestly. There won't be a second time."

"I'll tell you. Kiik. Ask anything. Human."

I was satisfied once he became obedient and quickly relaxed my expression as I asked, "I won't ask any long questions. This place. What is it?"

"Kirik... will you release me if I tell you?"

"Yes. I promise."

I briefly nodded. Then the goblin replied, "Kiik. This is an underground secret cave that leads to our goblin village. It is also a warehouse and prison where the captured humans are locked up."


[Information about the goblin village 1/1.]

[The quest conditions of Find the Goblin Village have been met.]


I saw the window that said the quest conditions were met and smiled with satisfaction. Then the ensuing message made my eyes widen.

[Hidden quest 'Save Mulan's Residents' has started.]


[Hidden Quest - Save Mulan's Residents!]

[Difficulty: D+

This is an underground secret cave that leads to the goblin village. It is said to be a prison where prisoners are captured. Rescue the captured residents and soldiers of Mulan!

-Completion Conditions: Rescue Mulan's residents 0/10 and Mulan's soldiers 0/30.

~It is recommended to have a party of four or more.

-If you die, the quest will fail.

-Once you complete the quest, you can use all of Mulan's stores at a discounted rate.]


I read the quest window with interested eyes. The last line was the most valuable. All stores would have a discount...? It felt like I had found a half-price sale at a department store or supermarket. I read the quest, quickly turned off the window, and looked at the goblin.

The goblin looked at me and asked, "Kik. What will you do to me now?"

"A promise is a promise. Leave. However, not here. Over there." I pointed to the cave's exit with my finger.

"Kiik. I understand."

He listened to me so obediently? In fact, I had been thinking of cutting him straight away if he didn't listen. He was a monster so I wondered if he would obediently follow me, but I couldn't believe it. Then I saw him follow my instructions more smoothly than I expected and thought he was suspicious.

I decided to try questioning him. "Aren't you worried about your friends?"

"Kiruk, I have no friends. I live alone. My house is also separate. Kiik. It is because I smell too bad."

He had no friends and lived alone because he was a bit stinky. I felt sorry for him and let go of the hand blocking my nose. My nose was tingling but I endured it.

"Then I'm going. Goodbye, human. I'm leaving here now."


I called out to the goblin who was trying to leave.

"Do you have something like a map?"

"Kiik. I have one. I don't need it so take it with you. Kiruk."

[Goblin Secret Cave Map has been acquired.]

"I'm really going now. Goodbye, human. Kiik."


"Kuong, why did you keep calling to me? Human."

I bit my lips as I found that this guy's tone was cute. He smelled pretty disgusting but he had a cute side. "Give me that."

"What are you talking about? Kiruk."

"Are you going to carry it outside?" I indicated to the object in the goblin's hand with my chin.

"Ah, I was out of my mind. I'm sorry. Kik."

[A torch has been acquired.]

"Then I'm really going. Human, be careful. Kiruk."

Was this guy worrying about me now? Wait, I wondered if this guy could get along well with humans. I had this thought. Perhaps some monsters were good guys. I thought it would be nice to think deeply about good monsters and bad monsters.

I saw the goblin's back moving away and Kim Sujeong approached me. "Did you get a torch? By the way, why didn't you kill him?"

I hesitated to answer her question. After a moment of thinking about it, I replied to her, "...He is a good guy."

"I see."

We stood looking at the back of the goblin for a long time.

* * *

How much time pa.s.sed? I shared the hidden quest with Sujeong, looked at the map given by the goblin guard, and sneaked around.

Unusually, the structure of the cave was like the Seven-Branched Sword, one of the famous swords of Baekje. There was a straight line leading to the entrance and exit. Along the way, there were additional caves that led out like branches. The prison we were looking for was located closest to the entrance of the village.

'This looks like the prison we're looking for.'

'I think so.'

We silently exchanged words by mouthing at each other. Two goblins stood guard at the entrance. They were changing s.h.i.+fts every hour.

...It was a completely iron-clad security set up.

I had a gut feeling. The residents of Mulan would be trapped here. If I made a lot of noise, other goblins would come quickly... what should I do? 

Then another goblin's voice was heard. "Hey! It is s.h.i.+ft time! Kik."

The new guards on s.h.i.+ft were a bit smaller than the previous goblins. There seemed to be a slight difference in power even among the goblins. The stronger they were, the bigger their bodies. Five minutes later, the opportunity finally came.

"Kik, I'm going to the bathroom for a while. Kiruk."

"Stupid guy. Go quickly. I will guard this place."

It was a chance. I sent a signal to Sujeong for her to stay still. She nodded then I picked up a rock and threw it at the prison.

"Um...? What is that? Kiruk?"

I threw another one so the guard could see once more. The suspicious goblin shook his head.

"Kiik. There is something suspicious."

...That's it.

He walked carefully toward the place I intended. I hid in the darkness and waited for him to come. The moment he turned the corner, I covered his mouth and stabbed him in the ribs without mercy. They were two critical hits and he screamed silently before disappearing.

I looked back and Kim Sujeong gave me a thumbs up. Heh, it was something new.

I shrugged, waited for the other goblin to come, and dispatched it in the same way. We searched their bodies, found the prison keys, and opened the door. We stepped inside and saw the people in the prison.

"Who... heok? A human?"

"What? A human? Save me!"

"Save us!"

The residents and soldiers clamored to be taken out. I had to put my finger against my mouth to calm them down.


"Yes, yes! Shh..."

Once they calmed down, I cautiously approached and opened the doors with the keys I just found. Every time we opened the door, the residents and soldiers thanked us.

"Thank you!"

"Thank you for saving me!"

However, there wasn't much time.

"We can leave the greetings for later. Let's get out of here first."

"Yes, we have to be careful to be unnoticed."

Kim Sujeong was applying healing magic to the injured. It was the Slow Heal spell she previously used on me. Everything seemed to be going smoothly. As expected, the story couldn't be too boring.

"Who?! Kruruk!"

The residents screamed at the sudden sound and gathered around me. It was the same for the soldiers. I quietly turned around.

A big body. Many vicious scars. Two molars rising from the bottom lip. It was the biggest goblin I had ever seen.

[Lv.15 Goblin Guard Captain]


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