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Chapter 1026: Divine Blessing

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Truth be told, it didn’t really matter if Abel was gifted enough to become a barbarian. It had mostly to do with the way he structured his body already. He possessed traits of a giant dragon, so technically, his body was biologically closer to that of a premature dragonkind. Given that dragons were perfect beings of this world, it’d be a lot harder for him to revert to human, a lesser being than dragons.

He didn’t even need to train to become barbarian, honestly. Dragons were just better, and he could sleep and eat all day and still end up making more progress if he was to try honing any other skills belonging to any other cla.s.s.

“Try this, Doff!”

That being said, instead of doing this himself, Abel turned his gaze towards Doff. He then used his soul chain to send all the information necessary to complete the basic training. After receiving this knowledge, Doff immediately caused a vibration in the air around them. He was watching this happen. Because of the connection they shared, the qi started to form inside of him. Doff just gained the talent to become a barbarian.

Abel was pretty disappointed about himself. Not believing in the lack of talent he possessed, he tried to cast another of his enlightenment blessings. The results ended up the same. He made no progress, while Doff just had another raise in its barbarian potential. He would’ve tried a few times more if he wasn’t running out of energy stored inside the ancient totem, but the cost was just too much for even one attempt.

Which brought in the other question: how was it possible to store more energy for the ancient totem? Unlike the crystal angelic statue, although it was possible to decide where the energy stored should be distributed, it was impossible to add in even more energy.

Abel thought back to his statue and murmured to himself, “Let’s see if the barbarian can help with their prayers.”

He acted immediately on what he said. After putting Doff away inside the portal beast ring, he opened up a portal and went back to the battle fort. Once returning, he inserted his power of the Will into the ring, but he didn’t realize any change happening to the totem. There was no energy being replenished, either.

“The ring probably belongs to another s.p.a.ce,” he then thought to himself. After that, he teleported himself to a platform that was on top of the battle fort. The battle fort was now in hidden mode at a place that was about a thousand meters high in alt.i.tude. It was about as safe as it could get. There was a s.p.a.cious platform, so he switched on the portal beast ring and called Doff out once more.

When Doff came out, there didn’t seem to be much of a change to the ancient totem it was wielding. It kept on shaking its head, however, as to try to convey something. It looked like it was trying to shake something off. Abel understood very quickly after receiving information from the soul chain. Doff’s psyche was under the influence of all the prayers that were coming from all directions. This was the price for trying to become the owner of the ancient totem.

“O great G.o.d of war, bless me with a cla.s.s!”

“Kill those d.a.m.ned evil knights, o great G.o.d of war!”

“Save my child, please!”

“O great G.o.d of war, have my husband entered into your embrace? I miss him even to this day.”

As the new owner of the ancient totem, it was now up to Doff to listen to all of these prayers. By listening to this, an endless stream of energy started pouring into the totem. At the same time, Abel was shocked to realize that the power of faith was doing something positive to Doff’s body. The influence was not very apparent. If Abel wasn’t connecting his soul chain to Doff’s body, he would’ve never realized so.

He was quite confused by this, “Do the barbarians see Doff was the next G.o.d of war?”

The barbarians had always turned to the totem pole for prayer after the G.o.d of war went into slumber. It’s been a very long time since they’ve merged the target of wors.h.i.+p with the totem. Originally, the totem was nothing more than a talisman that was bestowed from the G.o.d of war in hopes of resurrection, but ironically, it was now the symbol of their faith. They still called the G.o.d of war to their prayers, though. This way, the G.o.d of war could still gain a portion of the power of faith generated.

Doff wasn’t a spirit so much power of faith it could gain. The most influence that could take place seemed to be on its physical attributes. The process was meant to be continuous until Doff’s body could tolerate divine force and power of faith directly. Abel didn’t know exactly how the procedure worked, but as far as he was concerned, Letting this happen was doing Doff a lot of good. In fact, Doff was sort of becoming the same as him. Their bodies were modified to the point that even doing nothing would make incremental enhancement over time.

Abel thought about something else that was crucial, “So the sacred item of the barbarians are now lost. Will something happen to their faith or the way they conduct their wors.h.i.+p?”

Perhaps not, given how the barbarians had always sensed the existence of the spirits. The same could not be said for their descendants, though. They might not forget that a G.o.d of war existed, but the generations after were probably not going to have a faith that was as pure as the current one.

Abel spoke, “Unleash the spirit, Doff!”

Doff followed his order very naturally. Given how it was created with the soul potion he brewed himself, it was supposed to function so that it was going to follow every one of his orders. At this very moment, Abel was using the soul chain to gain control over Doff’s spirit completely. Doff was technically his clone, and as for this moment, he wanted it to do something for the experiment.

“O great G.o.d of war, please bless me with a cla.s.s.”

Abel began by tracking the one who sent this prayer over. It didn’t take him much time to see that the man was called Levi. Since he now had full control over the ancient totem, he did his best to cast the “enlightenment blessing” on this young man. Needless to say, this was a very bold attempt. He was only doing this because he’s tried using the same method on his own followers before. Without spending much divine power at all, the enlightenment blessing was activated right away. Following that, a path was opened for this young man called Levi.

Speaking of which, the war had brought too much devastation to Battlecry City. There was nothing left but a trail of corpses left behind by Knight Mead and his sacred crusaders. It was especially hard for the barbarian warriors and the ones who served the temple. They had lost their purpose, pretty much, when they realized that their totem was taken away from them. Elder Blair was no longer the same man after that. Feeling as though the spirits had abandoned his kind, his life became lifeless and stationary. No barbarians cried out loudly, but their silence was even more gloomy and heavy than if they mourned. The only thing they could do was to turn to their prayers so that their hearts would be calmed.

At this point, the temple had still not made it public that the sacred item was already stolen. Church and the other warriors decided that they would keep this information confidential forever. Of course, after they lost the blessing of the divine light, it probably wouldn’t take more than a few years for everyone to realize that something was wrong, but for now, they just couldn’t afford to take any more losses.

Back to Levi. He was a barbarian young man that just turned seventeen. He lost his father, an intermediate barbarian, when the sacred knights openly raided their city. Since his father died for his kind, he and his mother were allowed to live in their original home and receive daily rations. That was until he was to turn to age twenty. If he was not found to possess any potential to become a barbarian after twenty, he and his mother would have to leave the city for somewhere else. They were most likely going to die if that’s happening. The worst part was that he still hadn’t found his father to this point. All that was brought back from his father’s comrades were a pair of battle axes.

Looking at the only things that were left, despair filled Levi’s eyes. The only thing he could do was to pray to his one true spirit.

He prayed over and over again, “O great G.o.d of war! Bless me to become an occupation holder! I will trade all my loyalty for it!”

A voice rose out from inside of him, “My child, I shall do so.”

Following that, a golden light appeared and engulfed his entire body. Levi could feel something warm covering him. His mother, watching on the side, knelt on the ground immediately. She didn’t know what was happening to her child, and she was terrified that something was going to happen to her child right after her husband. This was where Elder Blair, from over at the temple, looked towards their direction with an unbelievable look on his face.

“Church, take me that way!” his voice suddenly became very loud.

Warrior Church immediately rushed over, “What happened, Sir? Sir!”

Elder Blair quickly pointed towards a direction, “I felt a blessing! It’s over there! Bring me over!”

Warrior Church was just as anxious when he heard it. He grabbed Elder Blair and ran towards the direction he was pointing. Whenever there was a building in the way, he would activate his jumping skill without making any sort of turn. He was going in a straight line the whole time.

Five minutes later, they arrived at the front of a regular home building. There was no yard, and judging by the looks of it, it must’ve belonged to a middle-low tier occupation holder. The door wasn’t closed. As soon as they went in, they saw that a young man was covered in gold light.

“Divine blessing! This has to be it! The great G.o.d of war has not abandoned us! He’s still helping us even in our most desperate time!”

Warrior Church could feel the same power. It was the same as when the divine light shone on them. Elder Blair could not suppress his excitement, but he also made it very clear that he would not interrupt Levi from receiving the blessing. When Levi’s mother was about to greet them, Elder Blair immediately gestured to keep still. This was a meaningful moment, and he wouldn’t have anything stop it.

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