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"For those that loves the world is in enmity with G.o.d"

1 John 2:15 Bible

・.━━━━━━━━━━━━ † ━━━━━━━━━━━━.・

24th December of the year 2006.

A night of what was supposed to be an appointment for a joyous celebration. A time supposed to be full of smiles, laughter and mere thanksgiving, was actually an event that I wished never happened. It engraved into my mind this single image that is redundantly being recalled ...from time to time.

Awoken by the cold wind that pa.s.sed through my room window, I stood up from bed and marked my 8-year old footprints on the floor, through the stairs and on the long hallways. On one of the windows, I just noticed that the moon was so bright and is unusually big. I took some time to look at it at the veranda and indeed was captivated by the junoesque beauty the scenery showcased. I looked up and there, the gargantuan moon was, with it's clear corona on the night sky. While being marveled by the boundless beauty, I murmured to myself, "I wish that the moon would be as big as this every night ".

Remembering that I was in a hurry to meet my family on the living room for my brother's birthday, I hastily stepped out from the sight-seeing I was having. I was happy and rather excited, but what I witnessed the moment I got to the place was the complete opposite of what I thought would be.

My mother. My father. And my sweet little sister, lying on a pool of crimson blood, cold and lifeless in a moonlit room of a large empty mansion. I was stunned, I did not know what to do, my legs are shaking and are numb. Then all of a sudden , the piano by the giant window started playing. I looked out of fear coalesced with confusion and overwhelming sadness, but without a shred of tear. And the person who was playing it was my older brother.


Not wanting to say the word I paused and looked at him only to see him gazing at me with a very perilous look. His eyes, were expressing this hunger for something. It was becoming the gateway to such irrationality.

"Shhh. Hush now Jaiden. I know , I know. They are in an eternal trance. You don't want to wake them up don't you? Father will be mad if you do that. Let them rest in peace" he nonchalantly answered. He continued crossing his hands across the piano keys as if those people that are lying dead in front of him were not family ...nor human.

"TRANCE? NO BROTHER! THERE'S BLOOD EVERYWHERE! WHO? WHO WOULD DO SUCH A THING! BROTHER DO SOMETHING!", wondering why he was resorting to such , not doing anything while our parents and our sister are pulse less on a pool of blood, I shouted as if I was angry.

The moment I finished my shout in despair, his hand stopped at a piano key, finis.h.i.+ng a famed cla.s.sical piece of which I palpably recognized as ent.i.tled "moonlight sonata". He then got up of the chair with a very calm look with a heinous charisma. He stood by the window and looked at the bright moon. Confused and afraid I was unable to move or say something else. All I did was stare at him curious of his next move while there was utter silence on the room.

"I wish that the moon would be this big Every time I take glimpses upon it" he said


"AAAAHHHHH, WHAT A SPLENDID NIGHT THIS IS FOR ME !" he said, with a very whimsical voice that sounded rather out of this world.

"Brother what are you saying?!". He then made a very heinous smile towards the moon. Then he looked at me with pure blood l.u.s.t, with teeth both gnashed as if in deep hatred and his eyes were burning with the insatiable pa.s.sion to kill.

"Jaiden. Tonight begins my threshold. I want to be free from the incarcerations that this cannon fodders gave me! So I , as a retribution for the suffering that they gave me....."

"You, you...killed them?Brother are you out of your mind?"


The moment he said that. While expressing this demeanor that is far too heinous to be defined through simple terms. This thought crossed my mind.





Silence engulfed the room except for the sound of the footsteps which are coming towards me. As the sound of the footsteps get closer and closer, my heart was beating faster. I can't do anything. My body is stunned. I'm really gonna be killed. Just like them... For a moment, I ignored my despair and looked at my dead family. Memories came flas.h.i.+ng towards me, memories that were of happiness without a taint of disambiguation.

I remembered. How mom would inspire me in times of hards.h.i.+ps. I remembered dad. He would be there any minute of the day when I felt alone and weak and I remembered my little sister's shenanigans that would make up our day. Lastly, I remembered how I wished to surpa.s.s my brother. Who is now....coming to kill me.

From a state of utter despair, it was metamorphosed to sadness that cannot be likened to other existent melancholics. I am sad and yet there was not a single tear flowing from my eyes. All I know is that I am feeling rather empty, and that, there is this gap in my heart that could never be filled the same way again..The overwhelming sadness would eventually kill me before my brother will.

"Crack" I noticed the sound of a gun being loaded. I looked up and saw him pointing a gun at me a meter or two, away.
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"If I may know. Brother why did you do this?" I asked as if it was my last wish to know why it happened.

"Aaaahh you talk too much!", He answered.

"You are a Cendrillon right? The last shred of bloodline of the land's finest aristocrats. And as far as father would tell me, that we ought to mind our own business. You are one bad brother for not heeding your father's own words. And for that, I'm gonna have to kill you. Say hi to them for me! Von voyage! "

"Ha. He really had gone mad. " I thought... slowly closing my eyes hoping to be killed immediately to eradicate the dominant sadness and emptiness that I'm feeling.

The moment my eyes closed, I heard three gunshots all aimed at me from point-blank range.

There was complete darkness. I still am conscious but, I don't know if I'm dead or not. But I was pretty sure I was. Since three bullets were fired, aimed at an eight year old body, what would you imagine for the body to become? Lifeless. Yet I heard something. A piano was gus.h.i.+ng forth this melodramatic sonata that is second to none. I tried to feel my arms and my legs and there they were. Surprised that I'm still alive, I slowly opened my eyes and there, a few inches away from me were bullets that were floating on air and a meter away was my brother, still and frozen.. as if the time at that moment completely ceased.

Hovering in the room was these musical notes unlike any other, which I first heard prior I opened my eyes. I turned my head to the direction where it seemed coming from and there she was. A lady-like image playing the piano that my brother recently played in. Her n.o.ble fingers starked across the piano keys. Her long black hair symbolizes this junoesque visage. Her facade lit by the beaming moonlight was indescribable in beauty. She has this majestic bearing that makes her easier to be likened to the n.o.ble deities of old. To behold such facade...was truly phenomenal that describing the picture through ubiquitous words would be deemed a crime.

"Be careful now. I did not stop time. I just slowed it down a bit. Stay away from the bullets' trajectory young Jaiden" she gracefully said mentioning my name , with this sweet, calm and tender voice that is truly incomparable in nature.

I was mesmerized. There are so many questions to ask.

Why did the bullets' stopped mid-air.?...

Why did my brother froze?...

Who is she? ...

How did she get in here....

Why am I still alive?....

These thoughts came to me. Boggling my thoughts to the maximum confusion there is. But, as if she red my mind, she stopped her gracious piano playing and said....

"I am Lacrimosa"

Lacrimosa?That's not a name that seemed to be from this generation. I thought to myself.

"Of course it's not. I am a living G.o.ddess, existing even before the almighty G.o.d created you humans."

"Are you perhaps reading my mind, or I said that aloud?" wondering why she could hear my thinking and can answer my questions that I only presented on my thoughts, I asked her.

"Whatever it seemed to you, let it be" she replied in a calm manner with an innocent smile on her face.

Wait. Going back. Did she just introduce herself as a G.o.ddess? Without doubt . Without having second thoughts, I believed her words as the evidences were lying live in front of me. The fired bullets.

"Yes. And I came here to...."

Interrupting her words I directly found myself kneeling at her with both my knees and my face kissing the ground as if she's the only one I got hoping that she was there sent by the most omnipotent G.o.d himself to revive my family, or to turn back time to the way it should be.

"Please I beg of you. "

"You came here to save me right? After all you , dirties are once heroes right?"

"Your going to revive my family, we could start all over again. "

Having such implausible thoughts crossing my mind, with the sadness, despair and confusion all combined, I uttered those words without a spark of sanity left, believing that it will happen.

"I am here not to do those things. I came here to make you mine Jaiden. I will rid you of your freedom ,yet I will obliterate your sorrow and your despair. After all I am the G.o.ddess of Disambiguation."

"Make me yours? Obliterate my sorrows? Don't kid around! Human beings as you deities designed are far too weak to not feel such trivial things! " Out of anger , I said it.

"There is a way. For you to eternally say goodbye of your sadness. If you want it I can give it to you." She replied.

"Then give it to me quickly...please...." I want to have it. If it is the only means to eradicate my emotions right now, I am more than willing.

"I have to say some things first" she insisted.

"Oh. The conditions right. I don't care. I am not one of those who goes with cliches. "

"Affirmative young Cendrillon." Having said that, her hand gave off this violet light with dark-like flames, and out of it came a single piece of paper. The piano started playing by itself and the wind became horribly strong.

"Sign the contract with your blood"

As I looked at how the paper was , I knew that this might really be a bad idea. Yet the sadness that night was far more greater to be subdued by the doubt I felt that moment. I looked at my dead family , and on my frozen brother. All I cared about that time. Was to make my sadness disappear. Without further adieu I pinched my finger on a dagger being displayed on the living room's wall. And as I was signing the paper she was saying...

"You see the moon outside? It's beautiful visage? That will become of your heart. Colorless. Your heart will neither be red which is full of anger, nor yellow that is full of pa.s.sion, nor blue that is set for peace. You heart will utterly settle on the black and white, the monochrome perspective."

I stopped Midway from signing the contract and asked a question of folly. "What do you mean? Isn't black and white a color? "

"No they are deemed as outcasts on the spectrum of colors. Each are deemed obsolete by the existence of the opposite. This is how baffling your life will be." she replied.

"What Is she saying". Not heeding attention to her words I fully signed the contract without reading any of the conditions encrypted on it.

"The contract is complete. You will now become the monochrome in my canvas. No power on either heaven, on Earth or on the deepest pit of Gehenna will, or can revoke the contract! Oh and Cendrillon. In contrast with what you said earlier, that we deities are deemed heroes. That's not true, and will never be true. Humans are so simple minded that they have grown too familiar and are in love with the world. And those types, the G.o.d of all hosts hates. And so do we lower-ranked deities.... In other words, human beings did not consider us even once, as heroes, or saviors that will guide them to salvation. For we are in fact, considered as the hindrance to their own self-claimed salvation. We are the villains in this story...Crime. Wars. Hate. The love of money. As you already witnessed, these things are the beloved of mankind, and they can't let go. We deities are greatly opposed into it hereby deeming us as the villain of mankind's selfish desires and wishes. The world is the main headquarter of all evil and the good are being mixed up in it too well. Now, that is rather unfortunate don't you think? But you will grow up different. I know you will ,Jaiden."

As she uttered those words of confusion about salvation and whatnot, the paper which I signed clung into my hand. It began to be engulfed in those black flames as it showed earlier. It was burning. In my hand. I closed my eyes and screamed in agony and in pain with sweat running down my entire body, as if I was being melted by the unquenchable black flames. The wind outside became even more aggressive that some of the trees that were encircling the mansion began to fall down and the things situated inside were drifting all around. Not able to held back the pain that the scorching flames gave me, I rolled down the floor with screaming and with gnas.h.i.+ng of teeth...until the pain subsided...and the flames slowly quenched in its own will. I was, at first unable to stand up. I took gazes all around only to witness that there is this clock-like tattoo in my left hand. I stood up and tried to brush it off but I can't.

"That is now what testify that you are in contract with me. From now, henceforth I , Lacrimosa, will declare you as my monochrome . You will walk countless of paths and will see the world not like others do. "

The contract was effective. I was feeling nothing. I looked at my parents and my sister who are lying the floor lifeless, yet I did not feel anything at all. It was too good to be true and this really the path that I choose to take?

"Oh and Jaiden , what do you suggest to this frozen-in-time brother of yours who was the same imbecile who got you through this?" Lacrimosa said.

I was expressionless. All I knew was that he did me evil and that he should be punished as retribution. Its not like I felt a sense of vengeance. But ....

I slowly walked as to where the three bullets are frozen mid air that could have killed me, if it wasn't for a G.o.ddess's intervention.

And I, as someone who have lost a part that makes human , a "human"....

Went where the bullets were, and reversed their position, changing their trajectory..

So that it will all brother's heart.

"Lacrimosa, could you unfreeze the bullets, and my beloved brother now?"

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