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"Roar Roar!" Qeigess roared in pain.

No one would expect Alex had another Element in his body and it was a freaking s.p.a.ce Element.

Qeigess did not have enough time to concentrate his Spiritual Energy on his back, letting Alex injure him on the back.

Albeit, despite this advantage, Alex could only click his tongue, disappointing on the result. As expected from a battle where he could not kill his opponent, it was far harder than where he could simply kill them by strengthening his attack with Pure Fire.

He might only need to use his Flame of Extinction to his head. This was like when he restricted himself in the compet.i.tion between disciples in Heavenly Sword Sect.

He did not stop there and quickly sent another cross Sword Wave, leaving a huge cross mark on his back. It even tore a portion of his wing.

"Roar Roar!"

Alex raised his weapons again, trying to damage him as much as possible, albeit before he managed to swing his weapons again, he felt danger coming from his right.

"!!!" It was Qeigess's tail. Alex instantly dropped the sword on his right hand, letting it fall before catching it with his left hand. He then waved his hand to his right, creating a Barrier Array.

The tail was stopped by the array and Alex immediately grabbed his sword again. 

Unexpectedly, when he did all of that, Qeigess already turned back and attacked him with his claw.

Alex simply made another teleportation array and disappeared.

Qeigess already knew about this, so he instantly waved his hand as he blocked another Sword Wave from Alex.

"..." Alex furrowed his eyebrows as he was a bit surprised that Qeigess managed to keep up with his teleportation despite only seeing it once. "Dragon Body is a treasure…"

He sighed, coming up with another plan to attack.

Seeing he was coming, Alex teleported once again to his back while pointing his finger at him. "Flame of Extinction."

Although Qeigess managed to block it again, Alex suddenly thought something good. He smirked as he focused on his Spirit Eyes.

He raised both of his hands, creating a hundred firebirds and sending it toward Qeigess.

The firebirds flew straight toward him at first, making Qeigess raise his hand to block it again. Unexpectedly, the firebirds suddenly changed their directions and completely surrounded him.


He tried to channel his Spiritual Energy to his entire body, but the firebirds had already exploded.

"Boom Boom Boom!"

Qeigess did not let out a roar this time, enduring the pain. On the other hand, Alex got useful data.

The moment Qeigess channeled his Spiritual Energy to protect his full body, the defense on his hand decreased significantly, creating a good chance to attack. To make sure about this, Alex decided to do it a few more times by sending firebirds after firebirds like a machine gun.

Meanwhile, the dragons could not hold their surprise. They never thought their prodigy, a 1-Star Tier 6 dragon, would be under the mercy of a Tier 5 human.

"That… Young Lord Qeigess is…"

"No. This is impossible."

"That's right. Young Lord Qeigess should be stronger than this… how can that human…"

Stina narrowed her eyes, releasing a unique pressure and scared them off. The former Dragon King shook his head helplessly. "This is certainly bad…"

"Father, can you predict something like this…" Zephyr asked with a troubled expression. Part of him was happy because the challenger was very powerful despite his young age, while another part was hurting to see his son was bullied like this.

It was not like Alex could hurt Qeigess, but Qeigess also could not move because he needed to defend himself from Alex's brutal attacks.

He turned to his daughter and asked. "So, what do you think about this battle?"

"Qeigess will lose…" Lexi sighed. "From the start, the human… No, Alexander Sirius has sealed his Lightning Element, reducing his strength for quite a bit. Although Qiegess does not really use his Lightning Element, having them sealed is still hurt.

"And with all that disadvantage, Alexander Sirius suddenly introduced a new element, s.p.a.ce Element to him. This would restrict his movement because he has yet to understand Alexander's movement.

"Little Brother has dealt that problem nicely, but it could only lead him to the defensive while Alexander Sirius can keep attacking him and dodging him with his s.p.a.ce Element.

"Little brother might have a bigger Spiritual Energy Reserve, but I am sure Alexander Sirius would not let this chance go. He would find another way to attack him and eventually defeat him.

"If only Qeigess has the chance to use his Lightning Element, I think the situation will improve." She explained her observation about the battle.

"So, do you think he will be able to fight back?" The former dragon king asked.

"..." She pondered for a moment and eventually shook her head. "I can't find any way. I have been watching him these years, and I feel he has nothing to turn the situation around." 

"Is that so? Well, you can't watch him all day, so I am sure you don't know this. He still has a trump card." The grandfather said.

"Trump Card?" Even Zephyr turned his head, wondering what the trump card was.

"Anyway, just watch this battle." He refused to answer.

When Stina heard that, she slightly furrowed her eyebrows, wondering what kind of thing would happen next.

In the middle of the hill, Alex was still raining him with firebirds. He found a few things that he could take advantage of.

He finally took a step forward with his plan by waving his hand.

"Fire Phoenix Art, First Stage. Phoenix Summon."

Qeigess immediately focused his Spiritual Energy to the front, s.h.i.+fting his body slightly so he could move his claw to destroy the phoenix.


Surprisingly, the phoenix did not even last for a second before exploding. If Stina had experienced this attack, then she would know that this explosion was insanely large.

Alex's real plan was to use it as a smokescreen. It took him only a split second before he appeared right behind Qeigess, waving his sword and spear simultaneously.

"Seven Stars Cut."


That split second instantly cost him as Alex attacked him from behind. However, when he turned around, he found no one there and immediately turned around again, thinking Alex would attack him again from behind.

Sadly, Alex did not appear there. Instead, Alex came right beside his giant foot and attacked it, creating a quite deep wound.

"Heaven Breaking Sword."

"Berserker Strike."

"Roar!" Qeigess jumped up instinctively and looked at Alex before trying to stomp him.

Alex teleported again, trying to confuse him. Surprisingly, Alex suddenly thought something unnecessary. 'Do Dragon have Pen*s?'

A useless question but worth consideration. Remembering that it was disrespectful to change into human form, he was wondering how they would mate. He did not think about this when he met the phoenixes, but considering that Stina used her human form almost all the time, it was normal for that thought not to appear inside his head.

[Are you seriously thinking about this, Host?]

Even the system started asking this question, showing how absurd Alex's thought was. "Sorry. I was just right below him earlier and could not help thinking something like that…"

He sighed as he buried his weird thought and started attacking him again. 

Cut wounds started appearing all over his body as Alex did not stop his attacks even for a split second.

The Dragons were frustrated to see something like this, gritting their teeth. Their prodigy was played by a mere human and his power was even lower than him.

If this were not a Trial, they would rush inside and start attacking Alex.

It could be said that Alex had achieved a part of his objective. He knew that Qeigess was enduring the pain at this moment and thought to finish the battle soon.

Surprisingly, at this time, Qeigess roared to the sky as his golden scale turned into red.

Alex opened his mouth in surprise, not knowing what just happened. His Spirit Eyes could see that the blood on his body was absorbed to his scale, creating this red scale.

Not only him, but the dragons were surprised by it, especially Zephyr and Lexi.

"Father… this… this is Blood Fusion…" Zephyr stuttered because of his shock.

"Blood Fusion… Isn't that…" Lexi looked at her grandfather.

"Yes. This is the rarest const.i.tution in our dragon race… It is one in a million const.i.tution and Supreme was the first one who discovered it. The const.i.tution can let a fusion between the blood and element, creating a unique ability.

"I first saw the sign of that const.i.tution a hundred years ago. Qeigess wanted to learn it, but could not… until at this time, he finally managed to awaken the const.i.tution. This time, his lightning element would not just be lightning anymore and that rune would not stop him. Ah, my grandson is really blessed by lady luck. I should also thank that human after this." The old man nodded.

"!!!" Even Stina could not help but eavesdrop, starting to worry about Alex's condition. He had heard such a const.i.tution from her husband when he followed the Supreme. However, it was really surprising to see one with her own eyes.

Stina looked at Alex, hoping he could win, but Alex's situation was not really good at this moment. 

Qeigess opened his mouth, letting out another breath. 

Alex tried to use the Lightning Rod Array again, but surprisingly, it was not effective because the array was destroyed immediately and exploded.

"!!!" Alex tried to find anything teleported once again to buy time, but he was surprised that Qeigess immediately went after him, forcing him to teleport again.

This new form increased his strength, reaction speed, and let him use the element again, making Alex in a pinch.

He released his four hundred meter Twin Sharp Domain and changed into the defensive. They traded blow after blow, but it was clear that Alex was suppressed.

The dragons were overjoyed, cheering for Qeigess. On the other hand, Stina could only clench her fists, wanting to beat these dragons up. She was wondering why Alex did not use his Pure Fire yet.

On the other hand, Alex had gone through this situation many times, so even though he was at a disadvantage, it had yet to affect him despite bleeding all over.

He was still buying time until he got an answer to his question and released his full power.

For a few minutes, he got a constant attack from Qeigess, whether his claw, fist, breath, or even element.

Alex constantly used his teleportation as well as barrier arrays to block his attack until, at one time, he suddenly stopped. 

"Human! I am very grateful to you. If not because of you, I won't be able to awaken this const.i.tution. Even after you lose, I shall treat you as my friend." Qeigess was still talking almighty in front of him.

"Hmph. Talk after you won." Alex snorted. 

"I know you want to win, but your pointless struggle won't let you win," Qeigess said.

"Is that so? Do you think I am struggling pointlessly?" Alex smiled as he snapped his finger.

A huge array suddenly appeared and revealed itself, creating a huge barrier that trapped Qeigess.

This whole time, Alex did not teleport or move blindly just to buy time from him. It was for this moment. He had been speeding up his natural recovery to produce more blood so he could draw two arrays.

He had used this technique back in the lower world, where he bound the former king of Zircodina Kingdom with his binding Array.

Alex smiled as he succeeded in creating Ruby Phantasm or Extended World Array and teleported to the outside.

"Do you think this can stop me?" Qeigess roared.

"Of course, it can stop you." Alex smiled as he revealed the other array, which was Gathering Array. Pouring Spirit Stones into there, Alex smirked. "Feel free to try breaking it."

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