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Chapter 1793 Deceived

“You’re Earth’s Companion Beast?” Zhou Wen didn’t believe the silver-haired Companion Beast.

Not to mention the birth of a planetary Companion Beast, even the birth of Calamity-grade powerhouses brought about huge disasters. The birth of a planetary Companion Beast would bring a huge disaster to the planet itself, and it might even lead to the planet’s destruction.

Just as the silver-haired Companion Beast had said, how could his birth have happened silently, to be easily dug out from an ancient well?

“I was, but currently not completely one,” the silver-haired Companion Beast said. “What do you mean?” Zhou Wen frowned. He really didn’t understand.

“In theory, I should be. Unfortunately, something went wrong. Earth produced another Companion Beast, so I’m not completely one.” The silver-haired Companion Beast sighed.

“I’ve never heard of such a thing.” Zhou Wen really couldn’t believe everything the silver-haired Companion Beast said.

“You won’t believe me no matter how I explain it. However, as long as you open it, you will naturally know the truth,” the silver-haired Companion Beast said.

After all that, he returned to the starting point. This gave Zhou Wen a headache.

He looked at the metal slab and frowned in silence.

The silver-haired Companion Beast didn’t rush him. He just looked at Zhou Wen as though he was certain that Zhou Wen would open the metal slab.

After some thought, Zhou Wen decided to open it.

At this stage, if he didn’t open it now, he probably wouldn’t have another chance after he went to Chess Mountain.

The truth was right in front of him. If he stopped moving forward, how could he obtain the truth? Sometimes, risks needed to be taken without stepping back. “You’ve finally made a decision. That’s good.” The silver-haired Companion Beast saw through Zhou Wen’s thoughts and spoke with a smile.

“How do I open it?” Since he had already made up his mind, Zhou Wen didn’t waste his breath.

“You can treat it as a box encrypted by a pa.s.scode. As long as you know the pa.s.scode, you can open it…” the silver-haired Companion Beast said.

Zhou Wen didn’t know if the pa.s.scode was the metal slab’s pa.s.scode, so he entered the pa.s.scode left behind by the former according to the method mentioned by the silver-haired Companion Beast.


After entering the pa.s.sword, the metal slab suddenly cracked.

The metal slab was originally one without any gaps, but now, it had cracked neatly. Then, it split into four pieces and slowly spread out, revealing the s.p.a.ce inside.

When the metal slab was completely opened, Zhou Wen saw everything inside. His expression couldn’t help but turn nasty as he turned to look at the silver-haired Companion Beast.

The silver-haired Companion Beast seemed very surprised as well. His eyes were somewhat dazed, and his expression changed from surprise to disbelief before turning to anger.

“B*stard, that b*stard lied to me… He actually dared… He actually dared…” The silver-haired Companion Beast seemed extremely furious.

His silver hair fluttered despite the air being still as it stood up vertically. His body emitted a resplendent silver light.

With just a slight exertion of strength, he produced cracking sounds. The metal chains that restrained him snapped inch by inch.

If Zhou Wen hadn’t isolated this s.p.a.ce, such a huge commotion would have long attracted the people from Xiyuan Store.

“Nice acting,” Zhou Wen said coldly as he stared at the silver-haired Companion Beast.

“Acting? I spent most of my life acting for you? F*ck acting!” the silver-haired Companion Beast cursed angrily.

“What’s going on?” Zhou Wen realized that he didn’t seem to be acting. He was indeed extremely angry. The grievance didn’t seem to be faked.


“That b*stard said that he placed that thing inside. As long as I break free, the thing inside will automatically be destroyed. Only the pa.s.scode can open it…” The more the silver-haired Companion Beast spoke, the angrier he became. His eyes were filled with hatred as though he wanted to tear a living person apart and eat them.

Zhou Wen wore an odd expression. If it was really as the silver-haired Companion Beast had said, he was too miserable. In order not to destroy the thing inside the metal slab, he had been trapped here for decades. At the end of the day, there was nothing inside.

“Who is the person you’re talking about?” Zhou Wen was somewhat curious. What kind of talent could fool a fellow who claimed to be Earth’s Companion Beast to such an extent?

“Apart from that b*stard, Ouyang Ting, who else?” The silver-haired Companion Beast gritted his teeth as every word seemed to be squeezed out from his clenched teeth.

Zhou Wen had long guessed it, but he was still surprised when he heard the silver-haired Companion Beast say the name.

I never expected the former to have played such a trick, Zhou Wen thought to himself.

“Where’s that b*stard Ouyang Ting? I’m going to kill him!” The silver-haired Companion Beast’s eyes were bloodshot as he stared at Zhou Wen and asked.

“He should be at the Holy Temple,” Zhou Wen said after some thought.

“What kind of place is the Holy Temple?” the silver-haired Companion Beast asked with a frown. “Don’t you know about the Holy Temple? It’s the Holy Land that the dimension established on Earth.” Zhou Wen explained the origins of the Holy Temple.

“Impossible.” Upon hearing the establishment of the Holy Temple, the silver-haired Companion Beast suddenly interrupted Zhou Wen.

“What’s impossible?” Zhou Wen asked, perplexed.

“At that time, even the Immortals at their peak couldn’t develop such an area on Earth, much less the five dimensional races,” said the silver-haired Companion Beast.

“How do you know it’s impossible?” Zhou Wen asked.

“What kind of place do you think Earth is? Is it a place where those n.o.bodies can behave atrociously? That’s…” The silver-haired Companion Beast suddenly stopped.

“That’s what?” Zhou Wen pressed.

“Anyway, it’s impossible for those idiots to have developed such a place on Earth at that time. It’s impossible even if they used all the dimensional powers.” The silver-haired Companion Beast clearly didn’t want to reveal those secrets.

Zhou Wen found it funny when he heard that. For someone who had been fooled by an empty box for decades, he was one to call others idiots.

“I got it! Holy Temple… I see…” The silver-haired Companion Beast suddenly gritted his teeth and shouted.

Without waiting for Zhou Wen to ask him anything else, the silver-haired Companion Beast suddenly leaped up with a boom.

The entire building, along with the underground chamber, was penetrated. The silver-haired Companion Beast transformed into a silver stream of light that disappeared.

Zhou Wen hurriedly chased after him. With his present speed, he could easily catch up to the silver-haired Companion Beast even without instant transmission.

What surprised Zhou Wen was that the silver-haired Companion Beast didn’t seem to have lied to him. The silver-haired Companion Beast’s strength was probably at the Terror grade. At most, it was at the peak of the Terror grade.

Zhou Wen didn’t stop the silver-haired Companion Beast because he could tell that he was heading in the direction of the Holy Land.

Zhou Wen was surprised again when the silver-haired Companion Beast flew, his speed became faster and faster. Soon, he broke through.

Zhou Wen could clearly sense that the silver-haired Companion Beast’s energy was increasing at an unbelievable speed.

What surprised him even more was that wherever the silver-haired Companion Beast flew, all sorts of plants rapidly grew. Even the withered flowers and trees instantly revived as though spring had instantly descended to the land.

Could it be that this fellow is really as he said, Earth’s Companion Beast? Zhou Wen seemed to begin believing what the silver-haired Companion Beast had said.

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