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Chapter 379 What Is The Meaning Of This?

The battle between two G.o.dly Venerable and three Daemon King Rank masters. The clouds above the Scarlet Flame Sect turned ominously dark, blazing fire and storm bellowed within the clouds. It was like a scene from the apocalypse.

This was the reason common men were greatly fearful of G.o.dly Venerable and Daemon King Rank beings.

It was because those beings held power that far exceeded mere human imaginations.

Fu Yu and Zong Chengtian had exhausted all sorts of secret techniques they had in their a.r.s.enal. Their panic grew as the fight went on. There were three Daemon Kings under Ye Chen where one of them was a Daemon King rank ent.i.ty at his peak. Neither Fu Yu nor Zong Chengtian could rival his strength. The other two Daemon Kings were more manageable but their combined strength could not be underestimated.

Fu Yu and Zong Chengtian were slowly being beaten down. It took all they had to hold off One Buck, Little Wingsy, and the Golden Sun Condor.

Ye Chen stayed at the side just glaring at them. Just who was Ye Chen to be able to summon three Daemon Kings? A chilling thought came to him, what if Ye Chen was a Celestial Beast Daemon King?

Fu Yu and Zong Chengtian shuddered at the thought of Celestial Beast Daemon King. Compared to a mystical beast Daemon King, Celestial Beast Daemon Kings were a far superior and mysterious being. They would much rather face a mystical beast Daemon King at its peak than face a beginner or mid-Daemon King Rank Celestial Beast Daemon King!

At their current level, they were no match for a Celestial Beast Daemon King!

Fu Yu was bewildered. He thought back to his previous encounter with Ye Chen on the island. At that time, Ye Chen was a great deal weaker than he was. In just a few months, Ye Chen had already improved so much, he even had three Daemon Kings as his subordinates! This rapid progression had defied the laws of the heavens itself!

“Brother Fu, what exactly is this man?” Zong Chengtian used telepathy to send a message to Fu Yu while fending off Little Wingsy and the Golden Sun Condor's attacks.

“I'm not sure myself, but I know that this man has some connections with the North Sea Ruler Tantai Ling,” Fu Yu responded.

“North Sea Ruler Tantai Ling?” Zong Chengtian was flabbergasted. “Brother Fu is kidding with me.”

The Tribunal Council did not fear the Sea Demon Clan, but the House of Storms was vastly inferior to the Sea Demon Clan. The North Sea Ruler Tantai Ling was an esteemed member of the Sea Demon Clan. She was a being who was at Transcendent Stage. Millions of sea demons and sea monsters answered to her call. If Fu Yu had known earlier that Ye Chen belonged to the Sea Demon Clan, he would most certainly think twice and thrice before doing anything.

“Brother Zhong, a.s.sist me in killing this man. The Tribunal Council will protect Brother Zhong. The Sea Demon Clan can only act high and mighty in their territory. On land, they are no match for my Tribunal Council!” the enraged Fu Yu told Zong Chengtian. The situation would only get worse if they continue to wrestle with the three mystical beast Daemon Kings. They must kill Ye Chen if they wanted to get out of this alive.

Fu Yu and Zong Chengtian exchanged a glance and pounced at Ye Chen without a word between them. They wanted to kill Ye Chen.

The two of them did all they could to shake off the barrage of Little Wingsy and One Buck to go after Ye Chen. They only had one chance. If they were caught again by the three mystical beast Daemon Kings, then…

The two G.o.dly Venerable Rank masters exerted their aura, their murderous intent filled the air.

Ye Chen lifted his head, a chilling flash of light appeared in his eyes.

When Ye Chen evoked a thought, purple light surfaced on his body and rays of light swarmed his body in an instant. He was enveloped in the defensive formation of the Purple Demon Armor. Three flying swords also appeared near him, their hostile energy locked onto Fu Yu and Zong Chengtian.

Fu Yu and Zong Chengtian pounced at Ye Chen. One Buck and the others could not make it in time to help Ye Chen. Ordinary mystical beast Daemon Kings were nowhere as explosive as G.o.dly Venerable Rank masters because the G.o.dly Venerable Rank can use Celestial Chi. The three of them grinned when they saw Ye Chen don the Purple Demon Armor as something good was about to happen. Instead of trying to help Ye Chen, they split into three separate directions, surrounding the enemies and obstructing their path of escape. They were aware that the Purple Demon Armor could even hold off a Boundless Stage fighter, it was impossible for Fu Yu and Zong Chengtian to wound Ye Chen.

Just as Fu Yu and Zong Chengtian were approaching Ye Chen, a ray of purple light beamed into the sky. They were caught off guard.

What was that?

Fu Yu saw the purple right radiating around Ye Chen's body. It took him a moment to regain his composure. It was the Purple Demon Armor!

In the Soul PaG.o.da, Fu Yu had witnessed Bi Lin wearing the full suite of Purple Demon Armor. The Grand Supreme Elder threw every attack he had at Bi Lin and still could not manage to break the Purple Demon Armor!

Oh G.o.d, Ye Chen had a suit of Purple Demon Armor!

Fu Yu immediately halted. Even Cang Lu the Grand Supreme Elder was helpless before the Purple Demon Armor, what chance was there for him? Zong Chengtian did not expect Fu Yu to suddenly stop in such a crucial moment. He was a step faster than Fu Yu and was mid-way through thrusting his palm at Ye Chen.

“Die!” Zong Chengtian bellowed, his palm struck forward. “Boom!” An all-out attack from a G.o.dly Venerable Rank master. A ripple of purple light appeared on the Purple Demon Armor, Ye Chen was completely unfazed.

Zong Chengtian's Celestial Chi failed to break through at all. How could this be? He was surprised. He had put his all into the attack. It could shatter even refine steel into fine dust!

How could a G.o.dly Venerable Rank master's Celestial Chi stand a chance to damage the Purple Demon Armor!

The defensive prowess of the Purple Demon armor was unrivaled!

A chilling flash appeared in Ye Chen's eyes. He gestured with his right hand.

“Ternary Sword Array, go!” Ye Chen grunted. Three Tier Nine spirit artifact longswords appeared in the air and viciously cut down.

Zong Chengtian had never expected Ye Chen to remain completely unscathed after receiving a direct blow from him. He noticed the purple armor protecting Ye Chen. The thought suddenly came to him, Purple Demon Armor!

Before Zong Chengtian could utter another thought, several fierce bolts of sword energy came down on him.

Zong Chengtian leaped out of the way and dodge two bolts of sword energy. A blue bolt of light flashed by him, “swis.h.!.+” Fresh blood gushed out of his left shoulder like a fountain of blood as his left arm was completely sliced off by Ye Chen. The sword that took his arm was none other than the Storm Sword of the House of Storms.

Zong Chengtian had always been full of himself for as long as he could remember. He had never thought that he would meet his end today. He looked back at Fu Yu. He was already attempting to make his escape before he was obstructed by the others.

“Fu Yu, look what you've done!” Zong Chengtian turned rabid, he quickly turned around to escape.

Ye Chen's murderous intent locked onto Zong Chengtian. Zong Chengtian was going to be a great menace in the future if Ye Chen allowed him to escape!

“You won't get away so easily!” Ye Chen pointed at him with his right hand. The three swords of the Ternary Sword Array launched themselves outward. They shot forward so quickly, all that could be seen was a blur of light. Following a “thump”, fresh blood poured out of Zong Chengtian's body again. He stared at his chest in utter disbelief. He could not believe that he was going to die here.

“I can't believe this!” Zong Chengtian howled into the skies. He was the esteemed lord of the House of Storms, one of the few G.o.dly Venerable Rank masters among the sects of the Central Empire. He came to the Scarlet Flame Sect fully confident that he was going to wipe them out. He had never thought that some unknown brat would come out of nowhere and summon three Daemon Kings, even brandis.h.i.+ng a supreme spirit artifact like the Purple Demon Armor. He could not fathom the idea of dying to the hands of Ye Chen.

All of Zong Chengtian's proud achievements and honor turned to ashes and dust. His vision slowly faded as his body gave away as he fell from the sky, accompanied by a rain of blood.

Fu Yu's escape was prevented by One Buck, Little Wingsy, and the Golden Sun Condor.

Fu Yu was stricken with horror when he saw Zong Chengtian's lifeless body falling. He cried out and threatened, “I'm the head council of the Teal Cloud Sub-council of the Tribunal Council. Do you dare kill me? Are you not afraid of my Tribunal Council's wrath?”

“Tribunal Council?” One Buck scratched his head and asked blankly, “What kind of thing is the Tribunal Council?”

“So what if it's the Tribunal Council? I don't care as long as I get to fight!” Little Wingsy boasted.

The Golden Sun Condor screeched, its cry echoed in the skies above. It was ready for battle.

Fu Yu's cheeks turned green when he saw the behavior of the three mystical beast Daemon Kings. He felt his heart tightened as if he was being suffocated. The Tribunal Council's name had always spread far and wide, but somehow he was faced with a bunch of “mountain tribes” who had never heard of the Tribunal Council!

“Fu Yu, it's time to pay you back for what happened on the sea, face your death!” As if he was being afflicted by the demonic Psyche within, Ye Chen was fiercer than usual. He used Thunder Dash to immediately appear in front of Fu Yu and struck Fu Yu with Heavenly King Rupturing the Sun Technique.

“So fast!” Fu Yu tried to defend against it but it was too late. It was no use attacking Ye Chen either as the Purple Demon Armor would completely negate his attack!


Ye Chen struck Fu Yu's stomach area.

Fu Yu felt a terrible blow in his stomach region. He gritted his teeth when he felt the pain, his entire body was blasted away. He unsheathed a Tier Eight spirit artifact sword and tried to cut Ye Chen with its sword energy.

“Let go!” Ye Chen's palm struck Fu Yu's arm. Fu Yu felt his grip loosen, dropping the sword.

“You can't kill me!” Fu Yu launched a barrage of attack with his palm. “Thump, thump, thump”, countless ripples appeared on the Purple Demon Armor, but Ye Chen remained completely unharmed.

Ye Chen struck Fu Yu with a punch again. This time, it landed square on Fu Yu's head. Following a loud “”, Fu Yu coughed out a large stream of blood, his entire body was sent flying away.

The last time when they crossed paths on the sea, Ye Chen was almost killed by Fu Yu. He was completely suppressed by Fu Yu back then and Fu Yu even tried to take the Celestial Martial Chi away. He was too weak then and was completely outmatched by Fu Yu even with the borrowed strength from Master Lion. He would be long dead if it was not for the help of Tantai Ling.

“I'm a member of the Tribunal Council! Even the North Sea Ruler Tantai Ling doesn't dare to kill me, who do you think you are? If you kill me, the elders of the Tribunal Council will not rest until they kill you!” Fu Yu had lost several teeth after being struck by Ye Chen. He could not even speak properly but his tone was still as angry as it had been. He screeched desperately.

“Tribunal Council?” Ye Chen scoffed. “So what? One day, I'll come to the doorstep of your Tribunal Council too. I'll kill all those who I deem as my enemies. You shall die here today!”

Ye Chen was incredibly fast after using Thunder Dash. “Thump, thump, thump”, he launched a barrage of attacks, Fu Yu cried out horrifically.

“You're dead meat. In the future, I'll be sure to pay back this grudge in double!” Fu Yu roared angrily, his eyes screamed b.l.o.o.d.y murder.

“Do you have a future left?” Ye Chen roared angrily and waved his right hand. The three swords of the Ternary Sword Array – the Celestial Ice Sword, Searing Sun Sword, and the Sun Sword swooped down at Fu Yu.

Three bolts of light – red, white, and blue went down on Fu Yu.

The apprentices of the Scarlet Flame Sect gathered below were dumbfounded when they saw Zong Chengtian falling to the hands of Ye Chen. That was a G.o.dly Venerable Rank master! In their minds, G.o.dly Venerable Rank masters were an absolute almighty ent.i.ty. The memory of Zong Chengtian shattering the Mountain-s.h.i.+elding Formation was deeply imprinted in their minds. They were still stricken with fear at the thought of it. Now, Zong Chengtian who they deemed as invincible was slain by Ye Chen. They felt as if they were in some sort of dream state as if none of this was real.

Now, Ye Chen was going to kill yet another G.o.dly Venerable Rank master. The one who claimed to be from the Tribunal Council could not even strike back. They felt like their world was turned upside down. Ye Chen's strength was like an enormous mountain. They could not even catch their breath. The young man of the Xiwu Clan had already reached such unprecedented heights. To think they had even tried to challenge Ye Chen, they felt like a bunch of clowns and jesters.

Just as Ye Chen's Ternary Sword Array was about to strike Fu Yu, a giant palm materialized from Celestial Chi closed in from far away.

“Who dares to kill a man of my Tribunal Council!”

An unmatched aura extended toward Ye Chen's direction. It came over like a monumental mountain. The members of the Scarlet Flame Sect felt like feeble ants before the gigantic force. They had to stop themselves from kneeling before the great presence.

A loud crash echoed above. Ye Chen's Ternary Sword Array was blasted away by the giant palm. Ferocious Celestial Chi began roaring at Ye Chen.

“Grand Supreme Elder Cang Lin, save me!” Fu Yu thought it was over for him. He had never expected help to arrive at the most critical moment.

Ye Chen looked into the distance and saw a figure quickly advancing toward his direction. The person looked to be around Cang Lu's age. He wore a gray s.h.i.+rt and his body seemed very frail and skinny.

“Boom!” the giant palm struck Ye Chen's body. Large waves of ripple emerged on the Purple Demon Armor.

“A mere grade one Boundless Stage dares to interfere with my kill, die!” Ye Chen belted coldly. A “hum” came from within his palm. The Heaven Rumble Cauldron emerged from it and shot into the air. It kept spinning and gradually grew bigger as it advanced toward the giant Celestial Chi palm.

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