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Chapter 2023: Army of Bone Dragons (3)

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

“Xiaoxiao!” Xiu’s face cracked.

“I will help you find… your body.” Shen Yanxiao endured the sharp pain in her body and squeezed these words out of her teeth.

Xiu took a deep breath and hugged Shen Yanxiao tightly, as if he wanted to integrate her into his bones.

After a short embrace, Xiu pulled Shen Yanxiao away from him.

“We still have time.”


Shen Yanxiao nodded and ignored the pain on her body.

“Well, don’t be so pessimistic. In fact… In fact, from another point of view, Little Xiao, you are very lucky. You see, now you have a super patron saint like me and an army of bone dragons to protect you. Tsk, what a profitable deal.” The Dragon G.o.d touched his nose and tried to turn the d.a.m.n atmosphere around.

“Patron saint?” Xiu glanced at him.

“…” Holy smokes. The look in his eyes was so scary. Was he trying to kill him? The Dragon G.o.d subconsciously shrunk his neck.

“It’s you, it’s you.” The Dragon G.o.d opened his mouth shamelessly.

Xiu turned to look at Shen Yanxiao with an unusually gentle gaze.

“How are you?”

After not seeing her for several months, she only had Taotie by her side. Whether she was well or not had always been his greatest concern.

Shen Yanxiao nodded and briefly told Xiu and the Dragon G.o.d everything that had happened in the Howling Abyss.

“So… you are now a mentor to some undead students?” The more the Dragon G.o.d listened, the more incredulous he felt.

What kind of fortuitous encounter did Shen Yanxiao experience to reach this point?

A mixed-race?

To be a mentor for a group of purebred undeads!!!

The Dragon G.o.d could imagine how horrified Shen Yanxiao’s students would be if they knew that their mentor was not only an undead, but also a human representative from the Brilliance Continent.

Wasn’t this courting death?

The Dragon G.o.d suddenly sympathized with Shen Yanxiao’s students.

“They are not as bad as I thought.” Shen Yanxiao sighed. If she had not come to the Howling Abyss, perhaps her impression of the Undead race would still be bad. But after coming into contact with the members of the Flaming Red Squad, she realized that undeads were not evil from birth.

“Why did the Lord G.o.d abandon the Undead race?” Shen Yanxiao looked at the two G.o.ds in front of her with a questioning look. This question had been lingering in her heart.

The Dragon G.o.d frowned and said, “I haven’t been a G.o.d for long. You have to ask the War G.o.d for such a profound question.”

Xiu shook his head lightly.

“The Lord G.o.d never said.”

They were created, and they were abandoned.

While giving them hope, the Lord G.o.d also made them despair.

Unless the Lord G.o.d appeared again, no one could answer this question.

Their reunion made Shen Yanxiao feel extremely good.

Xiu had concealed their aura with a barrier, so when the Flaming Red Squad came to Shen Yanxiao’s room after today’s match, they did not notice the existence of several great G.o.ds in the room.

But after the members of the Flaming Red Squad left, the Dragon G.o.d began to stare at Xiu with a smirk on his face.

“Hehe, I seem to have found something.” The Dragon G.o.d was sure that one of the undead teenagers who came in just now looked at Shen Yanxiao with hidden intentions.

Xiu calmly sat on one side and did not even lift his eyes.

“Are you not nervous at all?” The Dragon G.o.d asked.

The response was still silence.

The Dragon G.o.d, who did not see a certain great G.o.d getting jealous, expressed his displeasure and crouched in the corner to grow mushrooms.

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The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss Chapter 2023 - Army of Bone Dragons (3) summary

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