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Chapter 2038: Cruel Compet.i.tion (3)

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“So?” Shen Yanxiao still had an expression of “I don’t understand what you’re trying to say”.

Taotie swallowed his saliva. His master was usually not like this. Where was her wisdom? He had already said it so clearly, so why did she still not understand?

Taotie, whose language skills were obviously inferior to Vermilion Bird, had his little heart twisted into a fried dough twist.

“What if they can’t stand it…” Taotie pointed to the teenager kneeling on the field. He was afraid that the members of the Flaming Red Squad would have the same reaction.

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows and looked at Taotie.


“Do you think I’m a benevolent person?”

Taotie was stunned.

Shen Yanxiao was kind?

If those people in the Brilliance Continent heard this, they would definitely die of laughter. Countless enemies had died under her hands. She was the type that would never let go of anyone who dared to attack her.

She was a person who would seek revenge for the slightest grievance.

Shen Yanxiao might have a benevolent side, but it also depended on who the other party was.

Taotie’s expression was extremely tangled. He could not follow Shen Yanxiao’s thought process. She was not kind at all. She had no idea how despicable and shameless she was in the eyes of others.

But he would say this out loud. He reckoned that his b.u.t.tocks would be smashed after he said that.

Shen Yanxiao looked at Taotie’s constipated face and laughed. “My students won’t be so soft-hearted. If they don’t have this bit of psychological endurance, they don’t deserve to be my students.”

Taotie was stunned.

As they conversed, the compet.i.tion continued. The tragic battle forced the students on the field into a dead end. They had no choice but to abandon their conscience and treat their opponents as soon-to-be corpses.

A dead purebred undead could not be resurrected. The only thing that the resurrection spell of undeads could not resurrect was themselves.

The number of deaths continued to increase. Not only were the players on the field under a heavy psychological burden, but even the members of the other teams who had yet to play had extremely ugly expressions.

Soon, it would be their turn to fight, and they would have to face such a tragic battle.

Either they died or they were injured. Whether they won or lost, there would be some casualties on both sides.

This was inevitable. None of them knew if their companions and themselves would die in this battle.

The teams waiting for the next match were all gathered together, and all of them had ugly expressions.

Even the Royal Academy team, which had always boasted of being high and mighty, was a mess.

Only one team remained calm after witnessing such a b.l.o.o.d.y battle. Many students even gathered together, muttering and laughing, which stunned the other teams.

“Where are they from? Why are they not nervous at all?” One of the students turned pale as he pointed at a group of calm and infuriating youths.

His companion’s expression was also ugly, and the corners of his mouth were dry and cracked. After glancing at them, he stuttered, “It’s… it’s the team of Deathfire Academy.”

“Why do they look as if nothing significant was happening? If I remember correctly, they are going to fight against Specter Academy next, right?”

“The Specter Academy? You mean them…” As the teenager spoke, he turned to look at the other side of the arena where a group of dispirited teenagers stood expressionlessly.

The expressions of the students of Specter Academy were slightly better, but the nervousness in their hearts could still be seen.

“I heard that some students would die in the daily training of Specter Academy. So, they should be used to it, right?”

“They should be the most accustomed to this kind of battle.”

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The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss Chapter 2038 - Cruel Competition (3) summary

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