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Chapter 1097: Most Respected Person

Looking at the young lady that was holding onto him, Uncle Gen patted the back of her hand lightly and gave an amiable smile. “Your Uncle Chen came to fetch me. Why would I be tired? You haven’t returned to the village for two years. I’m worried about you, worried.”

“After seeing you, I feel at ease. You are a big child now, a big child that the military has high hopes for.”

No matter how far Ye Jian walked, in Uncle Gen’s heart, she just turned from a small child into a big child.

“I’m bigger now and you’re older too.” Ye Jian was choking a little. She led the old man onto the wooden sofa and said in a soft voice, “I haven’t gone back to see you for two years. Sorry for worrying you.”

Uncle Gen smiled and replied, “I worked so hard to make sure that you won’t come back. Look, isn’t this great? The military has high hopes for you and they took care of me in the village too. There’s nothing wrong with you not coming back.”

“Jian, a person doesn’t live for long. One day pa.s.sed means one lesser day alive. When you should be learning, you should spend your days seriously. If you come back to look for me, you need three days on the road. I don’t want you to waste three days of your youth.”

“You haven’t come back to see me in two years but the achievements you have currently make me very happy. La.s.s, you have always been using your own methods to prove to me that you’re always working hard and didn’t disappoint me. That’s enough. That’s enough already.”

As one grew older, they knew how to cherish time better. This 80-year-old elder used his entire life experience to teach this child that he raised. He only hoped that she would grow up properly and not waste her life.

Ye Jian secretly wiped her tears that overflowed from her eyes. She held the old man’s withered hands tightly and pursed her lips. There was a tinge of stubbornness in her eyes as she gave a small smile and replied, “I didn’t go back and see you so I can only use my actions to tell you that I will not disappoint you or make you sad.”

“Grandpa understands. Grandpa understands everything. You’re a good child. I’m proud of you.” Uncle Gen was slimmer than he was four years ago but he still seemed energetic. He spoke a little sluggishly but his words were still filled with power. From his condition, this old man’s health was still not bad.

He saw Ye Jian wiping her tears again. He couldn’t help but burst out laughing. “Look at you. You didn’t even cry after you finished your 15 days of survival training. Why are you crying when everything’s fine now?”

This old man had lived a long time and experienced many battlefields. Hence, he was able to have a better insight into many things. His humorous and insightful replies caused Ye Jian to start laughing shortly.

She was supposed to be the one making him happy but instead, he was the one coaxing her.

She knew what elders like to hear so Ye Jian purposely picked what he was interested in to say. “The snakes should be hibernating but I met two pythons entangled around the trees. The terrestrial leeches were as thick as my pinky finger. I didn’t feel them when they stuck to my body. After they finished eating and felt the pain, those fellows had already had their fill!”

“Those were the only animals in the jungle. It’s better than in the past. In our times, there were jackals and wolves. We were all tensed when crossing the mountains. We didn’t want to get eaten by tigers before the battle started.”

When Ye Jian spoke about her training, the smile on Uncle Gen’s face got brighter. This child looked cold but she was very kind. She knew how to pick what he liked to tell him.

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